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Thomas L. Knapp Goes “Full-Retard”

Thomas L. Knapp takes an illegal selfie of his ballot for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  One offense is far worse than the other.

Thomas L. Knapp, the saintly, lily-white, ideologically-pure “libertarian” has outdone himself.

On the Knapp Stir Podcast sponsored by his so-called “friend” Darryl W. Perry, Knapp betrayed Perry by refusing to write him in for President, opting instead to vote for the Statist ticket of Gary “TPP” Johnson and Hillary Clinton-apologist Bill Weld.  After voting he committed a lesser offense of  taking a ballot selfie, a criminal offense in his home state of Florida.  This forever memorialized his Statist act and ultimate betrayal of Perry.

Add this act to the top of the list of the Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp.  As they say in Tropic Thunder, he seems to have gone “full retard.”

A Letter to My Predecessor : Nick Sarwark

Dear Mr. Sarwark,

Thank you, for you have inspired me to usurp your position. Without the corruption and disrepute you have brought to the party, I would not have considered politics; however, by allowing in globalists criminals like William Weld, outright criminals like John Mcafee, and inept ideological criminals like Gary Johnson to take over the party, I have decided that it is necessary for popular reform in the LP.

What was done at the convention with your knowledge was unacceptable, and Ron Paul’s absence should have made that clear to all. Specifically, allowing pollsters and the media to strong arm delegates and candidates like Alicia Dearn into giving the Vice-Presidential nomination to Patriot Act supporting, Neocon, CFR member Bill Weld. And as we will not obtain anywhere NEAR the 5% “WMD”, (aka the great lie) American libertarians are realizing now that this is only a pipe dream, and that you sold out the party  for nothing. You have set the party back four years in what should have been our breakout year.

In fact, had you never allowed ANTI-libertarians to run the party like Bill Weld and the CFR and John Mcafee and his #votedifferent PAC (aka the syndicate), libertarianism could have had as much success as Ross Perot this time around. However, instead, you perverted this party from a populist, patriotic, and constitution loving party into a pro-globalist centrist party like the Tories in England, and Brexit taught us what the people think of that ilk.

Libertarians are populist by nature ; this party was founded on populists who disagreed with certain aspects of the Civil Rights Act in defense of limited government and states rights (Ron Paul said those words, not me, and you have alienated the liberty branch of the GOP, our strongest ally). It is abundantly clear to me that by your support of individuals like Bill Weld and the mainstream political establishment, populism is not your goal.

As a recovering English Major turned living in the flesh PROFESSIONAL anarcho-capitalist, I will tell you now that any third party that discourages populism, discourages patriotism, discourages respect for the Constitution will fail. It will fail not only because it is hollow and without that Principle (like your used car lot), but because such corrupt parties designed to chide and curb populism are market redundancies. The globalists, cake baking parties are already in power—no one cares for a third. That is why our ticket will fail to get not only 5%, not 3%, and maybe not even 2. You have turned this party into a pro-globalist, anti-populist tool of the Clinton Foundation and gave the contract quill to Bill Weld.

I will be running for chair of the LNC to undo the damage that you have done. I intend to make this party a populist one like UKIP that puts American Citizens and their constitutional rights first, forge alliances with out populist, pro-liberty allies like UKIP, Front National, the Ukraine Internet Party, and the Constitution Party. I intend to purge all establishment influences that you have let in. And I intend to lay the groundwork for a COMPETITIVE Libertarian ticket in 2020 that Ron Paul himself will be more than happy to endorse.

I must also give some credit to Charles Peralo. While he might not admit it, I am somewhat of a mentor to him. And if he can pose a mild threat to your reign of terror and the rent-seeking establishment you represent—you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I will see you in New Orleans. Je me souviens un libre America. Do you?

The Great Libertarian Holocaust of 2017


Libertarianism to put simply, is either committing suicide, or being exterminated.

