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Pornhub Users Downvote Vice Presidential Candidate

I found this image on an IPR article.  It shows what the users of Pornhub think about an image titled “Cheating blond fucks everyone at party,” which normally would be very popular.

As you can see it’s been downvoted 9001 times and upvoted none.

Hillary Clinton supporter Bill Weld, a dumb blonde, fucked everyone in the Libertarian Party and is now intensely disliked.

This image surfaced as a million person poll on the porn site Redtube showed Trump winning the election with 52.1% to 46.3% for Hillary Clinton.


A Letter to My Predecessor : Nick Sarwark

Dear Mr. Sarwark,

Thank you, for you have inspired me to usurp your position. Without the corruption and disrepute you have brought to the party, I would not have considered politics; however, by allowing in globalists criminals like William Weld, outright criminals like John Mcafee, and inept ideological criminals like Gary Johnson to take over the party, I have decided that it is necessary for popular reform in the LP.

What was done at the convention with your knowledge was unacceptable, and Ron Paul’s absence should have made that clear to all. Specifically, allowing pollsters and the media to strong arm delegates and candidates like Alicia Dearn into giving the Vice-Presidential nomination to Patriot Act supporting, Neocon, CFR member Bill Weld. And as we will not obtain anywhere NEAR the 5% “WMD”, (aka the great lie) American libertarians are realizing now that this is only a pipe dream, and that you sold out the party  for nothing. You have set the party back four years in what should have been our breakout year.

In fact, had you never allowed ANTI-libertarians to run the party like Bill Weld and the CFR and John Mcafee and his #votedifferent PAC (aka the syndicate), libertarianism could have had as much success as Ross Perot this time around. However, instead, you perverted this party from a populist, patriotic, and constitution loving party into a pro-globalist centrist party like the Tories in England, and Brexit taught us what the people think of that ilk.

Libertarians are populist by nature ; this party was founded on populists who disagreed with certain aspects of the Civil Rights Act in defense of limited government and states rights (Ron Paul said those words, not me, and you have alienated the liberty branch of the GOP, our strongest ally). It is abundantly clear to me that by your support of individuals like Bill Weld and the mainstream political establishment, populism is not your goal.

As a recovering English Major turned living in the flesh PROFESSIONAL anarcho-capitalist, I will tell you now that any third party that discourages populism, discourages patriotism, discourages respect for the Constitution will fail. It will fail not only because it is hollow and without that Principle (like your used car lot), but because such corrupt parties designed to chide and curb populism are market redundancies. The globalists, cake baking parties are already in power—no one cares for a third. That is why our ticket will fail to get not only 5%, not 3%, and maybe not even 2. You have turned this party into a pro-globalist, anti-populist tool of the Clinton Foundation and gave the contract quill to Bill Weld.

I will be running for chair of the LNC to undo the damage that you have done. I intend to make this party a populist one like UKIP that puts American Citizens and their constitutional rights first, forge alliances with out populist, pro-liberty allies like UKIP, Front National, the Ukraine Internet Party, and the Constitution Party. I intend to purge all establishment influences that you have let in. And I intend to lay the groundwork for a COMPETITIVE Libertarian ticket in 2020 that Ron Paul himself will be more than happy to endorse.

I must also give some credit to Charles Peralo. While he might not admit it, I am somewhat of a mentor to him. And if he can pose a mild threat to your reign of terror and the rent-seeking establishment you represent—you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I will see you in New Orleans. Je me souviens un libre America. Do you?

The Great Libertarian Holocaust of 2017


Libertarianism to put simply, is either committing suicide, or being exterminated.

In the last two years and from working on two political campaigns this years, I believe it is a force that most are not willing to acknowledge, but does in fact exist. And I exist, and am a part of that force, and am here to alert you of its existence ; but, once I, Max Dickstein, begin that campaign, I will reveal them to you.

Whether you like Trump or not, these are the forces at hand we’re dealing with, those desperate to stop him. When you point to who that includes, it’s generally what libertarians have considered arch-nemeses. George Soros, Clinton Foundation, Saudis. The party establishment invited them in on the pretense of 5%, and WHEN THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN, the party will explode like a neutron star. Outlets such as Reason, Being Libertarian, Liberty Republic, etc. they will decline in popularity, traffic, and alexa ratings.

Simply put, the LP is on the wrong side of the playing field. The LP is a populist party and by accepting Clinton foundation money in the form of purchasing a seat for Bill Weld—aka Hilary’s protector in her worst times of need—-the LP has distanced itself from populism. It no longer has that integrity. Simply put, 2017 will be like a Game of Thrones Winter for both the LP and alas, even the Liberty Movement.

If the LP is about motivating the ideology of liberty, it has certainly drained me. This is not enjoyable anymore. And Libertarians are foolish to think they are alone. If the LP does not act soon, it will implode like a neutron star, and will be as relevant as the anti-masonic party. Adam Kokesh is not the answer, and if he even recovers from this recent hit he’s taken, we are more than glad to expose him.

