Illinois 9th Endorsement: David Earl Williams


Drawn by the hand of Michael Madigan, Illinois’s 9th Congressional district starts in Arlington Heights then stretches through des Plaines, bends a path all the way to rogers park, then the lines move north through Evanston, Winnetka, and finally into Northbrook. For almost 20 years,  Jan Schakowsky has represented our district, and as someone who works, eats, and sleeps in the 9th I am disappointed in the job that she has done, and even more so, the job she has not done.

The only thing consistent with Schakowsky has been scandal. From giving thousands to former governor and current felon Rod Blagoveich to allegations of being to too cozy with Iran and Turkey  to  her husband, Bob Creamer, arrest for check kiting, to her husband’s recent resignation because of voter fraud. We have weathered decades of scandal and received nothing in service.  the only things to consistently grow in our district have been violence and taxes.Without question, we need change. But grand inquirer declines to endorse someone solely on the fact that they are NOT Jan Schakowsky. On that principle, the Grand Inquirer has decided to NOT endorse Jan’s republican opponent (Joan Lasorde), and instead endorse Schakowsky Independent opponent, David Earle Williams.

Mr. Williams is an honest straight talker and we feel pride in penciling him on our ballots and sending him to the floor of congress. David Williams is the only candidate to serve our country but is also the only candidate to understanding the severity conflict. Williams is by far the most pro-peace candidate, disagreeing with nearly every one of our current conflicts. Yet as a man who respects the constitution, Mr. Williams “A” rating from “Gun Owners of America” is by far the highest among the candidates. also the most pro-gun rights candidate running in our district. Williams received an “A” rating  from

An admirer of Ron Paul, David William’s platform is heavy with protecting and promoting our civil liberties. Mr. Williams vows to continue Paul’s mission to “audit then end” the Federal reserve.  In a state and district burdened by some of the highest taxes in the nation, Williams’s”fair tax” proposals are refreshing and we would love to see his ideas debated on the floor of congress.

Because of policy, character, and principle, the Grand Inquirer proudly endorses David Willaims fo congress.



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  1. This was written not by me, but by an Ilinini writer for the site


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