A Prelude for My Letter to Augustus

Below is a 100% unedited conversation I had precisely one hour ago with the “nominal” campaign manager of the Augustus Invictus campaign, Raquel Okaye (her last name is odd).

She is one of two people I blame for the extremely underperforming results of the Florida Libertarian Primary, and for what I can objectively call the disaster that is the INVICTUSWARROOM.


(yes, that is literally the entire site and they ask for 10 dollars to see if there’s any more. The Article to the Right you see is mine, and I believe one of my friends in WAC NYC shot that video)

I am posting this now to establish that this person exists, that within the campaign, I existed, and because she and her “collaborator” Rynne (god knows what) will be the primary topics of the upcoming letter to Augustus

Raquel is BOLD I am ITALICS


Max is sending multiple group multi media texts. That don’t download. I have no idea what he’s up to.

This is him

So what is it?

Remind me to whom I’m speaking again? I just have this as an unlisted contact

Max. It’s Raquel.


What’s up. I’m writing an open letter to Augustus

Is that what’s attached?

On my new blog No

Is it published yet?

That is something called pidgin ptr, Encryption, No, tomorrow

What’s in it?

It’s not written yet. I don’t intend it to be nasty. But certainly honest and objective

Cool. I don’t think he deserves that.

I disagree. But I pity him. I have no hate for him

If you’re going to make opinions about me I respectfully ask you to refrain because a. You have no personal knowledge of me, what I do, or what I’m capable of doing and b. It won’t lend you any friends and maybe some enemies.

I’ve not thought that far aheadI probably will say what I’ve already PUBLICALLY and privately said

Re you

Your beef is not with me. I barely know you. You were not as privy to the inner workings as you think. I’m sorry. That’s not my fault.

To the contrary, there was a lot going on you were left out of


I didn’t realize the old campaign team would be so heavily involved

That’s fine. I didn’t want to be. But you were not on the inner circle like Rynne and I.

War room?

See above statement

There is no inner circle

I’m talking about the campaign

Rather multiple ones that are tricked into thinking so

So am I

That’s the only involvement I’ve had. Except a press release i wrote so what?

As I’ve told you before

Okay. So you were in another inner circle but your circle was so much better you start trashing the two people Augustus trusts the most. Not cool.

You and Ryne were a big part of why Max Max kris left and a lot of sympathetic folk in st Pete wouldn’t get involved

And I told him

Trust is cool, but competency is more than lacking

If that’s your opinion, your entitled but ask Augustus how much Rynne and I have done. That’s the only person you need to ask.

And I’m not the only one who thinks this

I’ll quantify the last / weeks in. Terms of what you’ve done

I don’t care what you and your friends think. No personal knowledge. You have no idea who I am and what I’m capable of. Its as simple as that. You’re going to look like an idiot.

1: produced an amateur zero content wp site that a child could do

Oh please. Keep dreaming. Little boy.

No no, u asked

Conversion ended…. Now i know why I blocked you hahaha. Good bye. Dickstein. Grow up.


As they say on Seinfeld, “no soup for you!”

Thx 4 the content 4 my article

Y a w n.

As long as you and Rynne are put in your place, and I have immediately secondary control after Augie, I can forgive him and return

Pass that to him if it pleases you

“your place” means what to you?

I thought you said good bye

Was curious what exactly that means to you.

To determine what your capabilities are and how to properly leverage them. SomewhZat tough because your first impression did   Not impress us

Most Importantly me

Y a w n.


Loose lips sink ships. You are already a liability. Too bad. My first impression was you had potential. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Good night.

Write about it in your blog

And if you don’t know how to make one a diary

Hahaha. I was making websites when you were in grade school. So silly you are. Good bye. Max.

Good night and go to sleep

Go fuck yourself you little turd.

Your name is dirt. Nobody likes you. Even Augustus wants you to go away.

If I wanted to be liked

I would not be ad pathetic as you

My name is legendary

Your just not half as smart or educated as you think you are

And you cunt is reignited you old nut job

Resigned lol

Hahaha that’s why your persona non grata and I’m not. So your complaints about me makes you look like a jealous and disgruntled ex volunteer. You do realize I am going nowhere and you have been tossed from the War Room, right? Um. From my perspective I have the upper hand here and you have slammed no one except yourself.

War room is going nowhere

You don’t get it

I leave when I know something will fail

I have better things going on

Take it up with Augustus. Oooops. Your persona non grata. Do you know what that means? You’re done. Finished. Kaput. That’s Augustus decision. You blaming everyone else for your own inadequacies makes you look like a jealous child.

AUgustus is A poor guy with z9 kids

You leave when you got booted. Are you in a dream or something? Wake up dude.

I’m great nephew of a congressman

Why exactly is he important again?

Whoopdie fuckin doo.


He isn’t . I have a working blog and infrastructure. You have jackshih

Cause your a liar who can’t build jackshit

You have no voice, no significance, and no skills

Augustus has some……..just some.. And it’s fading fast

You whine and bitch to your “tribe” all you want

As Augie said, I run the media machine. I’m good at it: and known for honesty

I really don’t want to damage him too much tomorrow. You make that very difficult

So now will you say “I’m sorry, I’m a bitch, please show mercy, goodnight” or need we go on?

Dear readers, I hope this demonstrated the character, capabilities, and the identities of myself and the colleague I did not enjoy working with, but please use this as s chance to realize you will never here a lie from me. Now I am going to block this objectively rude individual and hope you enjoy our mission at GI (I WROTE THIS IN THE TEXT IN REALITY)


7 responses to “A Prelude for My Letter to Augustus

  1. hahahahaha MORE!! MORE!!


  2. LMAO, we have a lot friend.

    Their behavior will determine how much comes out or not. Stay tuned!


  3. ROFLMAO that anyone would criticize ANY other website from a fugly pos like this.


  4. not just ten dollars, ten dollars a month LOLLLL


  5. Raquel is begging for people to troll us now, but none of tjm have the balls






  7. exxxxtremely entertained


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