There is only one option that remains, and that is the party RECALLING the ticket. And  despite my battles with both, I believe that should be an Petersen/Invictus ticket. A ticket like that now, while the Clinton campaign is on the major defensive, is the only way 5% is realistically achievable. Gary Johnson has been a historically loser for the 21st century, and I don’t trust him to kick a 3% 20 yard field goal. And Weld turning this into an establishment party has only exacerbated the damage. Stabs Darrell Castle in the Back

Darrell Castle is No Libertarian

While previously praising Castle as more of a Libertarian than Gary Johnson, LH has appeared to have done a schizophrenic 180.


And this message from the Castle Campaign will make that ABUNDANTLY self-evident

Are you a Nazi, Eugencist, or Satanist in Legal Trouble? BETTER CALL SOL!

Augustus Sol Invictus : From Politician to Panhandler with 9 children to feed. If he had only listened to his Jewdi advisors, he had the potential to be a congressman.

I explain as objectively as I can the fallout between me and “Little Ceasar’s.”



A Prelude for My Letter to Augustus

Below is a 100% unedited conversation I had precisely one hour ago with the “nominal” campaign manager of the Augustus Invictus campaign, Raquel Okaye (her last name is odd).

She is one of two people I blame for the extremely underperforming results of the Florida Libertarian Primary, and for what I can objectively call the disaster that is the INVICTUSWARROOM.


(yes, that is literally the entire site and they ask for 10 dollars to see if there’s any more. The Article to the Right you see is mine, and I believe one of my friends in WAC NYC shot that video)

I am posting this now to establish that this person exists, that within the campaign, I existed, and because she and her “collaborator” Rynne (god knows what) will be the primary topics of the upcoming letter to Augustus

Raquel is BOLD I am ITALICS


Max is sending multiple group multi media texts. That don’t download. I have no idea what he’s up to.

This is him

So what is it?

Remind me to whom I’m speaking again? I just have this as an unlisted contact

Max. It’s Raquel.


What’s up. I’m writing an open letter to Augustus

Is that what’s attached?

On my new blog No

Is it published yet?

That is something called pidgin ptr, Encryption, No, tomorrow

What’s in it?

It’s not written yet. I don’t intend it to be nasty. But certainly honest and objective

Cool. I don’t think he deserves that.

I disagree. But I pity him. I have no hate for him

If you’re going to make opinions about me I respectfully ask you to refrain because a. You have no personal knowledge of me, what I do, or what I’m capable of doing and b. It won’t lend you any friends and maybe some enemies.

I’ve not thought that far aheadI probably will say what I’ve already PUBLICALLY and privately said

Re you

Your beef is not with me. I barely know you. You were not as privy to the inner workings as you think. I’m sorry. That’s not my fault.

To the contrary, there was a lot going on you were left out of


I didn’t realize the old campaign team would be so heavily involved

That’s fine. I didn’t want to be. But you were not on the inner circle like Rynne and I.

War room?

See above statement

There is no inner circle

I’m talking about the campaign

Rather multiple ones that are tricked into thinking so

So am I

That’s the only involvement I’ve had. Except a press release i wrote so what?

As I’ve told you before

Okay. So you were in another inner circle but your circle was so much better you start trashing the two people Augustus trusts the most. Not cool.

You and Ryne were a big part of why Max Max kris left and a lot of sympathetic folk in st Pete wouldn’t get involved

And I told him

Trust is cool, but competency is more than lacking

If that’s your opinion, your entitled but ask Augustus how much Rynne and I have done. That’s the only person you need to ask.

And I’m not the only one who thinks this

I’ll quantify the last / weeks in. Terms of what you’ve done

I don’t care what you and your friends think. No personal knowledge. You have no idea who I am and what I’m capable of. Its as simple as that. You’re going to look like an idiot.

1: produced an amateur zero content wp site that a child could do

Oh please. Keep dreaming. Little boy.

No no, u asked

Conversion ended…. Now i know why I blocked you hahaha. Good bye. Dickstein. Grow up.


As they say on Seinfeld, “no soup for you!”

Thx 4 the content 4 my article

Y a w n.

As long as you and Rynne are put in your place, and I have immediately secondary control after Augie, I can forgive him and return

Pass that to him if it pleases you

“your place” means what to you?

I thought you said good bye

Was curious what exactly that means to you.

To determine what your capabilities are and how to properly leverage them. SomewhZat tough because your first impression did   Not impress us

Most Importantly me

Y a w n.


Loose lips sink ships. You are already a liability. Too bad. My first impression was you had potential. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Good night.

Write about it in your blog

And if you don’t know how to make one a diary

Hahaha. I was making websites when you were in grade school. So silly you are. Good bye. Max.

Good night and go to sleep

Go fuck yourself you little turd.

Your name is dirt. Nobody likes you. Even Augustus wants you to go away.

