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Pornhub Users Downvote Vice Presidential Candidate

I found this image on an IPR article.  It shows what the users of Pornhub think about an image titled “Cheating blond fucks everyone at party,” which normally would be very popular.

As you can see it’s been downvoted 9001 times and upvoted none.

Hillary Clinton supporter Bill Weld, a dumb blonde, fucked everyone in the Libertarian Party and is now intensely disliked.

This image surfaced as a million person poll on the porn site Redtube showed Trump winning the election with 52.1% to 46.3% for Hillary Clinton.


Thomas L. Knapp Goes “Full-Retard”

Thomas L. Knapp takes an illegal selfie of his ballot for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  One offense is far worse than the other.

Thomas L. Knapp, the saintly, lily-white, ideologically-pure “libertarian” has outdone himself.

On the Knapp Stir Podcast sponsored by his so-called “friend” Darryl W. Perry, Knapp betrayed Perry by refusing to write him in for President, opting instead to vote for the Statist ticket of Gary “TPP” Johnson and Hillary Clinton-apologist Bill Weld.  After voting he committed a lesser offense of  taking a ballot selfie, a criminal offense in his home state of Florida.  This forever memorialized his Statist act and ultimate betrayal of Perry.

Add this act to the top of the list of the Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp.  As they say in Tropic Thunder, he seems to have gone “full retard.”

A Letter to My Predecessor : Nick Sarwark

Dear Mr. Sarwark,

Thank you, for you have inspired me to usurp your position. Without the corruption and disrepute you have brought to the party, I would not have considered politics; however, by allowing in globalists criminals like William Weld, outright criminals like John Mcafee, and inept ideological criminals like Gary Johnson to take over the party, I have decided that it is necessary for popular reform in the LP.

What was done at the convention with your knowledge was unacceptable, and Ron Paul’s absence should have made that clear to all. Specifically, allowing pollsters and the media to strong arm delegates and candidates like Alicia Dearn into giving the Vice-Presidential nomination to Patriot Act supporting, Neocon, CFR member Bill Weld. And as we will not obtain anywhere NEAR the 5% “WMD”, (aka the great lie) American libertarians are realizing now that this is only a pipe dream, and that you sold out the party  for nothing. You have set the party back four years in what should have been our breakout year.

In fact, had you never allowed ANTI-libertarians to run the party like Bill Weld and the CFR and John Mcafee and his #votedifferent PAC (aka the syndicate), libertarianism could have had as much success as Ross Perot this time around. However, instead, you perverted this party from a populist, patriotic, and constitution loving party into a pro-globalist centrist party like the Tories in England, and Brexit taught us what the people think of that ilk.

Libertarians are populist by nature ; this party was founded on populists who disagreed with certain aspects of the Civil Rights Act in defense of limited government and states rights (Ron Paul said those words, not me, and you have alienated the liberty branch of the GOP, our strongest ally). It is abundantly clear to me that by your support of individuals like Bill Weld and the mainstream political establishment, populism is not your goal.

As a recovering English Major turned living in the flesh PROFESSIONAL anarcho-capitalist, I will tell you now that any third party that discourages populism, discourages patriotism, discourages respect for the Constitution will fail. It will fail not only because it is hollow and without that Principle (like your used car lot), but because such corrupt parties designed to chide and curb populism are market redundancies. The globalists, cake baking parties are already in power—no one cares for a third. That is why our ticket will fail to get not only 5%, not 3%, and maybe not even 2. You have turned this party into a pro-globalist, anti-populist tool of the Clinton Foundation and gave the contract quill to Bill Weld.

I will be running for chair of the LNC to undo the damage that you have done. I intend to make this party a populist one like UKIP that puts American Citizens and their constitutional rights first, forge alliances with out populist, pro-liberty allies like UKIP, Front National, the Ukraine Internet Party, and the Constitution Party. I intend to purge all establishment influences that you have let in. And I intend to lay the groundwork for a COMPETITIVE Libertarian ticket in 2020 that Ron Paul himself will be more than happy to endorse.

I must also give some credit to Charles Peralo. While he might not admit it, I am somewhat of a mentor to him. And if he can pose a mild threat to your reign of terror and the rent-seeking establishment you represent—you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I will see you in New Orleans. Je me souviens un libre America. Do you?

BREAKING : Weld Abandons Johnson



As some presumably small portion of Americans sat through a dull debate between the Republican and Democratic vice-presidential nominees on Tuesday night, a far more interesting drama was unfolding within the Libertarian ticket. VP candidate Bill Weld told the Boston Globe that he plans to focus exclusively on attacking Donald Trump for the remainder of the campaign — essentially admitting that running mate Gary Johnson can not become president.

