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Illinois 9th Endorsement: David Earl Williams


Drawn by the hand of Michael Madigan, Illinois’s 9th Congressional district starts in Arlington Heights then stretches through des Plaines, bends a path all the way to rogers park, then the lines move north through Evanston, Winnetka, and finally into Northbrook. For almost 20 years,  Jan Schakowsky has represented our district, and as someone who works, eats, and sleeps in the 9th I am disappointed in the job that she has done, and even more so, the job she has not done.

The only thing consistent with Schakowsky has been scandal. From giving thousands to former governor and current felon Rod Blagoveich to allegations of being to too cozy with Iran and Turkey  to  her husband, Bob Creamer, arrest for check kiting, to her husband’s recent resignation because of voter fraud. We have weathered decades of scandal and received nothing in service.  the only things to consistently grow in our district have been violence and taxes.Without question, we need change. But grand inquirer declines to endorse someone solely on the fact that they are NOT Jan Schakowsky. On that principle, the Grand Inquirer has decided to NOT endorse Jan’s republican opponent (Joan Lasorde), and instead endorse Schakowsky Independent opponent, David Earle Williams.

Mr. Williams is an honest straight talker and we feel pride in penciling him on our ballots and sending him to the floor of congress. David Williams is the only candidate to serve our country but is also the only candidate to understanding the severity conflict. Williams is by far the most pro-peace candidate, disagreeing with nearly every one of our current conflicts. Yet as a man who respects the constitution, Mr. Williams “A” rating from “Gun Owners of America” is by far the highest among the candidates. also the most pro-gun rights candidate running in our district. Williams received an “A” rating  from

An admirer of Ron Paul, David William’s platform is heavy with protecting and promoting our civil liberties. Mr. Williams vows to continue Paul’s mission to “audit then end” the Federal reserve.  In a state and district burdened by some of the highest taxes in the nation, Williams’s”fair tax” proposals are refreshing and we would love to see his ideas debated on the floor of congress.

Because of policy, character, and principle, the Grand Inquirer proudly endorses David Willaims fo congress.



Evan McMullin – Brought to you by…


By Clint Bishop

Evan McMullin has surged into the spotlight in Utah this past week, actually surpassing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in one poll and running a statistical tie in a couple of others. This has garnered the former House of Representatives Chief Policy Director significant momentum nationally among self-proclaimed conservatives over the past week, particularly #NeverTrumpers. Having entered the race on August 8th, 2016, one would think that Mr. McMullin were on the ballot in every state, had irreproachable financial backing and grassroots stucture, and were the perfect answer for true conservatives who feel disenfranchised by the Republican nomination of Donald J. Trump. Let’s take a look.

‘Who Bankrolls Evan McMullin?’, ‘ Firestorm of Media Attention out of the Gate’, and ‘Who Were These Utah Pollsters and What Led Up to the Past Week’s Polls?’ 

Who Bankrolls Evan McMullin? Brief History 

The Better For America PAC (BFA) was founded earlier in 2016 in an attempt to offer the moderate, neo-conservative establishment wing of the #NeverTrump movement an alternative to Mr. Trump. BFA was founded by Mitt Romney donor John Kingston III and pollster Joel Searby, along with Democrat strategists Ileana Wachtel and Kahlil Byrd.

Ileana Wachtel and Kahlil Byrd left Better for America in order to form the Stand Up America Super PAC so they would be able to directly raise campaign money for Evan McMullin.

Ileana Wachtel’s resumé couldn’t be more progressive if she had represented Karl Marx himself. Don’t take my word for it, check her LinkedIn. As recently as last year she was in charge of

Image from

press releases for the ‘Sister Giant Conference‘, which featured keynote speaker Bernie Sanders and advertised “Williamson will moderate talks given by former congressman Dennis Kucinich, civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom, progressive talk show host and author Thom Hartmann, food movement leader Elizabeth Kucinich, host and co-founder of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur, and Lynne Lyman, California state director of the Drug Policy Alliance.”, all whom were to be in attendance.