In the last two years and from working on two political campaigns this years, I believe it is a force that most are not willing to acknowledge, but does in fact exist. And I exist, and am a part of that force, and am here to alert you of its existence ; but, once I, Max Dickstein, begin that campaign, I will reveal them to you.

Whether you like Trump or not, these are the forces at hand we’re dealing with, those desperate to stop him. When you point to who that includes, it’s generally what libertarians have considered arch-nemeses. George Soros, Clinton Foundation, Saudis. The party establishment invited them in on the pretense of 5%, and WHEN THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN, the party will explode like a neutron star. Outlets such as Reason, Being Libertarian, Liberty Republic, etc. they will decline in popularity, traffic, and alexa ratings.

Simply put, the LP is on the wrong side of the playing field. The LP is a populist party and by accepting Clinton foundation money in the form of purchasing a seat for Bill Weld—aka Hilary’s protector in her worst times of need—-the LP has distanced itself from populism. It no longer has that integrity. Simply put, 2017 will be like a Game of Thrones Winter for both the LP and alas, even the Liberty Movement.

If the LP is about motivating the ideology of liberty, it has certainly drained me. This is not enjoyable anymore. And Libertarians are foolish to think they are alone. If the LP does not act soon, it will implode like a neutron star, and will be as relevant as the anti-masonic party. Adam Kokesh is not the answer, and if he even recovers from this recent hit he’s taken, we are more than glad to expose him.

There is only one option that remains, and that is the party RECALLING the ticket. And  despite my battles with both, I believe that should be an Petersen/Invictus ticket. A ticket like that now, while the Clinton campaign is on the major defensive, is the only way 5% is realistically achievable. Gary Johnson has been a historically loser for the 21st century, and I don’t trust him to kick a 3% 20 yard field goal. And Weld turning this into an establishment party has only exacerbated the damage.

Evan McMullin – Brought to you by…


By Clint Bishop

Evan McMullin has surged into the spotlight in Utah this past week, actually surpassing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one poll and running a statistical tie in a couple of others. This has garnered the former House of Representatives Chief Policy Director significant momentum nationally among self-proclaimed conservatives over the past week, particularly #NeverTrumpers. Having entered the race on August 8th, 2016, one would think that Mr. McMullin were on the ballot in every state, had irreproachable financial backing and grassroots stucture, and were the perfect answer for true conservatives who feel disenfranchised by the Republican nomination of Donald J. Trump. Let’s take a look.

‘Who Bankrolls Evan McMullin?’, ‘ Firestorm of Media Attention out of the Gate’, and ‘Who Were These Utah Pollsters and What Led Up to the Past Week’s Polls?’ 

Who Bankrolls Evan McMullin? Brief History 

The Better For America PAC (BFA) was founded earlier in 2016 in an attempt to offer the moderate, neo-conservative establishment wing of the #NeverTrump movement an alternative to Mr. Trump. BFA was founded by Mitt Romney donor John Kingston III and pollster Joel Searby, along with Democrat strategists Ileana Wachtel and Kahlil Byrd.

Ileana Wachtel and Kahlil Byrd left Better for America in order to form the Stand Up America Super PAC so they would be able to directly raise campaign money for Evan McMullin.

Ileana Wachtel’s resumé couldn’t be more progressive if she had represented Karl Marx himself. Don’t take my word for it, check her LinkedIn. As recently as last year she was in charge of

Image from http://www.sistergiant.com

press releases for the ‘Sister Giant Conference‘, which featured keynote speaker Bernie Sanders and advertised “Williamson will moderate talks given by former congressman Dennis Kucinich, civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom, progressive talk show host and author Thom Hartmann, food movement leader Elizabeth Kucinich, host and co-founder of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur, and Lynne Lyman, California state director of the Drug Policy Alliance.”, all whom were to be in attendance.