Trump has Weld’s “full attention,” he explained, because his agenda is so terrible it’s “in a class by itself.” “I think Mr. Trump’s proposals in the foreign policy area, including nuclear proliferation, tariffs, and free trade, would be so hurtful, domestically and in the world, that he has my full attention,” Weld said.

Apparently he avoided acknowledging that his new mission amounts to working to make Hillary Clinton president. He pointed out that he disagrees with Clinton on fiscal and military issues, though last week on MSNBC he said he’s “not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.”

Bill Weld Responds to Rumors: Says He Won’t Drop Out

Bill Weld

Liberty Hangout

A few nights ago, Carl Bernstein said the following on CNN: “I know Bill Weld and I know how much he despises Donald Trump… I think that Bill Weld is thinking about dropping out of this race if it looks like he and Gary Johnson might get Donald Trump elected… Right now we have to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. And I think he might do it. He might campaign for [Hillary Clinton].”

Weld’s media team released the following statement addressing the rumor, as reported by Liberty Viral:

“I strongly believe that our Libertarian ticket of two former two-term Governors, fiscally responsible and socially inclusive, is the best bet for America in this year’s election. Gary Johnson and I will campaign with all our strength to make that case to the American people from now until November 8th. Under no circumstances will our energies be diverted from our goal of winning the election and serving our country.”

Liberty Hangout: “CNN: Libertarian VP Bill Weld Considering Dropping Out & Endorsing Hillary Clinton?”


Liberty Hangout included the above image in their breaking news article.

Published by Liberty Hangout, September 18th, 2016:

To anyone who’s closely followed the 2016 election, it’s no surprise that Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee, Bill Weld, has a long lasting relationship with Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the first Libertarian Townhall on CNN, Weld described his bond with Clinton as being “life long.” He’s also maintained that he believes there was no criminal intent on Hillary’s part in her ongoing email scandal, and Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, once called Hillary Clinton “a wonderful public servant.”

It’s now being reported by Carl Bernstein, who says “I know Bill Weld and I know how much he despises Donald Trump,” that he thinks the Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate is considering dropping out of the race and perhaps getting behind Hillary Clinton, in an effort to stop Trump. In an interview with CNN, Bernstein said, “I think that Bill Weld is thinking about dropping out of this race if it looks like he and Gary Johnson might get Donald Trump elected. Right now we have to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. And I think he might do it. He might campaign for her.”

Watch the interview here:


Could Libertarian VP candidate renounce his candidacy? “Bill Weld does not want to be Ralph Nader.” – @carlbernstein

Carl Bernstein reports that Bill Weld is considering dropping out if he thinks Johnson-Weld will help elect Trump.

IPR supplement: 

NewsMax published an article on Setember 18th, 2016 titled “Carl Bernstein: Weld May Quit and Help Hillary, ‘Despises’ Trump”
Beforehand, however, on September 16th, 2016, Political Wire published two articles: “Is Gary Johnson a Threat to Clinton?” and “Clinton Seeks to Halt Third Party Drift”

“Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies, unnerved by the tightening presidential race, are making a major push to dissuade disaffected voters from backing third-party candidates, and pouring more energy into Rust Belt states, where Donald Trump is gaining ground,” the New York Times reports.

“With Mrs. Clinton enduring one of the rockiest stretches of her second bid for the presidency, her campaign and affiliated Democratic groups are shifting their focus to those voters, many of them millennials, who recoil at Mr. Trump, her Republican opponent, but now favor the Libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, or the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein.”

IPR’s own Paulie Frankel, a self-employed petition contractor, commented the following regarding this new development:

The good news here is that the establishment media is no longer reflexively parroting the tired old lie that LP votes come primarily from the Republican/conservative side. That was never true, and isn’t true this time.

The bad news is that they have significantly more resources than we do and will be using them to hammer home all the tired old “wasted votes” lies.

And, Trump is on their side in this, as he has said he does not want to debate anyone except Clinton.

I saw some speculation on CNN that Weld may fold under pressure and renounce his candidacy and endorse Clinton. He clearly does favor her over Trump, and it’s a fair question as to whether he will stand up to increasing pressure to do just that in the remaining 50-something days of the campaign. I also had this concern about Wayne Root and his clear preference for Republicans, and as I expected he did in fact go back to them (in fact, somewhat earlier than I expected). Weld also has a history of bowing out after promising not to do so, with LPNY in 2006, so it will be interesting to see what his reaction will be as the Clinton campaign – and many of his own friends – will ratchet up the pressure and say he is playing a (falsely attributed, but widely believed in their circles) “Nader 2000” role and needs to withdraw lest he helps elect Trump.