Kahlil Byrd’s background is only slightly less impressive… to a Hillary supporter. He launched his political career as communications director and senior strategist for the successful campaign of Mitt Romney successor, Democrat Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, just before his term membership with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Although McMullin’s policies will not be touched in this article, it’s important to note that he, too, is a CFR term member (2011-present). Former Governor Deval Patrick (D) was on the shortlist for Hillary Clinton’s Vice-Presidential picks before choosing Tim Kaine. David Axelrod participated in Deval Patrick’s campaign bid as well.

Evan McMullin was the last of a long line of Republican names thrown around by Bill Kristol, the neo-conservative editor of The Weekly Standard. Actually, I’m not even sure Kristol mentioned McMullin. Evan, himself, states that he simply “decided” that he would run. I suppose the BFA ballot efforts, which had only yielded access to two states at the time, was just a coincidental bonus by having been formed? After even unknown journalist David French declined to accept the offer, the search went stale. Kristol had even stated at one point in March that he’d rather see Hillary Clinton win than to witness a Donald Trump presidency. BFA strategist Rick Wilson recently admitted that even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name was thrown around in their quest to thwart Donald Trump’s path to the White House. I’m a fan of The Rock but do these sound like strategists who were “in it to win it”?

Firestorm of Media Attention Out of the Gate. Why?

As a former Republican who was appalled and alarmed by the exorbitant amount of free advertising given to Donald Trump during the Republican Primaries, I can’t help but wonder the same regarding Evan McMullin. Don’t others?

In Donald Trump’s case, there was at least the rare phenomenon of a foul-mouthed, crass

Image Source –

businessman conducting himself as childishly as possible, yet leading the polls. Most of us could see right through the favorable media coverage and realize that the liberal mainstream media actually wantedTrump in against Hillary in order to throw the election her way once the party conventions were held.

In Evan McMullin’s case, however, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein had been gaining steam nationally as 3rd Party candidates. The conservative side of the #NeverTrump movement was beginning to narrow down their choices between Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle and America’s Party nominee Tom Hoefling. Evan McMullin was entering the race with less than 200 Twitter followers, no name recognition, ballot access in two states with TWENTY-SIX states already having passed their deadlines upon his entering the race (to put that in perspective, he couldn’t have surpassed Darrell Castle’s ballot access from day 1), most remaining states were closing access just two days later on August 10th, there was no party to promote the growth of as an independent candidate (perhaps part of the reasoning?), and his greatest asset was his most recent job as House of Representatives Chief Policy Director – you know? The House of Representatives that has a whopping approval rating of 14.7%!

Despite all the aforementioned, McMullin received an interview on every mainstream media outlet within one day of entering, and many others within one week: Kelly File on Fox News on 08/08/16Morning Joe on MSNBC on 08/09/16CNN on 08/09/16ABC News on 08/09/16, the Hugh Hewitt Show on 08/09/16, Bloomberg Politics on 08/09/16, and so on.

Can you guess how many interviews Jill Stein received on many of these stations? How about Darrell Castle? There are SEVEN presidential candidateswith ballot access exceeding that of Evan McMullin. Them? This amount of press coverage for someone with zero viability is unprecedented, especially considering the plight of actual third parties any given election cycle.

Perhaps the most telling interview was that of Glenn Beck. Glenn had sent an open invitation to Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle back in June, on air. Following the invitation the Castle campaign and hoards of supporters close to the campaign attempted for weeks to cash in the offer to no avail. The national coordinator for ballot access for the Constitution Party literally called in to the radio show and sat for hours at a time on hold, simply to never have anyone return to the line. Twitter was lit up, Beck’s Facebook feeds, nothing…

Within three days of entering the race, his fellow Mormon Glenn Beck had Evan McMullin on the show, but had not yet had Darrell Castle (nor his LDS running mate) on his show. In fact, Castle was forced onto the Pat & Stu Show when he was finally accepted on The Blaze and was diminished to an 8 minute interview. Evan McMullin received a 33 minute interview, failed the only two tests he was given by the Beck crew, then was invited back on 10/13/16 (while being mistakenly credited with Darrell Castle’s ballot access in the headline) and 10/14/16 for two days of interviews on his show.