Kahlil Byrd’s background is only slightly less impressive… to a Hillary supporter. He launched his political career as communications director and senior strategist for the successful campaign of Mitt Romney successor, Democrat Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, just before his term membership with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Although McMullin’s policies will not be touched in this article, it’s important to note that he, too, is a CFR term member (2011-present). Former Governor Deval Patrick (D) was on the shortlist for Hillary Clinton’s Vice-Presidential picks before choosing Tim Kaine. David Axelrod participated in Deval Patrick’s campaign bid as well.

Evan McMullin was the last of a long line of Republican names thrown around by Bill Kristol, the neo-conservative editor of The Weekly Standard. Actually, I’m not even sure Kristol mentioned McMullin. Evan, himself, states that he simply “decided” that he would run. I suppose the BFA ballot efforts, which had only yielded access to two states at the time, was just a coincidental bonus by having been formed? After even unknown journalist David French declined to accept the offer, the search went stale. Kristol had even stated at one point in March that he’d rather see Hillary Clinton win than to witness a Donald Trump presidency. BFA strategist Rick Wilson recently admitted that even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name was thrown around in their quest to thwart Donald Trump’s path to the White House. I’m a fan of The Rock but do these sound like strategists who were “in it to win it”?

Firestorm of Media Attention Out of the Gate. Why?

As a former Republican who was appalled and alarmed by the exorbitant amount of free advertising given to Donald Trump during the Republican Primaries, I can’t help but wonder the same regarding Evan McMullin. Don’t others?

In Donald Trump’s case, there was at least the rare phenomenon of a foul-mouthed, crass

Image Source – Variety.com

businessman conducting himself as childishly as possible, yet leading the polls. Most of us could see right through the favorable media coverage and realize that the liberal mainstream media actually wantedTrump in against Hillary in order to throw the election her way once the party conventions were held.

In Evan McMullin’s case, however, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein had been gaining steam nationally as 3rd Party candidates. The conservative side of the #NeverTrump movement was beginning to narrow down their choices between Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle and America’s Party nominee Tom Hoefling. Evan McMullin was entering the race with less than 200 Twitter followers, no name recognition, ballot access in two states with TWENTY-SIX states already having passed their deadlines upon his entering the race (to put that in perspective, he couldn’t have surpassed Darrell Castle’s ballot access from day 1), most remaining states were closing access just two days later on August 10th, there was no party to promote the growth of as an independent candidate (perhaps part of the reasoning?), and his greatest asset was his most recent job as House of Representatives Chief Policy Director – you know? The House of Representatives that has a whopping approval rating of 14.7%!

Despite all the aforementioned, McMullin received an interview on every mainstream media outlet within one day of entering, and many others within one week: Kelly File on Fox News on 08/08/16Morning Joe on MSNBC on 08/09/16CNN on 08/09/16ABC News on 08/09/16, the Hugh Hewitt Show on 08/09/16, Bloomberg Politics on 08/09/16, and so on.

Can you guess how many interviews Jill Stein received on many of these stations? How about Darrell Castle? There are SEVEN presidential candidateswith ballot access exceeding that of Evan McMullin. Them? This amount of press coverage for someone with zero viability is unprecedented, especially considering the plight of actual third parties any given election cycle.

Perhaps the most telling interview was that of Glenn Beck. Glenn had sent an open invitation to Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle back in June, on air. Following the invitation the Castle campaign and hoards of supporters close to the campaign attempted for weeks to cash in the offer to no avail. The national coordinator for ballot access for the Constitution Party literally called in to the radio show and sat for hours at a time on hold, simply to never have anyone return to the line. Twitter was lit up, Beck’s Facebook feeds, nothing…

Within three days of entering the race, his fellow Mormon Glenn Beck had Evan McMullin on the show, but had not yet had Darrell Castle (nor his LDS running mate) on his show. In fact, Castle was forced onto the Pat & Stu Show when he was finally accepted on The Blaze and was diminished to an 8 minute interview. Evan McMullin received a 33 minute interview, failed the only two tests he was given by the Beck crew, then was invited back on 10/13/16 (while being mistakenly credited with Darrell Castle’s ballot access in the headline) and 10/14/16 for two days of interviews on his show.

