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A Defense of Arvin Vohra

Libertarian Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra, has found himself in hot water over his comments about the military. He went as far as to call black-pilled servicemen “moraless murderers.” He has created quite the controversy—especially in light of his superior, Nicholas Sarwark, ubiquitous syndication of excerpts from the Satanic bible via party social media. However, unlike Sarwark, a short time ago these statements may not even have been considered at all controversial. In fact, one could even argue that Arvin’s anti-military position is Libertarian dogma. So why the hoopla now?

In their quest for tangential growth, libertarians have simply become too scared to honestly state their beliefs. Make no mistake: while most Libertarians do not have an openly hostile relationship to the military (albeit few do), they do not necessarily feel “thankful” for them or feel a need to extol their arguably unnecessary service at sporting events—instead, we pity them. I quote a former naval officer friend of mine running in the Illinois LP for Lt. Gov., David Earl Williams III.

“We may have been exploited by government for our well intended voluntary service to defend our country while unknowingly appeasing corporate interest; but we’re not the enemy.”

While Arvin’s statements may have been insensitive, the reality is this “military skepticism” is something that we all share in the Liberty Movement, from soldier to civilian. For Libertarianism to recover from the death spiral foreseen here at Grand Inquirer, we must clearly state our views on the military, because foreign policy and military de-escalation has always been the primary marketing tool of the movement. There is a 15-year trend concurrent with the rise of defense spending and liberty movement growth. This topic has become far too muted over the last few years. We must break out of this spell of silence Nick Sarwark has cast on us and rediscover the ideological identity of Libertarianism.

Arvin’s comments broke a glass ceiling that needed to be broken. He should not be given the death penalty for that. In fact, he might be the only true libertarian in the entire LP Illuminati.

On that note :

“If you were tricked by military recruiters, help prevent the same thing from happening to others. Share your experiences, and speak out boldly,”

~Arvin Vohra~

The Great Libertarian Holocaust of 2017


Libertarianism to put simply, is either committing suicide, or being exterminated.

In the last two years and from working on two political campaigns this years, I believe it is a force that most are not willing to acknowledge, but does in fact exist.

Whether you like Trump or not, these are the forces at hand we’re dealing with, those desperate to stop him. When you point to who that includes, it’s generally what libertarians have considered arch-nemeses. George Soros, Clinton Foundation, Saudis. The party establishment invited them in on the pretense of 5%, and WHEN THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN, the party will explode like a neutron star. Outlets such as Reason, Being Libertarian, Liberty Republic, etc. they will decline in popularity, traffic, and alexa ratings.

Simply put, the LP is on the wrong side of the playing field. The LP is a populist party and by accepting Clinton foundation money in the form of purchasing a seat for Bill Weld—aka Hilary’s protector in her worst times of need—-the LP has distanced itself from populism. It no longer has that integrity. Simply put, 2017 will be like a Game of Thrones Winter for both the LP and alas, even the Liberty Movement.

If the LP is about motivating the ideology of liberty, it has certainly drained me. This is not enjoyable anymore. And Libertarians are foolish to think they are alone. If the LP does not act soon, it will implode like a neutron star, and will be as relevant as the anti-masonic party. Adam Kokesh is not the answer, and if he even recovers from this recent hit he’s taken, we are more than glad to expose him.

There is only one option that remains, and that is the party RECALLING the ticket. And  despite my battles with both, I believe that should be an Petersen/Invictus ticket. A ticket like that now, while the Clinton campaign is on the major defensive, is the only way 5% is realistically achievable. Gary Johnson has been a historically loser for the 21st century, and I don’t trust him to kick a 3% 20 yard field goal. And Weld turning this into an establishment party has only exacerbated the damage.