The Utah Media Leading Up to the Recent Poll Spikes and the Utah Pollsters

Perhaps the most astonishing find in researching this phenomena was the favoritism bestowed upon Evan McMullin by the Utah media. Ben McClintock of

image from, Ben McClintock article ‘Utah Media Bias with Reporting on Independent Candidates’

must have wondered the same. He released simple research just over one week ago, after the first poll showing McMullin closing the gap on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Of the two major news outlets in Utah, KSL TV and The Salt Lake Tribune, Evan McMullin had received over 4800 mentions, only surpassed by Gary Johnson among 3rd Party Candidates jointly, but still with over FIVE TIMES the mentions of Gary Johnson or Jill Stein on KSL. The Darrell Castle campaign only pooled 13 mentions out of both sources combined. Why such a discrepancy? After all, Darrell Castle’s running mate, Dr. Scott N. Bradley, is a Utah native as well and has actually ran for a U.S. Senate seat twice.

So what’s the big deal as long as the polls listed everyone over a certain percentage of national ballot access? It would be fair game, right? There in lies another problem. All five polls in the recent RealClear Politics polling only listed five candidates; Clinton, Trump, Johnson, Stein, and McMullin. The polls are listed here: EmersonHeat StreetCBS NewsMonmouth, and Y2 Analytics. Ever heard of any of them except CBS or Monmouth? Nah? Me neither. Those two have Trump leading while the others show McMullin in a statistical tie or in the lead. It only takes one to start the unearned momentum, that was Y2 Analytics.

Should you worry about who is bringing us Evan McMullin?

My advice is a resounding “Yes!”. Why wouldn’t we worry about Evan McMullin when the circumstances surrounding his bid for the presidency are far more suspicious and just as advantageous for the left as Donald Trump’s run? Why, as conservatives, would we give him a pass? Because he’s a more eloquent speaker? Are we really so gullible and unprincipled. I said early in the article that I would not touch upon Evan McMullin’s policies and I won’t. I will leave a couple of links for that, however. The information in the first link was meticulously researched and the sources for all information within it are linked throughout the article. The second link is a comparison chart between the main four center-to-right candidates in the race. The information regarding Evan McMullin in the chart was extracted from the article in the first link.

If this were ever truly about principles, constitutionalism, and conservatism; then at least do your due diligence. Read them. God Bless.

Article 1

Article 2

Was Paul Stanton Eligible to run as a Libertarian in Florida Senate Race?



Dear members of the FEC

I am a resident of the state of Florida where the Libertarian Party has brought forward a candidate for the Florida Senate election on November 8, 2016.

As with all candidates for general election, I conducted research and found disturbing facts that have not been answered by the candidate, neither by the Libertarian Party of Florida regarding the validity of the candidate in the following areas: Contribution and eligibility violations

US Federal Law

Contribution violation: (*1)

Code of Federal Regulations Title 11, § 110.4

52 U.S.C. 30122, 30123, 30102(c)(2)

Federal Election Campaign Laws 86 § 30122.

Contributions received by the candidate’s 3 half-sisters in the maximum allowable amount of $2700, while stated that 2 of the half-sisters are unemployed. (*2) Increased suspicion of unlawful contributions occurred when the FEC disbursement report (*3) shows the high Credit Card Transfer fees related to these contributions. The candidate has stated the financial restrains of his campaign, a personal check would prevent paying over $300 in fees.