The Utah Media Leading Up to the Recent Poll Spikes and the Utah Pollsters

Perhaps the most astonishing find in researching this phenomena was the favoritism bestowed upon Evan McMullin by the Utah media. Ben McClintock of defendingutah.org

image from defendingutah.org, Ben McClintock article ‘Utah Media Bias with Reporting on Independent Candidates’

must have wondered the same. He released simple research just over one week ago, after the first poll showing McMullin closing the gap on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Of the two major news outlets in Utah, KSL TV and The Salt Lake Tribune, Evan McMullin had received over 4800 mentions, only surpassed by Gary Johnson among 3rd Party Candidates jointly, but still with over FIVE TIMES the mentions of Gary Johnson or Jill Stein on KSL. The Darrell Castle campaign only pooled 13 mentions out of both sources combined. Why such a discrepancy? After all, Darrell Castle’s running mate, Dr. Scott N. Bradley, is a Utah native as well and has actually ran for a U.S. Senate seat twice.

So what’s the big deal as long as the polls listed everyone over a certain percentage of national ballot access? It would be fair game, right? There in lies another problem. All five polls in the recent RealClear Politics polling only listed five candidates; Clinton, Trump, Johnson, Stein, and McMullin. The polls are listed here: EmersonHeat StreetCBS NewsMonmouth, and Y2 Analytics. Ever heard of any of them except CBS or Monmouth? Nah? Me neither. Those two have Trump leading while the others show McMullin in a statistical tie or in the lead. It only takes one to start the unearned momentum, that was Y2 Analytics.

Should you worry about who is bringing us Evan McMullin?

My advice is a resounding “Yes!”. Why wouldn’t we worry about Evan McMullin when the circumstances surrounding his bid for the presidency are far more suspicious and just as advantageous for the left as Donald Trump’s run? Why, as conservatives, would we give him a pass? Because he’s a more eloquent speaker? Are we really so gullible and unprincipled. I said early in the article that I would not touch upon Evan McMullin’s policies and I won’t. I will leave a couple of links for that, however. The information in the first link was meticulously researched and the sources for all information within it are linked throughout the article. The second link is a comparison chart between the main four center-to-right candidates in the race. The information regarding Evan McMullin in the chart was extracted from the article in the first link.

If this were ever truly about principles, constitutionalism, and conservatism; then at least do your due diligence. Read them. God Bless.

Article 1

Article 2

Trump: Idiot Super Hero.


