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Interview with David Earl Williams the III (I)


How Trump Should Answer Questions About Sexual Assault Allegations

Trump supporter Mike Tyson provides a model for answering biased media questions:

West Virginia Supreme Court Construes Election Law to Require All Minor Party and Independent Petitioning Candidates to Have Filed in January, and Removes All of Them

Ballot Access News

On Thursday, September 15, the West Virginia Supreme Court issued an opinion in Wells v State, 16-0779. It construed the West Virginia election law to require all candidates who petition for the November ballot to have filed a declaration of candidacy on the last Saturday in January. On September 16, the Secretary of State phoned various candidates who had petitioned to be on the November ballot and told them that they will be removed from the ballot (even though they had already been certified to be on the ballot) as a result of the decision.

The only presidential candidate who petitioned in West Virginia this year is Darrell Castle, Constitution Party nominee. There is no effect on the presidential nominees of the Democratic, Green, Libertarian or Republican Parties, because they are qualified and did not need a petition this year.

Since 1991, the West Virginia election law has said in section 3-5-7, “Any person who is eligible and seeks to hold an office or political party position to be filled by election in any primary or general election shall file a certificate of announcement declaring his or her candidacy for the nomination of election to the office…The certificate of announcement shall be filed with the proper officer not later than the last Saturday in January.” The West Virginia primary is in May…

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Phil Collins, chairman of Illinois Center Right Coalition, endorses David Earl Williams III for Congress (IL-9th)


Phil Collins

Phil Collins’ Endorsement of David Williams

Phil Collins (of Wheeling), the chairman of the Illinois Center Right Coalition, a conservative, statewide group that was founded in 2003, endorsed David Williams’ write-in campaign for the U.S. House in Illinois’ 9th District.

Collins and Williams are navy veterans. Collins said, “Mr. Williams is the only candidate, in his race, who supports large tax rate cuts and large spending cuts. He’s the only candidate, in his race, who supports sending military troops to guard the Mexican border. He’s the only candidate, in his race, who says that each human life begins at conception.”

Collins said that he’ll encourage many 9th District voters to vote for Williams.

ATPR: Phil Collins ran as a write-in candidate for Congress in the 9th congressional district in 2014 and earned 66 votes. Collins is also a member of the Constitution Party. In 2013, he became the Constitution Party of Illinois’ first elected office holder, winning a term as a Libertyville Township Trustee. Collins also is a member of the Committee to Elect Joe Kopsick, a write-in candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 10th congressional district. 

Presidential candidate Dr. Lynn Kahn on education, justice, veterans and peace

Dr. Lynn Kahn, an independent presidential candidate with ballot access in Arkansas, Iowa and Louisiana (access to 41 Electoral College votes), released four new campaign videos today. Dr. Kahn covered the “Failures of Public Education,” “Violence and Transforming the U.S. Department of Justice,” “Transforming the Department of U.S. Veterans Affairs,” and “Fix Government, Build Peace.” The videos are between two and six minutes in length:

Former Senator Slade Gorton endorses Evan McMullin


Former senator Slade Gorton

Press release from, September 2nd, 2016:

SEATTLE, WA – Former United States Senator Slade Gorton (R-WA) today endorsed Evan McMullin for President of the United States.

“Evan represents a new generation of American leadership,” said Gorton. “I am deeply impressed with Evan’s knowledge, seriousness, and his unique background. He’s the kind of leader who can unify America in a time when both major party candidates have divided it.”

Gorton, a deeply respected two-term Republican U.S. Senator from Washington State, served in the U.S. Senate from 1981-87 and from 1989-2001. He was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, served on the 9/11 Commission and now serves on the board of the bipartisan Partnership for a Secure America. He began his career in the Washington State House of Representatives, then served as
Washington Attorney General.

“I am deeply honored by Senator Gorton’s support,” said McMullin. “His decades of public service were marked by a strong commitment to keeping our nation safe, in seeking bipartisan solutions for our toughest national problems, and in working to enhance our economy through both trade and technology. I look forward to Slade’s counsel and knowledge in the coming campaign.”

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