Candidate has refused to answer questions relating donations made to his campaign


*1: Code of federal regulations:

Title 11 Federal Elections Revised as of January 1, 2016

  • 110.4 Contributions in the name of another; cash contributions (52 U.S.C.

30122, 30123, 30102(c)(2)). (a) [Reserved] (b) Contributions in the name of another. (1) No person shall— (i) Make a contribution in the name of another; (ii) Knowingly permit his or her name to be used to effect that contribution; (iii) Knowingly help or assist any person in making a contribution in the name of another; or (iv) Knowingly accept a contribution made by one person in the name of another. (2) Examples of contributions in the name of another include— (i) Giving money or anything of value, all or part of which was provided to the contributor by another person (the true contributor) without disclosing the source of money or the thing of value to the recipient candidate

or committee at the time the contribution is made, see 11 CFR 110.6;

Federal Election Campaign Laws 86 § 30122.

Contributions in name of another prohibited No person shall make a contribution in the name of another person or knowingly permit his name to be used to effect such a contribution and no person shall knowingly accept a contribution made by one person in the name of another person.


title Two Year Summary  


2016 Itemized Individual Contributions and


timestamp Mon Sep 19 13:52:24 GMT 2016  
copyright Copyright 2012, Federal Election Commission.  






*2: Individual contributions report












Receip t Date




Image Number







F L  



$2,700.00 bin/fecimg/?201607210200286919



$2,700.00 bin/fecimg/?201607210200286919



$2,700.00 bin/fecimg/?201607210200286919



*3: Disbursement report




Payee Name












Image Number






$10,440.00 bin/fecimg/?201607210200286923












$132.00 bin/fecimg/?201607210200286924















$279.00 bin/fecimg/?201607210200286923


Florida Statutes:

Candidate Eligibility Violation

99.021.2   Form of candidate oath (*4)


The candidate has refused to answer questions regarding his residency or voter registration status prior to November 30, 2015 when he first registered to vote in Florida (*6)

According to Florida statute the 365-day period started June 24, 2015, based on filing dead line of June 24, 2016 for Federal Senate candidates. (*5)

Please see the highlighted item: “The filing officer may not determine whether the contents of the qualifying papers are accurate”

Therefore, the Florida Division of election can not be held accountable for vetting candidates




*4: 99.021   Form of candidate oath.—

(1)(a)1. Each candidate, whether a party candidate, a candidate with no party affiliation, or a write-in candidate, in order to qualify for nomination or election to any office other than a judicial office as defined in chapter 105 or a federal office, shall take and subscribe to an oath or affirmation in writing. A copy of the oath or affirmation shall be made available to the candidate by the officer before whom such candidate seeks to qualify and shall be substantially in the following form:

  1. 2. That the person has not been a registered member of any other political party for 365 days before the beginning of qualifying preceding the general election for which the person seeks to qualify.




99.061 Method of qualifying for nomination or election to federal, state, county, or district office.—

(c) The filing officer performs a ministerial function in reviewing qualifying

papers. In determining whether a candidate is qualified, the filing officer shall review the qualifying papers to determine whether all items required by paragraph (a) have been properly filed and whether each item is complete on its face, including whether items that must be verified have been properly verified pursuant to s. 92.525(1)(a). The filing officer may not determine whether the contents of the qualifying papers are accurate.


*5: Florida filing deadlines:


*6: Florida Voter registration of candidate



Please ensure that this candidate is eligible to be on the ballot for the state of Florida




Awaiting your timely response, Respectfully,


Gary Johnson blows another interview


Christina Tobin defends kidnapper, attacks free press.


In early December, Independent blogger Jeff for Justice was excited to receive a facebook message from third party icon Christina Tobin. But by February, Jeff seemed exhausted by Tobin’s desperate pleas to alter one of Jeff’s video, “Judd Weiss not ready to speak out on rape allegations”.

Below  is the unedited transcript of their conversation.

