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Meet the Candidate : Max Dickstein


The Great Libertarian Holocaust of 2017


Libertarianism to put simply, is either committing suicide, or being exterminated.

In the last two years and from working on two political campaigns this years, I believe it is a force that most are not willing to acknowledge, but does in fact exist.

Whether you like Trump or not, these are the forces at hand we’re dealing with, those desperate to stop him. When you point to who that includes, it’s generally what libertarians have considered arch-nemeses. George Soros, Clinton Foundation, Saudis. The party establishment invited them in on the pretense of 5%, and WHEN THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN, the party will explode like a neutron star. Outlets such as Reason, Being Libertarian, Liberty Republic, etc. they will decline in popularity, traffic, and alexa ratings.

Simply put, the LP is on the wrong side of the playing field. The LP is a populist party and by accepting Clinton foundation money in the form of purchasing a seat for Bill Weld—aka Hilary’s protector in her worst times of need—-the LP has distanced itself from populism. It no longer has that integrity. Simply put, 2017 will be like a Game of Thrones Winter for both the LP and alas, even the Liberty Movement.

If the LP is about motivating the ideology of liberty, it has certainly drained me. This is not enjoyable anymore. And Libertarians are foolish to think they are alone. If the LP does not act soon, it will implode like a neutron star, and will be as relevant as the anti-masonic party. Adam Kokesh is not the answer, and if he even recovers from this recent hit he’s taken, we are more than glad to expose him.

There is only one option that remains, and that is the party RECALLING the ticket. And  despite my battles with both, I believe that should be an Petersen/Invictus ticket. A ticket like that now, while the Clinton campaign is on the major defensive, is the only way 5% is realistically achievable. Gary Johnson has been a historically loser for the 21st century, and I don’t trust him to kick a 3% 20 yard field goal. And Weld turning this into an establishment party has only exacerbated the damage.

Don’t Count Trump Out Yet

donald trump

I found this on Twitter. It claims to be from someone with inside information on Wikileaks.  It could be a huge deal if real.


The Second Debate : Trump’s Phyrric Victory


Donald Trump mopped the floor with Hilary Clinton last night. He attacked her, holding nothing back, stating that she would be in jail under his administration for her actions. “People’s lives have been destroyed (by law enforcement) for 1/5th of the things you’ve done.”

Trump also mentioned the wikileaked Clinton email in which Hilary herself states that she had “public and private stances on issues,” such as relating to foreign. When Clintj tried to defend her foreign policy, stating that she and the Obama administration are making strides in toppling the Assad regime and their Russian backers, Trump went on the perfect offensive. “THE RUSSIANS, IRAN, AND ASSAD ARE FIGHTING ISIS….you are supplying the rebels, who you have no clue about, and that is why we have ISIS.” He implied it’s almost as if she did not consider ISIS a threat–rather perhaps an ally……

Hilary attempted to attack Trump’s “non-compliance” with the tax code, to which he retorted that the deductions he’s taken, she approved, and her backers like George Soros and Goldman Sachs are in fact paying her to KEEP the crooked and complicated tax code that he himself utilizes. In the words of Uberfuhrer Trumpler, “she’s a two faced liar.” Meanwhile, Trump is trying to get rid of the very tax code that kept him from bankruptcy in the first place.

Trump profoundly won the debate, however, it did NOTHING to improve his odds. This morning, online sports bookies lowered him from a 3:1 underdog to a 5:1 underdog. For better or worse, Trump has lost the election, and his debate victory, though phenomenal, was a phyrric one—or was it?

US historians like to say the Confederacy lost the war but won the peace. While we may have lost the war to Hilary Clinton and the New World Order today, the people won on so many different levels. Trump EXPOSED Clinton as the corrupt, criminal, corporatist that she is. His decline despite his performance also exposes the system BEHIND Hilary Clinton–the mlitary-industrial complex, the media, the banking system, and the globalist propaganda machine as a whole. The system decides matters like POTUS, not you and I. And rabbi Trumpelstein made that self-evident last night.

While Clinton may win office, this debate will force the public to keep a watchful eye on her and her affiliates. While Trump may have lost, He created the moment where the counterrevolution (the real battle yet to come) against the CFR basterds begins.

In fact, Trump has inspired me to engage and put my money where my mouth is : I hereby declare that I will be running for chair of the National Libertarian Party. The LP is a part of the establishment, and I intend to infiltrate it, reform it, and break it if it must be done.

As Ron Paul was the arbiter of libertarian principles, I will continue to be their protector as both a politician and a user of “the force.”

Don Trump….I Will Finish….What You Started.