Libertarian Shared Ideals and the Contrast Between Trump and Clinton:
The only thing that seems to be true of all libertarians (left, right, anarchist, etc.) is a distrust of centralized power in one form or another. Leftists fear the giant multinational corporation. Rightists fear the federal government and the constant globalization of power, undermining national sovereignty and even further taking decision making away from the individual.
The way I see it, both of these are a threat.
Both of these work together to undermine individual freedoms.
The interests of capitalists like Soros and Buffett are the same as those of the bureaucrats, like the Clintons, and it seems like there is no person in a place of prominence around to stand up against them.
Or maybe there is.
Yes, he’s a pile of shit.
Yes, he’s uninformed about most issues, if not all.
But his instincts tend to be right.
Elections are rigged. The media is biased. Trade deals are unfair, countries are taking advantage of them, and they aren’t helping the American people and thus should be reformed. Immigration is a tool of the rich to get cheaper labor, and on top of that, dangerous people are coming in that we have no way of screening. Shut it down until we fix the problems with the immigration system. We should work with Russia and Assad to crush common enemies. Wars are a drain on the economy. Deregulate. Lower taxes. Make education more affordable. Legalize weed across all fifty states. Increase American energy production and undermine OPEC.
Yeah, okay, he said nasty things in a tape twenty years ago and sexually assaulted some women.
Does that mean he is going to be worse than Clinton?
Tons of good leaders have done garbage things. JFK, Eisenhower, Churchill, Lincoln.
And if sexual impropriety is disqualifying and undermines one’s ability to be a good leader, why did that not apply to Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton?
He is, by all accounts, credible and not so credible, as bad as Trump. Or worse.
He has a list of rape accusers a mile long.
He cheated on his wife too.
While Trump was talking about grabbing pussy, Bill Clinton was putting cigars out inside a pussy.
If a moral figure is what America wants, Darrel Castle, Gary Johnson, Evan McMullen, Zoltan Istvan, and Jill Stein are all better choices.
Well, maybe not Gary Johnson.
I am not telling you to vote for Trump. Or for anyone else. Vote for who you think is the best, or don’t vote at all.
I am just trying to make clear the contrast between the two major party candidates.
As the final debate is coming up, Trump has one last chance to prove himself to be more than a school yard bully and an uninformed rich kid reality star.
He can, instead, come off as a trailblazer and a pragmatic businessman. He probably won’t be, since he is an idiot and seems unwilling to do extensive debate prep or work with his party.
In conclusion, Trump is stupid and awful. Clinton is evil and awful. Libertarians distrust central authority while hating on the one candidate that has pissed off all forms of centralized authority.

The Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp

Thomas L. Knapp is a politician–not a very good one–but corrupt nonetheless.  He has failed at every political campaign he has ever taken part in. The most recent being his week-long run for vice president a couple months ago, for the Reform Party. Before this he claimed to be against electoral politics but that didn’t stop him from running–like the hypocrite he is–and making endorsements of epic-fail proportion.

He backs failed celebrity candidates like the Cyber Party/Libertarian Party’s John McAfee (a man with a shit fetish according to a Showtime documentary), and the ideologically opposite Rosanne Barr of the Communist Peace Freedom Party. So that makes four different parties Knapp’s associated with in recent years. All of them in four different parts of the ideological spectrum.  Why do this? What is his deal? His fifth party association may shed some light.

Prior to a ridiculous 2012 Libertarian Party presidential campaign he wants everyone to forget, he ran for vice president with the stupidly-named Boston Tea Party, his personal hobby horse. The run was so awful that the party doesn’t even exist anymore. The point is that Knapp has an unhealthy “party fetish” that, like McAfee’s shit fetish, corrupts his mind and soul.

While accomplishing nothing, his ego becomes inflated as he builds up a resume of parties and campaigns (especially the coveted celebrity campaigns).  His ego is so big he feels like he is better than everyone else.  For example, he claims on his website Kn@ppster that anyone can ask any question and he will answer, as if he is some kind of expert. However, when I asked a question he deleted it and banned me, he did not even answer my question. When longtime political strategist Robert Milnes asked a question, he was banned as well. That confirms that Knapp is a corrupt liar. Not everyone can ask a question and not every question will be answered. Knapp won’t answer questions from those he considers undesirable, and who he believes he is above. He dislikes me because I am a realist and call him out on his delusions. He wants to destroy me personally and has called for a Kickstarter proposal to fund an investigation of me. He deletes comments my surrogates make at IPR, claims I am making the comments (when I am not), and sometimes even edits the comments to make it look like I am calling myself a “worthless faggot.” No Knapp. I am not worthless. In fact,  my opinions matter and actually make sense unlike your mental masturbation exercises and delusions of grandeur.  And no sir, I am not a faggot. I am heterosexual.