Please note, that despite Ms. Tobin’s word, Judd Weiss was not “found innocent” (Judd Weiss plead no contest to two  counts including “false imprisonment”).  And also note Tobin’s persistence, enthusiasm, and subtextual implications of quid quo pro “It would be the greatest New Year’s gift…..I also run a separate 501(c)4 petitioning company named Free and Equal Inc. “.  

December 3, 2015 12/3, 12:06pm


Hey you. How have you been? Gotta quick question for ya.


Hi there. I’m feeling better. What is your question


That’s great to hear. Judd Weiss is a great friend of mine has helped Free and Equal tremendously volunteering to photograph our Fest this year also hosted a lot of our talent after United We Stand Fesf was hoping you could change title of interview you posted online? I noticed it comes up when searching. Would mean a lot to me. Focus on the good as he was ruled innocent.


Thank you for sharing your concerns. Judd asked me about this previously and I declined as a matter of principal. I’d like to reach.

Please know I have no intention to hurt Judd. Prior to meeting him, when I did my research on him the LA Weekly stories of alleged sexual abuse come up. Even if I take down my interview that’s still what comes up when searching his name – unless he can somehow convince LA Weekly to take down their stories.

All I did in the interview with Judd was ask him about the LA Weekly reports giving him an opportunity to address it. Since the LA Weekly story comes up first in a search of him it would feel irresponsible of me not to ask about it.

If Judd becomes more of a public figure that story by LA Weekly will still be there and some other interviewer is bound to ask about it.

The delimma for me becomes this : if I interview someone who agrees to am interview and they ask me to cut something out where do I draw the line? Especially among my indie media and activism peers who likely feel strongly that other public figures should be scrutinized, questioned, and treated like any other interview.

Judd is not the first person. At least 6 other people have asked me to modify interviews.

Now what if I was Luke of We Are Change, InfoWars, the Young Turks? Would they accommodate these requests? Would they agree to only softball questions?

If Judd had a PR consultant who knew the question could come up what would they advise? I would think they’d advise Judd to reiterate his innocence in as concise an answer as possible.

Your thoughts?


I had no idea Judd asked just thought the focus of the title of the video was unfair on phone now will read your entire message shortly




Thank you for your perspective. I’ll contemplate. If you watch the video you can clearly see I’m very empathic and not at all accusing of him. Even among our own we should have the freedom of asking tough but fair questions not to hurt but to keep each other accountable using the same standards we’d apply to anyone.


Anytime. Thank you for your great work. I agree you’re empathic during interview… as mentioned before I feel the title of interview needlessly hurts someone that’s one of us. Thanks for your consideration…

December 26, 2015 12/26, 8:15am


My heart says to bring it up again it would mean the world to me if you would at least consider updating the title of interview with Judd Weiss. Just wanted to let you know that I do feel it’s the right thing to do as I know Judd very well. 💖

I have never asked for such a things it’s has been on my conscious for almost a year

it has been*


I have not forgotten. It’s on my to-do list. After getting the new laptop I have been swamped with catching up on e-chores.


It would be the greatest New Year’s gift please know I’m always here for you as well

I thought so

I also run a separate 501(c)4 petitioning company named Free and Equal Inc. Which is a different hat from the Foundation btw


Have a beautiful new year!


February 1, 2016



Greetings Jeff!


February 2, 2016





Hoping everything is magical with you! What are you up to these days Jeff?


Hi Christina. As I considered your request and worried about whether you would want to no longer associate with me, I have decided I would rather stand alone with my freedom than in the company of people who would try to control me.

Respectfully, while I am sure you welcome input from your followers as I do if someone were to try to start telling you what questions you should and should not ask and what you should title your posts, how would you feel about that?

As I have explained before all I did was ask a fair question. If you type in Judd’s name, the L.A. Weekly articles (and others) come up regardless of whether or not my video is up. When someone is accused of a crime or any kind of wrong-doing, as an interviewer it’s my job to ask about is. Likewise, I also asked Gary Franchi about headlines like “Ron Paul super PAC spent most of its money on non-campaign activities.”

