Meet the Candidate : Max Dickstein


4 responses to “Meet the Candidate : Max Dickstein

  1. Everything is transpiring as I have foreseen


  2. Krzysztof Lesiak
    September 23, 2017 at 09:42
    I fully endorse paleolibertarian freedom fighter MAX DICKSTEIN for LNC chair. Go Max Go!

    Max Dickstein: The Future of the Liberty Movement

    Max Dickstein’s list of top ten bastards and top ten bastard slayers:

    1 : George W. Bush
    2 : Hilary Clinton
    3 : Dick Cheney
    4 : Recip Erdogan
    5 : Pope Benedict
    6 : Lindsay Graham
    7 : William Weld
    8 : Barack Obama
    9 : Tony Blair
    10 : John Mcafee

    1: Ron Paul
    2 : Julian Assange
    3: Ross Ulbricht
    4 : Nigel Farage
    5 : Milo Yiannopolis
    6 : Alex Jones
    7 : Glenn Greenwald
    8 : Darrell Castle
    9 : Peter Schiff
    10 : Bernie Sanders


  3. Krzysztof Lesiak
    September 23, 2017 at 09:52
    Wilt Chamberlain was way taller, and probably had more women than Trump too. Probably not as rich but then he wasn’t born into money, unlike the Donald. What does any of this juvenile shit have to do with Trump being a racist, fascist, authoritarian con artist? Is being tall and rich some kind of excuse for that?

    Oh yeah? So 8.5 million of Jehovah Witnesses are also racist, fascist, authoritarian con artists? The girls are ALL virgins until marriage, fornication is strictly forbidden (if you do it and aren’t regretful for your deed you will get disfellowshipped from your congregation), no one uses drugs, no one watches satanic Illuminati evil pornography, no one smokes ciggarrettes, and alchohol is only allowed in moderation.

    Yeah, I guess we have to be like Putin (who listened to the Orthodox church and banned Russia’s 175,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses) and ban the 1,231,609 active Jehovah’s Witness publishers in the United States. Yeah, these people are fascists, racist, homophones, xenophobes, they are antisemitic and LITERALLY Hitler. JEHOVAH”S FALSE WITNESSES: Worse than ISIS!!!!

    Max Dickstein wrote the following 7 hours ago in a email: “Jehovah’s Witnesses girls: The world’s most sexy, pure, innocent, traditionalist, intelligent and loyal women – Join and become part of the world’s LARGEST dating organization. Membership is FREE.”


  4. Not ONE Neocon Israel Firster on Max’s list?? When will these neocon turds stop trying to take over the party?


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