The Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp

Thomas L. Knapp is a politician–not a very good one–but corrupt nonetheless.  He has failed at every political campaign he has ever taken part in. The most recent being his week-long run for vice president a couple months ago, for the Reform Party. Before this he claimed to be against electoral politics but that didn’t stop him from running–like the hypocrite he is–and making endorsements of epic-fail proportion.

He backs failed celebrity candidates like the Cyber Party/Libertarian Party’s John McAfee (a man with a shit fetish according to a Showtime documentary), and the ideologically opposite Rosanne Barr of the Communist Peace Freedom Party. So that makes four different parties Knapp’s associated with in recent years. All of them in four different parts of the ideological spectrum.  Why do this? What is his deal? His fifth party association may shed some light.

Prior to a ridiculous 2012 Libertarian Party presidential campaign he wants everyone to forget, he ran for vice president with the stupidly-named Boston Tea Party, his personal hobby horse. The run was so awful that the party doesn’t even exist anymore. The point is that Knapp has an unhealthy “party fetish” that, like McAfee’s shit fetish, corrupts his mind and soul.

While accomplishing nothing, his ego becomes inflated as he builds up a resume of parties and campaigns (especially the coveted celebrity campaigns).  His ego is so big he feels like he is better than everyone else.  For example, he claims on his website Kn@ppster that anyone can ask any question and he will answer, as if he is some kind of expert. However, when I asked a question he deleted it and banned me, he did not even answer my question. When longtime political strategist Robert Milnes asked a question, he was banned as well. That confirms that Knapp is a corrupt liar. Not everyone can ask a question and not every question will be answered. Knapp won’t answer questions from those he considers undesirable, and who he believes he is above. He dislikes me because I am a realist and call him out on his delusions. He wants to destroy me personally and has called for a Kickstarter proposal to fund an investigation of me. He deletes comments my surrogates make at IPR, claims I am making the comments (when I am not), and sometimes even edits the comments to make it look like I am calling myself a “worthless faggot.” No Knapp. I am not worthless. In fact,  my opinions matter and actually make sense unlike your mental masturbation exercises and delusions of grandeur.  And no sir, I am not a faggot. I am heterosexual.

When one engages in fetishes, it corrupts the soul.  Don Grundmann explained this to me in the interview I did with him on this site when it was ATPR.  Fetishes entail a breakdown of one’s moral fiber. For example,  McAfee’s shit fetish is a rejection of decency.  It may explain why he can, if Showtime is to be believed, kill with such disregard.  In the same way, Knapp’s party fetish and delusional lust for power and influence that inflates his ego shows the kind of soul pathology that causes him to endorse homosexual marriage and promote illogical homosexual intercourse. If Grundmann is correct, the corruption of Knapp’s soul may lead him to accept and even openly endorse further perversion such as bestiality and pedophilia.

It is not known whether the corruption of Thomas L. Knapp can be overcome. A good first step would be to pick one party and stick with it, stop running for office, allow Nathan Norman and Robert Milnes to ask questions on your site, stop editing comments on IPR and stop glorifying homosexuality.  If he can do even one of these, there may be hope at last.


10 responses to “The Corruption of Thomas L. Knapp

  1. Knapp is a Johnson cocksucker who needs to be Physically Removed from the LP


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  3. I don’t agree with the above comment.


  4. The guy endorsed bill weld, Gary Johnson, and Paul Stanton….nuff said


  5. THe force is very weak with that one


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