BREAKING: Gary Johnson Will Not Be Included in Presidential Debates

Liberty Viral, September 16th, 2016:

It has been announced by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and their running mates are the only candidates who will participate in the first debates, excluding Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and Green party candidate Jill Stein.

The commission required that candidates register an average of 15 percent support in five recent polls selected by the CPD, and neither candidate achieved these thresholds.

Here is the CPD’s press release about the invitation:


(Click on the image to read above to read)

My IPR comment:

JamesT, I think Warren [Redlich -owner of IPR] was probably right in saying 2%. I say 3%, but that’s because I’m being generous. It’s extremely likely JWeld won’t beat Nader’s 2000 result – and Nader was on the ballot in….43 states.

Maybe the LP will learn after this election cycle ? Maybe they will go back to their radical roots? Or maybe Weld and Charles Peralo will be the ticket for 2020? I have no idea.

I wish the rank and file LP activist well, especially the ones who fought tooth and nail against JWeld. They did manage to get JWeld to two ballots instead of one, after all. That was something.

I’ll vote for the two LP Illinois s statewide candidates, but I’m fully, 100% aboard the Trump Train. In my opinion, Jill Stein deserves to outpoll JWeld – I hope Darcy Richardson is right – and Castle deserves to at least get 200,000 votes, though that likely won’t happen.

One race to watch is Libertarian Party U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller. I bet everything he is going to be the top LP U.S. Senate candidate in terms of percentage of vote received.

-Krzysztof Lesiak

Steve Scheetz: Open Message to All Libertarians


Steve Scheetz is the former chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and presently serves as the treasurer of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus. His following “Open Message to All Libertarians” is being published on ATPR for the first time:

Open Message to All Libertarians

There has been much discussion regarding what Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have been saying in public, as the Libertarian Party Nominees for President and Vice President of the United States. This election cycle has seen more interest in the Libertarian Party than any other election cycle in the history of our party’s existence!

Is this Gary Johnson or Bill Weld making this happen? Well, the answer to this is somewhat complicated. The two Governors are walking a tightrope. They are saying things in such a way so as to keep the national spotlight on their campaign, and it cannot be easy for them. However, it is also extremely helpful to their campaign that they are running against two of the most polarizing figures in the history of US electoral Politics, and that is saying something!

The problem, as many Libertarians have been noting, is that Gary Johnson and William Weld have been saying things, publicly, that are not congruent with Libertarian Principles. There are those within many of the various Caucuses who would like to see a motion to distance the party from the campaign. I believe this would be a huge mistake for several reasons, but to start with, the Johnson Campaign has been listening, and has walked back those egregious statements shortly after the blow back had been called to the campaign’s attention. One of the other reasons is what happens to the campaign AND the Libertarian Party should we apply the “nuclear option?”

Many of us have agreed that the people, after November, will remember two things about the Libertarian Candidate: “Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal.” There may be something in some people’s minds about smoking pot, but if they remember anything at all, that is all that will be remembered, and while I get that this sentiment is bothersome to all of us, it is the reality. If we apply the nuclear option, people will remember Libertarians as those people who shot down their own candidate after they nominated him at their convention! How do we trust anything they stand for if they are so wishy washy that they cannot even be loyal to their own candidate? The campaign will be destroyed, which some Libertarians may not be unhappy to see, but so would the chances of the Libertarian Party doing anything meaningful in the future, at least for another 6-8 years. We have been working on a very long game Ladies and Gentlemen, we work to win hearts and free minds; minds which have been conditioned, in some cases, for decades! Minds which have been conditioned by fear tactics put forth by political opportunists, and the ONLY way we can continue to do what we need to do is to take our message to the people! Let me say this again, WE need to take our message to the people, WE DO NOT need to let Gary Johnson do the heavy lifting, and then criticize him when the message is not what we want it to be.

Here is the call to action: If there is a problem with the Johnson Campaign’s message, don’t tell Facebook, tell the Johnson Campaign! They have demonstrated that they will listen if problems are presented to them. The second part? Libertarianism is about individual empowerment; it is about the grass roots. Demonstrate this to the world by taking the Libertarian message EVERYWHERE! Come to the convention in 2018 and help make the Party what we want it to be! Finally, WE work to end Ignorance, and Fear; let’s make the world a better place for us having been here!

