About Me


I was born in Manhattan, NY. NYC proper is one of those rare cities in which few are actually born there; however, I am one of the exceptions. As is preordained for “native New Yorkers” (rather those of my ilk), I was raised in a wealthy, Jewish, banking family. In the photo is the first Lord Dickstein, Congressman Samuel Dickstein.

I like to say to women when I flirt with them that I am “a Recovering English Major.” I picked the wrong major in college, so my hedge fund father bailed me out by gifting me with his financial acumen. Thanks to his knowledge, I’ve had financial accomplishments that give me great personal satisfaction.

People have actually said to me that my stories rival that of ‘the most interesting man in the world.’ I humbly retort, “no. John Mcafee takes that title.” But it came with a price. Had I not lived next to building 7 of the World Trade Center on 911, perhaps I might not have been so interesting, but it’s irrelevant to me.

That experience took me down an interesting life path, and speaking of which, GI is a renaissance of a social media project of ANONYMOUS that we had to take down due to OPSEC (Operational Security) concerns. But it drew some attention in its short, controversial life—which I expect will return.

STICK AROUND! The fun is JUST getting started 🙂

~Max “Lord” Dickstein~

CEO, Samuel Dickstein & Sons