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LibertyHangout.org Stabs Darrell Castle in the Back

Darrell Castle is No Libertarian

While previously praising Castle as more of a Libertarian than Gary Johnson, LH has appeared to have done a schizophrenic 180.


And this message from the Castle Campaign will make that ABUNDANTLY self-evident


GI and LibertyHangout Podcast

Bill Weld Responds to Rumors: Says He Won’t Drop Out

Bill Weld

Liberty Hangout

A few nights ago, Carl Bernstein said the following on CNN: “I know Bill Weld and I know how much he despises Donald Trump… I think that Bill Weld is thinking about dropping out of this race if it looks like he and Gary Johnson might get Donald Trump elected… Right now we have to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. And I think he might do it. He might campaign for [Hillary Clinton].”

Weld’s media team released the following statement addressing the rumor, as reported by Liberty Viral:

“I strongly believe that our Libertarian ticket of two former two-term Governors, fiscally responsible and socially inclusive, is the best bet for America in this year’s election. Gary Johnson and I will campaign with all our strength to make that case to the American people from now until November 8th. Under no circumstances will our energies be diverted from our goal of winning the election and serving our country.”

Liberty Hangout: “CNN: Libertarian VP Bill Weld Considering Dropping Out & Endorsing Hillary Clinton?”


Liberty Hangout included the above image in their breaking news article.

Published by Liberty Hangout, September 18th, 2016:

To anyone who’s closely followed the 2016 election, it’s no surprise that Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee, Bill Weld, has a long lasting relationship with Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the first Libertarian Townhall on CNN, Weld described his bond with Clinton as being “life long.” He’s also maintained that he believes there was no criminal intent on Hillary’s part in her ongoing email scandal, and Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, once called Hillary Clinton “a wonderful public servant.”

It’s now being reported by Carl Bernstein, who says “I know Bill Weld and I know how much he despises Donald Trump,” that he thinks the Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate is considering dropping out of the race and perhaps getting behind Hillary Clinton, in an effort to stop Trump. In an interview with CNN, Bernstein said, “I think that Bill Weld is thinking about dropping out of this race if it looks like he and Gary Johnson might get Donald Trump elected. Right now we have to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. And I think he might do it. He might campaign for her.”

Watch the interview here:


Could Libertarian VP candidate renounce his candidacy? “Bill Weld does not want to be Ralph Nader.” – @carlbernstein

Carl Bernstein reports that Bill Weld is considering dropping out if he thinks Johnson-Weld will help elect Trump.

IPR supplement: 

NewsMax published an article on Setember 18th, 2016 titled “Carl Bernstein: Weld May Quit and Help Hillary, ‘Despises’ Trump”
Beforehand, however, on September 16th, 2016, Political Wire published two articles: “Is Gary Johnson a Threat to Clinton?” and “Clinton Seeks to Halt Third Party Drift”

“Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies, unnerved by the tightening presidential race, are making a major push to dissuade disaffected voters from backing third-party candidates, and pouring more energy into Rust Belt states, where Donald Trump is gaining ground,” the New York Times reports.

“With Mrs. Clinton enduring one of the rockiest stretches of her second bid for the presidency, her campaign and affiliated Democratic groups are shifting their focus to those voters, many of them millennials, who recoil at Mr. Trump, her Republican opponent, but now favor the Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, or the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.”

IPR’s own Paulie Frankel, a self-employed petition contractor, commented the following regarding this new development:

The good news here is that the establishment media is no longer reflexively parroting the tired old lie that LP votes come primarily from the Republican/conservative side. That was never true, and isn’t true this time.

The bad news is that they have significantly more resources than we do and will be using them to hammer home all the tired old “wasted votes” lies.

And, Trump is on their side in this, as he has said he does not want to debate anyone except Clinton.

I saw some speculation on CNN that Weld may fold under pressure and renounce his candidacy and endorse Clinton. He clearly does favor her over Trump, and it’s a fair question as to whether he will stand up to increasing pressure to do just that in the remaining 50-something days of the campaign. I also had this concern about Wayne Root and his clear preference for Republicans, and as I expected he did in fact go back to them (in fact, somewhat earlier than I expected). Weld also has a history of bowing out after promising not to do so, with LPNY in 2006, so it will be interesting to see what his reaction will be as the Clinton campaign – and many of his own friends – will ratchet up the pressure and say he is playing a (falsely attributed, but widely believed in their circles) “Nader 2000” role and needs to withdraw lest he helps elect Trump.

Constitution Party Candidate, Darrell Castle, Says He’s More Libertarian Than Gary Johnson


By Matthew Carr, LibertyHangout.org, July 2nd, 2016:

Darrell Castle is The Constitution Party’s candidate for president this year, and I was fortunate enough to come in contact with his campaign. They were very kind, and when I asked Mr. Castle for an interview he was more than willing to do so. The following are the questions and answers which were given through email.

For any who may be unfamiliar with you, could you please tell a little about yourself and about The Constitution Party?

I was born on a small farm in East Tennessee. I have degrees in History and Political science from East Tennessee State University and a Law degree from The University of Memphis. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps with foreign service around the world.

Read the rest of the interview here. 

Liberty Hangout discusses Austin Petersen’s presidential campaign

From Liberty Hangout, March 28th, 2016:

Tonight, we were joined by Rollo McFloogle, a fellow anarcho-capitalist and follower of Liberty Hangout. Justin and James debated Rollo about why libertarians should support Austin Petersen for President of the United States. The conversation was a fruitful one, and while Rollo disagreed with us in supporting Petersen, we found greater value in respecting one another’s views and uniting on common ground than letting one small issue get between us. Since the issue of voting has been at the forefront of conversation in the libertarian community the last week, we recommend listening all the way through.

Make sure you check out Rollo’s website McFloogle.com

Watch on YouTube or listen to the audio