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld hold rally in New York City on September 10th

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld held a rally in New York City on September 10th, 2016. The full video of the rally is above (length: 1 hour, 25 minutes). One of the speakers at the rally was Larry Sharpe, the runner-up for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 vice presidential nomination who has been rumored to be a potential Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York in 2018.

It is increasingly unlikely that Johnson will appear in at least the very first presidential debate with Clinton and Trump due to his polling numbers not meeting the 15% threshold.

Ron Paul Insitute: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Presidential Campaign Dragging Libertarianism Through the Mud

Written by the staff of the Ron Paul Institute, RonPaulInstitute.org, August 28th, 2016:

Ron Paul Institute Senior Fellow Adam Dick, in a Wake Up Call Podcast interview posted on Friday, argues that Libertarian Party presidential and vice-presidential nominees Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have drug the term “libertarian” through the mud with their advocacy of anti-libertarian positions on matters ranging from their choices for Supreme Court appointments to PATRIOT Act reauthorization to foreign intervention to the use of terror watch lists to outlaw people possessing guns.

Dick addresses the Libertarian presidential ticket during an in-depth discussion of his new book, A Tipping Point for Liberty: Exposing and Defeating Leviathan Government. During Dick’s interview with hosts Adam Camac and Daniel Laguros, the discussion is centered on topics examined in the book, including the development of a police state in America, the war on drugs, and United States wars abroad. It is when the conversation turns to the book’s section dealing with libertarianism that Dick presents an evaluation of the Libertarian presidential ticket.

Dick begins his discussion of Johnson and Weld by noting that Dick is “sure there are plenty of candidates running on the state and local level” under the party banner “who really are libertarian.” But, Dick continues, “when I saw Bill Weld get the vice presidential nomination, I knew that was trouble because the guy is not libertarian.”

Weld was Johnson’s choice for Vice President, and Johnson has said that Johnson and Weld, who are both former state governors, would pretty much serve as co-presidents if elected.

Discussing some of Weld’s activities prior to becoming the vice presidential nominee, Dick notes Weld “was one of a group of politicians who wrote a letter to members of Congress telling them that it was important to reauthorize the portions of the PATRIOT Act that were set to sunset.” Dick continues that “these are some of the worst sections of the PATRIOT Act, some of the sections that are most abusive of freedom, and that’s why they were the few provisions that had sunset provisions to begin with.”

Dick also discusses in the interview how Weld “praised George W. Bush’s foreign policy not too long after the 2003 Iraq invasion.” This puts Weld squarely at odds with libertarians’ support for a noninterventionist foreign policy.

Looking at domestic policy, Dick argues that Weld has shown extreme disrespect for the liberty at the core of the libertarian message by saying during a campaign interview that nobody on the US government’s terror watch lists should be able to buy a gun. Dick explains that bureaucrats arbitrarily add people’s names to the lists without the need to show any respect for due process rights.

Turning to the Libertarian ticket’s potential Supreme Court nominees, Dick discusses in the interview how Johnson has deferred to Weld on the picking of Supreme Court nominees, with Weld identifying as the kind of people Johnson would appoint to the court current Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and US appellate court Judge Merrick Garland, who President Barack Obama has nominated for appointment to the Supreme Court. Concludes Dick, “There’s no argument that either Justice Breyer or Judge Garland is a libertarian, but here we have the Libertarian presidential ticket saying that is the kind of people they want to put on the court.”

The end result of such significant anti-libertarian positions being advanced by the Libertarian presidential ticket is that, even if the ticket wins a high percentage on election day, it will, Dick says, be “an absolute failure” for advancing libertarianism. That is because “they’ve drug [the term ‘libertarian’] through the mud, made it difficult for people to understand what it even means.” But, Dick predicts that the ticket ultimately will not do as well as some current polling suggests. Instead, much of the early gauged support, Dick says, “will probably dry up” because Johnson and Weld “are being so wishy-washy that they are not giving people a good reason to really support them.”

Listen to Dick’s complete Wake Up Call Podcast interview here.

Dick’s discussion in the Wake Up Call Podcast interview of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld’s presidential ticket brings together separate critiques of the nominees’ stands concerning the PATRIOT Act, foreign policy, use of terror watch lists to outlaw gun possession, and Supreme Court justices that Dick has presented over the past few months at the Ron Paul Institute’s audio show Five Minutes Five Issues.

Copyright © 2016 by Ron Paul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.