When one engages in fetishes, it corrupts the soul.  Don Grundmann explained this to me in the interview I did with him on this site when it was ATPR.  Fetishes entail a breakdown of one’s moral fiber. For example,  McAfee’s shit fetish is a rejection of decency.  It may explain why he can, if Showtime is to be believed, kill with such disregard.  In the same way, Knapp’s party fetish and delusional lust for power and influence that inflates his ego shows the kind of soul pathology that causes him to endorse homosexual marriage and promote illogical homosexual intercourse. If Grundmann is correct, the corruption of Knapp’s soul may lead him to accept and even openly endorse further perversion such as bestiality and pedophilia.

It is not known whether the corruption of Thomas L. Knapp can be overcome. A good first step would be to pick one party and stick with it, stop running for office, allow Nathan Norman and Robert Milnes to ask questions on your site, stop editing comments on IPR and stop glorifying homosexuality.  If he can do even one of these, there may be hope at last.

Why This Radical Libertarian Is Voting Trump

american-flag-50-starsLet’s get this out of the way up front. Donald Trump is not a libertarian. He is not a classical liberal. He is not a conservative.

Donald Trump is a great businessman because he adapts to the situation. He takes advantage of every legal and strategic means to accomplish his goal of growing a thriving real estate and branding empire. He does not worry about things he cannot control. Too many libertarians, on the other hand, do worry about these things. They attempt to live in a world that does not exist. Libertarians should think like Trump.

First, there is no compelling reason to vote for Johnson as a libertarian. He is not a protest vote for liberty. He is a center left statist attempting to appeal to statist voters as an alternative. In reality his appeal to these voters is not about him, it’s because his name is not Clinton or Trump. Voting for Johnson sends a message that it’s perfectly fine for libertarians to enable statists to take over their party. It’s counterproductive at best, seditious heresy at worst. Here is a former Governor who used his veto pen so often the ink nearly ran out, including a prohibition on the use of Medicaid money for abortions. Now he has a government solution to nearly every problem and not only supports the Obamacare status quo but advocates using tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood. There is a list of 2 dozen similar statist positions too long to describe. Whatever happened to this man is not good for libertarians. He has taken a 180 degree turn. With no compelling case for a protest vote, we now have two choices; Clinton and Trump.

Trump, however, is a pragmatist. He sees what is happening and he reacts to it, and his goal is clearly to represent the interests of the United States, not global interests. He wants to shut down trade deals that are protectionist at their core. This makes it impossible for organizations like Carlyle Group and Bain Capital to bring in big profits outsourcing industries. So the Bush and Romney family oppose him. He wants to shut down the free movement of people into the United States making the border so secure it mirrors the Great Wall of China. This interrupts the North American Union and other attempts at political integration. The Council on Foreign Relations therefore opposes him. He wants to be rational about NATO allies who do not contribute to their own defense but yet expect the United States to instantly come to their aid when threatened. Now the Neo Conservatives oppose him. He wants to audit the Federal Reserve and opposes the bailouts and corporatism. Now Wall Street opposes him. He wants to stop aggressive foreign wars that are not necessary (cleaning up Clinton’s ISIS mess he correctly views to be necessary). Now the defense industry opposes him. He is politically incorrect, takes things personally when attacked, and responds aggressively when confronted. Now the Social Justice Warrior community opposes him. He appeals to African Americans as an alternative to a Democratic Party which takes them for granted and has never helped them. Now the hard core conservatives oppose him. His enemies are the right enemies, and that is reason enough for me. But there is a stark contrast in his opposition that creates an even more compelling reason to support him.

Hillary Clinton is essentially the leader of a criminal crime family. She is dangerous, perhaps more dangerous than any other recent President including her husband, because of the growth and consolidation of the family’s power.

