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Dickstein endorses “Kantbot” for LNC vice-chair

While it may be a relatively uninteresting matter, there will be an election for the new chair of the National Libertarian Party in 2018 in New Orleans.

The only two declared candidates so far : incumbent Nicholas Sarwark, and a slightly obscure but known individual named Max Dickstein. All that is known about Dickstein is that he has worked on numerous political campaigns, is a 911 victim family member, and had a congressman in his family who was a Russian double agent.

Dickstein, after having announced he would make the announcement the day before….was expected to endorse incumbent vice-chair Arvin Vohra.

But he surprised us all when instead, he named an unknown twitter personality named KANTBOT, whose position appears to be “to complete Immanuel Kant’s vision of German Idealism.” He believes that Trump is going to accomplish this, and somehow make the ancient civilization of Atlantis rise again.

We know very little about Kantbot, but he is perhaps the newest player in the Libertarian sphere. He is most known for this video :


Are you a Nazi, Eugencist, or Satanist in Legal Trouble? BETTER CALL SOL!

Augustus Sol Invictus : From Politician to Panhandler with 9 children to feed. If he had only listened to his Jewdi advisors, he had the potential to be a congressman.

I explain as objectively as I can the fallout between me and “Little Ceasar’s.”



The Second Debate : Trump’s Phyrric Victory


Donald Trump mopped the floor with Hilary Clinton last night. He attacked her, holding nothing back, stating that she would be in jail under his administration for her actions. “People’s lives have been destroyed (by law enforcement) for 1/5th of the things you’ve done.”

Trump also mentioned the wikileaked Clinton email in which Hilary herself states that she had “public and private stances on issues,” such as relating to foreign. When Clintj tried to defend her foreign policy, stating that she and the Obama administration are making strides in toppling the Assad regime and their Russian backers, Trump went on the perfect offensive. “THE RUSSIANS, IRAN, AND ASSAD ARE FIGHTING ISIS….you are supplying the rebels, who you have no clue about, and that is why we have ISIS.” He implied it’s almost as if she did not consider ISIS a threat–rather perhaps an ally……

Hilary attempted to attack Trump’s “non-compliance” with the tax code, to which he retorted that the deductions he’s taken, she approved, and her backers like George Soros and Goldman Sachs are in fact paying her to KEEP the crooked and complicated tax code that he himself utilizes. In the words of Uberfuhrer Trumpler, “she’s a two faced liar.” Meanwhile, Trump is trying to get rid of the very tax code that kept him from bankruptcy in the first place.

Trump profoundly won the debate, however, it did NOTHING to improve his odds. This morning, online sports bookies lowered him from a 3:1 underdog to a 5:1 underdog. For better or worse, Trump has lost the election, and his debate victory, though phenomenal, was a phyrric one—or was it?

US historians like to say the Confederacy lost the war but won the peace. While we may have lost the war to Hilary Clinton and the New World Order today, the people won on so many different levels. Trump EXPOSED Clinton as the corrupt, criminal, corporatist that she is. His decline despite his performance also exposes the system BEHIND Hilary Clinton–the mlitary-industrial complex, the media, the banking system, and the globalist propaganda machine as a whole. The system decides matters like POTUS, not you and I. And rabbi Trumpelstein made that self-evident last night.

While Clinton may win office, this debate will force the public to keep a watchful eye on her and her affiliates. While Trump may have lost, He created the moment where the counterrevolution (the real battle yet to come) against the CFR basterds begins.

In fact, Trump has inspired me to engage and put my money where my mouth is : I hereby declare that I will be running for chair of the National Libertarian Party. The LP is a part of the establishment, and I intend to infiltrate it, reform it, and break it if it must be done.

As Ron Paul was the arbiter of libertarian principles, I will continue to be their protector as both a politician and a user of “the force.”

Don Trump….I Will Finish….What You Started.


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