Do I assume Judd or Gary did anything wrong? No, not at all. But it would be absurd to know about these allegations and not ask about them. When I asked, I was non-accusatory. I was even empathetic. Gary engaged with my questions, Judd did not – as is his right. He declined to talk about it and that is right. He can also write or speak about it again anytime he chooses. Likewise, if I ever interviewed you again I might ask some tough yet relevant questions. Likewise, I am prepared that if I am ever the interviewee myself I cannot help what the interviewer ask so I need to be mentally prepared for that.

You organized an event full of journalists. I can’t imagine any of them interviewing anyone (especially since most of them refer to themselves with labels like “anti-establishment”) and then agreeing to allow the interviewee who willing agreed to the interview to then dictate the outcome of the video.

I am sorry but I do not feel it is ethical to allow videos to be dictated by other people. I know in my heart I did nothing to willingly hurt Judd. I accept I cannot help it if you disagree.

I welcome you’re friendship. I welcome Judd’s friendship. But if you cannot accept my choice and prefer to not associate with me any further, I accept I cannot stop that.


Dear Jeff ~ I respect your heart but not your logic in this case. How can it ever be right to script a prejudicial headline at the expense of any person? A fundamental tenant of our freedom is that all are innocent until judged guilty before a case is tried. I recognize your skill but think you erred in this. ~ Kindest Regards, Christina


I accept that’s how you feel about it. “Judd Weiss Not Ready To Speak On Sex Assault Allegations” is factual. I told you, if a public figure is accused of something, I think it’s my job as an interviewer to ask about regardless of any feelings I may have about the situation. Opting for a headline for a video in which a sexual assault question is asked would be glossing over it and absurd.

Also, according to LA Weekly, Weiss did not go to trial but took a plea deal. Yes, I know plea bargain does not mean guilt and yes I understand that avoiding expensive trials seems to be a factor in why he opted to plea. Yes I know the legal system is screwed up in many ways. Yes I know sometimes women make false allegations.

All I know is I asked a reasonable question and then Judd and two friends have contacted me about the video.

Something similar happened with Bill O’Reilly. You can bet I would ask him about that if I ever interviewed him. Would anybody in the indie media / liberty / anti-establishment crowd think the title “_____ Not Ready To Speak On Sex Assault Allegations” if it was any high profile public figure? I doubt it.

I understand that you care about Judd and it’s human nature to protect our loved ones. I’ve actually done something similar to try to protect a loved one.

I stand by my ethics on this choice.


February 3, 2016


I stand by my ethics as well. I hope someday you do what is right and resolve. Peace.


Actually, what’s your number Jeff? I think it’s more appropriate to speak about this rather than message. This is very important to me. I do feel with good communication it can be resolved.

This weekend is best.


Please let me know either way as I will need to schedule call as I have many things on my plate. Will likely coordinate an independent POTUS ballot drive which means coordinating over 1.5 million sigs while also running The Free and Equal Elections Foundation… biggest year yet….



It would mean a lot to me. Night.



Thanks. I think we have to agree to let it go.



I would like to speak with you if possible. Please let me know either way.

Conversation is the only way to work things out. I’m extending an olive branch more than halfway here.

Either this flows or it doesn’t…. my time is very limited these days… however I always choose to make time for things that matter….


Prior to you contacting me about this I was working on a video about the fact that I have been contacted more than 5 times by people I have interviewed who tried to get me to take down the video or edit it or change the title. 2 were journalists, one was a writer for The Fashion Police (a show he writes insult “jokes” for – hypocrite), and the other was Weiss. It is very offensive to me. My videos are fair and factual. For people with more money and power than me to try to bully me into creating my product to their whims is unacceptable to me. The more and more I contemplation this, the more and more I realize I am being bullied by powerful people. As one who works against the establishment, I can’t imagine you getting a call from a leading 2 party system character telling you what to do with Free & Equal. Again, I would rather stand alone in my freedom than let people with more power than me try to control me to be accepted – especially when I know I did nothing wrong.