Her foundation is taking money from foreign powers in exchange for access and favors made possible by her positions and influence in government. Enemies who investigate her or threaten her empire die mysteriously, dozens of times. She is a pathological and serial liar who does it so easily I believe she is a truly diagnosable psychopath. Her megalomania has no bounds, attempting at all times to increase her wealth, influence, and power. Worse still, she is brazen about it. She makes nearly no attempt to hide her criminal activities. When Debbie Wasserman Schultz was exposed as a corrupt DNC Chairwoman, illegally and unethically working in Clinton’s favor against Bernie Sanders and was pressured into stepping down because of it, Hillary immediately hired her onto the campaign. When she defended a child rapist and he was acquitted by her attacks on the child as a slut, she bragged about it. When discussing African Americans she called them super predators which must be brought to heel. When her husband was accused of rape and assault of women she openly attacked their credibility, yet has said women must be believed when they make such accusations. She loudly advocated for a drone strike on Julian Assange who was exposing State Department corruption under her direction. The list goes on and on. She is so arrogant that she makes no attempt to even hide her corruption. A psychopath of this magnitude can never be trusted. She is extremely dangerous as President.

Her policy agenda needs little discussion, though it is worth mentioning that she loudly supported NAFTA and TPP. She loudly supports increasing taxes. She is an obnoxious feminist seeking always to elevate women to higher status and privilege through use of government force. She is thoroughly anti-Christian and supports all manner of restrictions on religious liberty when it applies to Christians. She is proudly supportive of globalist agendas.

It is far too dangerous to allow her to become President without doing whatever we can to prevent it. We must live in reality. We must adapt to the situation that exists, rather than the delusion of a Libertarian Party victory or the hope that Johnson will somehow become a born again libertarian, particularly with ‘Co-President’ Bill Weld whispering in his ear.

The choice is very simple. I live in Ohio, possibly the most important swing state in the country. I have decided the only rational choice is to support Donald Trump. I hope other libertarians will join me.

BREAKING : Weld Abandons Johnson



As some presumably small portion of Americans sat through a dull debate between the Republican and Democratic vice-presidential nominees on Tuesday night, a far more interesting drama was unfolding within the Libertarian ticket. VP candidate Bill Weld told the Boston Globe that he plans to focus exclusively on attacking Donald Trump for the remainder of the campaign — essentially admitting that running mate Gary Johnson can not become president.

Trump has Weld’s “full attention,” he explained, because his agenda is so terrible it’s “in a class by itself.” “I think Mr. Trump’s proposals in the foreign policy area, including nuclear proliferation, tariffs, and free trade, would be so hurtful, domestically and in the world, that he has my full attention,” Weld said.

Apparently he avoided acknowledging that his new mission amounts to working to make Hillary Clinton president. He pointed out that he disagrees with Clinton on fiscal and military issues, though last week on MSNBC he said he’s “not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.”

Yes, we are Jill Stein fans


Green party presidential nominee Jill Stein

Just to alert all of our old readers before the takeover–yes, we are 100% in favor of Jill Stein.

We respect her journalistic work with Democracy Now, we respect her elevation of the Green Party into relevance again, and we respect that unlike the Libertarians—SHE DIDN’T SELL OUT.

While we have endorsed Darrell Castle, Jewdi master Stein has a warm place in our heart. May the force be with her


3rd Party Center to Right Guide


3rd Party Center to Right Presidential Guide-From a Constitutional Conservative Viewpoint

The intent of this guide is to assist Constitutional conservatives with their choice for President. Ample research was conducted and an effort was made to use the candidates’ actual interviews, platforms, videos, etc. Any omission of facts was not intentional. Some views had to be surmised due to not finding previously expressed stances or utilizing context historically provided. A pet peeve of mine is when politicians dodge questions or deliberately avoid certain topics in an attempt to avoid giving an inflammatory response.

There are 30 categories that the candidates were graded on order to derive the total points Candidate Viability / Number of State Ballots – 1-20 points

Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 50 States. 20 pts

Jill Stein is on the ballot in 44 States: 11 points
Darrell Castle is on the ballot in 24 States. 10 pts
Evan McMullin is on the ballot in 10 States. 4 pts 
Chris Keniston is on the ballot in 3 States. 1 pt
Tom Hoefling is on the ballot in 2 States. 1 pt