Our Johnson Ultimatum : We are #NeverJohnson

And now I will explain to you why with MINIMAL effort, because I am frankly tired of explaining this to people.

This is how Johnson looks to the general electorate (props to this montage by Bill Maher)

“He is just another one in my basket of total fucking idiots.” ~Bill Maher~

This is how Johnson looks to 50% of Libertarians.


It does’t matter ; behold my formula, and I have never got a POTUS election wrong in my life (except Gore, but he DID win lol).

1GaryJohnsonPollVote=2GiantMeteorPollVotes=.9 FUCK THESE CANDIDATES, I’M NOT VOTING…..poll votes.

He is likely to perform similarly to Ralph Nader (not Ross Perot). Meaning only .95 percent of the people who voted Johnson in those polls will actually wait in line on election day to vote for him. Although Ralph Nader may not have achieved 5%, at least he had principles like Jill Stein. Gary Johnson will be an sell out Ralph Nader and bring shame to House Libertarian for years to come.

And we SINCERELY hope Jill Stein outperforms him, and that you look at a Libertarian Alternative like Darrell Castle. He is FAR under-appreciated.



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