If I wanted to be liked

I would not be ad pathetic as you

My name is legendary

Your just not half as smart or educated as you think you are

And you cunt is reignited you old nut job

Resigned lol

Hahaha that’s why your persona non grata and I’m not. So your complaints about me makes you look like a jealous and disgruntled ex volunteer. You do realize I am going nowhere and you have been tossed from the War Room, right? Um. From my perspective I have the upper hand here and you have slammed no one except yourself.

War room is going nowhere

You don’t get it

I leave when I know something will fail

I have better things going on

Take it up with Augustus. Oooops. Your persona non grata. Do you know what that means? You’re done. Finished. Kaput. That’s Augustus decision. You blaming everyone else for your own inadequacies makes you look like a jealous child.

AUgustus is A poor guy with z9 kids

You leave when you got booted. Are you in a dream or something? Wake up dude.

I’m great nephew of a congressman

Why exactly is he important again?

Whoopdie fuckin doo.


He isn’t . I have a working blog and infrastructure. You have jackshih

Cause your a liar who can’t build jackshit

You have no voice, no significance, and no skills

Augustus has some……..just some.. And it’s fading fast

You whine and bitch to your “tribe” all you want

As Augie said, I run the media machine. I’m good at it: and known for honesty

I really don’t want to damage him too much tomorrow. You make that very difficult

So now will you say “I’m sorry, I’m a bitch, please show mercy, goodnight” or need we go on?

Dear readers, I hope this demonstrated the character, capabilities, and the identities of myself and the colleague I did not enjoy working with, but please use this as s chance to realize you will never here a lie from me. Now I am going to block this objectively rude individual and hope you enjoy our mission at GI (I WROTE THIS IN THE TEXT IN REALITY)

IPR in decline


A couple days ago an interesting discussion happened in comments for the IPR article blog: Libertarian for WA state rep Michelle Diarnell dominates opponent in two candidate forums :

  1. Trent Hill October 17, 2016 at 11:03
    I hardly ever comment here, honestly. I was a co-founder of the site and then the senior editor and co-owner, before selling the site later. I really only comment when I see someone posting an article that is unfair or not up to the standard that readers have indicated they want at IPR.By all means, if you don’t like my coments, you skip right over them and ignore them. No skin off my back. Any of the contributors here are welcome to do the same. I’m not an editor or an owner here anymore, just someone who wants to see the site expand.
  2. Matt October 17, 2016 at 11:16
    The site seems to expand when more articles get posted. Yet few people want to post them, myself included. And the few people that do want to post articles don’t seem to have a lot of time for it.
  3. Trent Hill October 17, 2016 at 11:24
    The site did best when it was indexed in Google News. But yes, that did coincide with a time when more articles were posted, mostly by myself and Paulie. Running IPR is not easy–the main thing is finding a reliable editor and responsible/enthusiastic writers….who aren’t going to be paid. Certain publishers have implemented profit sharing mechanisms, which I think probably helped.
  4. Jill Pyeatt October 17, 2016 at 12:15
    I am busier than usual in my private life, but I admit that I’m burned out. We all worked so hard up until the LP convention, and since then there hasn’t been tons of good news to post. It seemed like the only thing being talked about was how bad Johnson is. I tried to ignore all of that and support him, but even I have given up on him. I can’t handle Weld and his CFR ties and his comment that “he;s running as himself”. What it boils down to is that, even if Gary was doing a good job, he chooses the people around him badly. I don’t need to point out Ron Nielson’s shortcomings or Weld’s, but he’s also got a brute of a handler, Tom Mahan, who viciously attacks people who question anything going on. Even I’m out. I’ll be voting for Jill Stein due to her foreign policy stance, plus she is also sympathetic to a couple of other issues that are important to me.I’ll help any new writer that wants to get involved, and I keep a good eye on the inner workings here, such as the Open Thread and releasing pended comments. I still love this site and the people here. I’m just sooooo discouraged. Hopefully it’s only temporary.

According to Alexa, IPR has declined to a rank of 403,070, dropping 23,096 spots in the past three months.

The news comes as IPR fails to sign new writers, bans users for expressing certain opinions, employs moderators who edit user comments in a profane manner, and receives stiff competition from competing sites.

As IPR falls into the ash heap of history, new sites have risen such as The Grand Inquirer, IPR-X, and knappster blog.

Mcafee company delisted

My predictions were correct.

Sell mgt NOW!

Obese P.O.S. Disrespects America

James Weeks II, an obese man known for a disgusting stripping performance at the Libertarian National Convention, was recently photographed standing on top of an American flag, disrespecting the flag and all the veterans who fought for it.  He did this while wearing the jersey of controversial football player Colin Kaepernick, known for his refusal to stand for the Star Spangled Banner.

Weeks claims to be running for Sheriff of Livingston County, Michigan.


Augustus Invictus : Interview on the War Room

Interview with August Invictus
Preview of