Yes, we are Jill Stein fans


Green party presidential nominee Jill Stein

Just to alert all of our old readers before the takeover–yes, we are 100% in favor of Jill Stein.

We respect her journalistic work with Democracy Now, we respect her elevation of the Green Party into relevance again, and we respect that unlike the Libertarians—SHE DIDN’T SELL OUT.

While we have endorsed Darrell Castle, Jewdi master Stein has a warm place in our heart. May the force be with her


4 responses to “Yes, we are Jill Stein fans

  1. The Green Party has thrilled supporters in all geographic areas of the world.
    We are millions, we are a giant who brings solutions


  2. Frank and Jo bujan

    We think Jill stein should partner with gary Johnson so that he can get her supporters to vote for him and johnson could appoint Jill stein to a key cabinet position. Stein and Johnson together are much better together to take votes from trump and Clinton.


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