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Donald Playing Hard Ball With Saudis on JASTA Lawsuit

Will keep all posted. I expect Donald will not reneg. Will let you know if that changes, as soon as it does

Donald Of Arabia, 911, And Wayne Gretzky

Donald Trump made his first international pilgrimage to the Islamic holy land as POTUS today. As soon as he got off the plane, “unveiling” his long cloistered first lady—we knew this was going to be a fun day. In fact, King Salman gave Trump one of the warmest receptions for a foreign dignitary I’ve ever seen. So why would they treat him with such respect despite his Islamophobic and anti-Saudi remarks in the past? Weren’t the Saudi’s allied with the Clintons? Why on Earth would he give one of the chief exporters of radical Jihad 350 Billion dollars in weapons? Didn’t he say they did 911?

Yes. Yes. And Yes. But what you may not know is that Trump is very conscious of the 911 truth movement, and he is very aware of Saudi involvement. You may also not be aware of the steps he has taken for Justice for 911 Victim Family Members. Trump and the New York Republican Establishment (Christie, Giuliani etc.) were the architects of a certain underreported bill called JASTA (Justice Against State Sponsors of Terror Act). In essence, it allows 911 victim family members to file wrongful death lawsuits against the Saudi Royal Family. It has already passed the House….and let’s just say lawsuits are already underway.

Here is everything you need to know about the Saudi matter:

1: This is a classic Professional Sports Team Trade ; a play out of Trump’s USFL era playbook. Considering he became a legend for the appropriately named Oilers, let us use one of the most famous sports transactions of all time as an allegory—The Wayne Gretzky Trade. The Saudi’s are the Oilers and the Trump administration the LA Kings. Negotiations on how to compensate 911 victim family members WITHOUT antagonizing the Saudi’s into withdrawing all of their holdings from US markets is one of the major pieces of the trade, like a first round pick. Bear with me; this is some major Red Pill stuff.

2: So JASTA was actually one of the most important differences between Hilary and Trump. Trump being a New Yorker who lost friends and associates on 911 was openly and unequivocally for it; Hilary was adamantly against (as the Saudi’s were giving her massive bribes at the time, and threatened to essentially end the PETROdollar over it). The 350 billion dollar arms deal is essentially a gift for their cooperation on JASTA, disownership of the Clintons, and a lukewarm commitment to crack down on Wahabism. Saudis letting 911 families sue them, King Salman saying death to ISIS, giving 100 million to Ivanka, 40 billion to the department of interior….those are the draft picks and role players.

Trump staying hush about 911=Wayne Gretzky

3: The reason that nobody hears about this is because part of the deal (and Trump is aware and cooperating with the media on this) is that Saudi culpability for 911 MUST be kept to a minimum. If Trump says anything about Saudi’s and 911 FROM HERE ON OUT (even mentioning JASTA), they will immediately sell one trillion dollars of US treasury bonds and reneg on all commitments.

This has been a deal they clearly have been working on for a LONG time, and now they are performing typical occultic ceremonies to seal the deal. So the point is, I’m finding that 99% of people have not a clue what the fuck is going on yet based on my connections, it’s clear as day to me.

This is not a news article—it is a leak.


GI to Release Content Again

#HeilTrumpler a reality?


Donald  J. Trump is now officially a coin flip with Hilary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Race. Donald Trump may be the biggest upset since Dewey vs. Truman. Does this mean that Donald Trump will be the Republican Truman?

Stay Tuned!

Thomas L. Knapp Goes “Full-Retard”

Thomas L. Knapp takes an illegal selfie of his ballot for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.  One offense is far worse than the other.

Thomas L. Knapp, the saintly, lily-white, ideologically-pure “libertarian” has outdone himself.

On the Knapp Stir Podcast sponsored by his so-called “friend” Darryl W. Perry, Knapp betrayed Perry by refusing to write him in for President, opting instead to vote for the Statist ticket of Gary “TPP” Johnson and Hillary Clinton-apologist Bill Weld.  After voting he committed a lesser offense of  taking a ballot selfie, a criminal offense in his home state of Florida.  This forever memorialized his Statist act and ultimate betrayal of Perry.

Add this act to the top of the list of the Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp.  As they say in Tropic Thunder, he seems to have gone “full retard.”

Illinois 9th Endorsement: David Earl Williams


Drawn by the hand of Michael Madigan, Illinois’s 9th Congressional district starts in Arlington Heights then stretches through des Plaines, bends a path all the way to rogers park, then the lines move north through Evanston, Winnetka, and finally into Northbrook. For almost 20 years,  Jan Schakowsky has represented our district, and as someone who works, eats, and sleeps in the 9th I am disappointed in the job that she has done, and even more so, the job she has not done.

The only thing consistent with Schakowsky has been scandal. From giving thousands to former governor and current felon Rod Blagoveich to allegations of being to too cozy with Iran and Turkey  to  her husband, Bob Creamer, arrest for check kiting, to her husband’s recent resignation because of voter fraud. We have weathered decades of scandal and received nothing in service.  the only things to consistently grow in our district have been violence and taxes.Without question, we need change. But grand inquirer declines to endorse someone solely on the fact that they are NOT Jan Schakowsky. On that principle, the Grand Inquirer has decided to NOT endorse Jan’s republican opponent (Joan Lasorde), and instead endorse Schakowsky Independent opponent, David Earle Williams.

Mr. Williams is an honest straight talker and we feel pride in penciling him on our ballots and sending him to the floor of congress. David Williams is the only candidate to serve our country but is also the only candidate to understanding the severity conflict. Williams is by far the most pro-peace candidate, disagreeing with nearly every one of our current conflicts. Yet as a man who respects the constitution, Mr. Williams “A” rating from “Gun Owners of America” is by far the highest among the candidates. also the most pro-gun rights candidate running in our district. Williams received an “A” rating  from

An admirer of Ron Paul, David William’s platform is heavy with protecting and promoting our civil liberties. Mr. Williams vows to continue Paul’s mission to “audit then end” the Federal reserve.  In a state and district burdened by some of the highest taxes in the nation, Williams’s”fair tax” proposals are refreshing and we would love to see his ideas debated on the floor of congress.

Because of policy, character, and principle, the Grand Inquirer proudly endorses David Willaims fo congress.