Why This Radical Libertarian Is Voting Trump

american-flag-50-starsLet’s get this out of the way up front. Donald Trump is not a libertarian. He is not a classical liberal. He is not a conservative.

Donald Trump is a great businessman because he adapts to the situation. He takes advantage of every legal and strategic means to accomplish his goal of growing a thriving real estate and branding empire. He does not worry about things he cannot control. Too many libertarians, on the other hand, do worry about these things. They attempt to live in a world that does not exist. Libertarians should think like Trump.

First, there is no compelling reason to vote for Johnson as a libertarian. He is not a protest vote for liberty. He is a center left statist attempting to appeal to statist voters as an alternative. In reality his appeal to these voters is not about him, it’s because his name is not Clinton or Trump. Voting for Johnson sends a message that it’s perfectly fine for libertarians to enable statists to take over their party. It’s counterproductive at best, seditious heresy at worst. Here is a former Governor who used his veto pen so often the ink nearly ran out, including a prohibition on the use of Medicaid money for abortions. Now he has a government solution to nearly every problem and not only supports the Obamacare status quo but advocates using tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood. There is a list of 2 dozen similar statist positions too long to describe. Whatever happened to this man is not good for libertarians. He has taken a 180 degree turn. With no compelling case for a protest vote, we now have two choices; Clinton and Trump.

Trump, however, is a pragmatist. He sees what is happening and he reacts to it, and his goal is clearly to represent the interests of the United States, not global interests. He wants to shut down trade deals that are protectionist at their core. This makes it impossible for organizations like Carlyle Group and Bain Capital to bring in big profits outsourcing industries. So the Bush and Romney family oppose him. He wants to shut down the free movement of people into the United States making the border so secure it mirrors the Great Wall of China. This interrupts the North American Union and other attempts at political integration. The Council on Foreign Relations therefore opposes him. He wants to be rational about NATO allies who do not contribute to their own defense but yet expect the United States to instantly come to their aid when threatened. Now the Neo Conservatives oppose him. He wants to audit the Federal Reserve and opposes the bailouts and corporatism. Now Wall Street opposes him. He wants to stop aggressive foreign wars that are not necessary (cleaning up Clinton’s ISIS mess he correctly views to be necessary). Now the defense industry opposes him. He is politically incorrect, takes things personally when attacked, and responds aggressively when confronted. Now the Social Justice Warrior community opposes him. He appeals to African Americans as an alternative to a Democratic Party which takes them for granted and has never helped them. Now the hard core conservatives oppose him. His enemies are the right enemies, and that is reason enough for me. But there is a stark contrast in his opposition that creates an even more compelling reason to support him.

Hillary Clinton is essentially the leader of a criminal crime family. She is dangerous, perhaps more dangerous than any other recent President including her husband, because of the growth and consolidation of the family’s power.

Her foundation is taking money from foreign powers in exchange for access and favors made possible by her positions and influence in government. Enemies who investigate her or threaten her empire die mysteriously, dozens of times. She is a pathological and serial liar who does it so easily I believe she is a truly diagnosable psychopath. Her megalomania has no bounds, attempting at all times to increase her wealth, influence, and power. Worse still, she is brazen about it. She makes nearly no attempt to hide her criminal activities. When Debbie Wasserman Schultz was exposed as a corrupt DNC Chairwoman, illegally and unethically working in Clinton’s favor against Bernie Sanders and was pressured into stepping down because of it, Hillary immediately hired her onto the campaign. When she defended a child rapist and he was acquitted by her attacks on the child as a slut, she bragged about it. When discussing African Americans she called them super predators which must be brought to heel. When her husband was accused of rape and assault of women she openly attacked their credibility, yet has said women must be believed when they make such accusations. She loudly advocated for a drone strike on Julian Assange who was exposing State Department corruption under her direction. The list goes on and on. She is so arrogant that she makes no attempt to even hide her corruption. A psychopath of this magnitude can never be trusted. She is extremely dangerous as President.

Her policy agenda needs little discussion, though it is worth mentioning that she loudly supported NAFTA and TPP. She loudly supports increasing taxes. She is an obnoxious feminist seeking always to elevate women to higher status and privilege through use of government force. She is thoroughly anti-Christian and supports all manner of restrictions on religious liberty when it applies to Christians. She is proudly supportive of globalist agendas.

It is far too dangerous to allow her to become President without doing whatever we can to prevent it. We must live in reality. We must adapt to the situation that exists, rather than the delusion of a Libertarian Party victory or the hope that Johnson will somehow become a born again libertarian, particularly with ‘Co-President’ Bill Weld whispering in his ear.

The choice is very simple. I live in Ohio, possibly the most important swing state in the country. I have decided the only rational choice is to support Donald Trump. I hope other libertarians will join me.