BTW, screen shot showing example of how I promote Free & Equal often. Other indie media figures too. I don’t even personally have a relationship with most of them but I promote the cause regardless of whether I am friends with people or not. I’ve never known any political groups not to have some type of infighting. [screen shot]


February 4, 2016



May we speak on the phone or not? I can ring you on Skype if that’s easier.


Would be nice to know either way. With good communication I do feel anything within reason can be resolved.


February 9, 2016


I will accept the fact that you aren’t willing to communicate with me at this time. Please know the door is always open on my end to discuss, resolve one way or another and move forward. Always ~ Christina


I want you to know that the intestinal lack of communication on your end has resulted in creating a needless barrier here. It’s always healthy to discuss such things in person or at the very least on the telephone. There’s nothing else I can do on my end to resolve this outstanding situation. The ball is in your court. This situation concerns me tremendously. I think a phone conversation will help me better understand where you’re coming from/vice versa. I have no more reason to communicate with you until we hopefully speak on the phone or see each other in person someday. Always ~ Christina


Intentional lack*


I replied and declined already.


Very unprofessional


I disagree. Now I feel this is bordering on harassment. Guy gets accused of sexual assault, I ask him about it… he and 2 of his friends try to bully me into editing the video as they prefer. I have heard you all, I explained my defense of my choices, and still my “no” is not accepted. So much for “no means no” huh.


I can’t be associated with people who choose not communicate in a professional manner. Regardless, I will still leave the door open should you change your mind and decide to at least be open to discussing the matter. Take care.


I can’t help what you choose to do. I won’t be bullied by you three.


This is not bullying. That is a false accusation which is also a concern. It doesn’t matter to me if this was Judd Weiss or a stranger on the street. At this point it’s only healthy to have a conversation to understand where each person is coming from with intentions of resolving one way or another. You’re refusing to do this which creates a needless barrier.


Please don’t bother messaging me again and respect my wish.


My line is always open.




The story will be updated when Tobin can be reached for comment.

Paul Stanton, government mole?


Libertarian Senate Candidate Paul Stanton has only been a resident of Florida for 9 months, as near as I can tell. No one in the Libertarian party, that I’ve been able to find, has ever heard of him before he came to Florida. According to Mr. Stanton himself, “he was born in Oklahoma and spent parts of his childhood in Arizona, Illinois and then finally in Fort Wayne, Indiana—where he graduated high school”

Frankly, I find it suspicious when someone moves to a state then almost immediately decides they want to represent that state on a national level. Think, Hillary moving to NYC and running for Senate almost immediately after. I also find it suspicious when military officers leave the service to immediately join activist organizations.   Think Timothy McVeigh, who like Paul Stanton obtained the rank of Sergeant before “leaving the military” to join a variety of nationalist groups.

Additionally, Stanton doesn’t seem to have any connections to any other political party prior to November of 2015.

Paul’s been “cloak and dagger” about his fairytale- background and  refuses to even debate his opponent. I’m willing to admit that there could be a reasonable and clear explanation for this, and I would like to hear it.

However, in my humble opinion, we should seriously consider that Paul Stanton is a part of the government’s effort to infiltrate and keep tabs on third parties. I could be wrong, but  It is public knowledge that the government considers Libertarianism a gateway to domestic terrorism.

To Paul, I have three questions:

1. Why are you running for senate in Florida, as opposed to Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, or Illinois?

2. Why are you running for senate as opposed to congress or a local seat? Florida senate is one of the only contested libertarian primaries in the nation.

3. Are you— or the government— attempting to subvert  Augustus Invictus, your nationally known primary opponent who  openly calls for a revolution against our government?

If you have any information or other alleged informants, please reach out. Stay tuned for a follow-up.