3rd Party Center to Right Guide


3rd Party Center to Right Presidential Guide-From a Constitutional Conservative Viewpoint

The intent of this guide is to assist Constitutional conservatives with their choice for President. Ample research was conducted and an effort was made to use the candidates’ actual interviews, platforms, videos, etc. Any omission of facts was not intentional. Some views had to be surmised due to not finding previously expressed stances or utilizing context historically provided. A pet peeve of mine is when politicians dodge questions or deliberately avoid certain topics in an attempt to avoid giving an inflammatory response.

There are 30 categories that the candidates were graded on order to derive the total points Candidate Viability / Number of State Ballots – 1-20 points

Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 50 States. 20 pts

Jill Stein is on the ballot in 44 States: 11 points
Darrell Castle is on the ballot in 24 States. 10 pts
Evan McMullin is on the ballot in 10 States. 4 pts 
Chris Keniston is on the ballot in 3 States. 1 pt
Tom Hoefling is on the ballot in 2 States. 1 pt


8 responses to “3rd Party Center to Right Guide

  1. Frank and Jo bujan



  2. Frank and Jo bujan

    Johnson on ballot in 50 states and stein in 44 states should be allowed in the debates . There should be more debates between now and November 8 —— voting day. We need changes right now with 330 million people the usa has less options to choose this president because the democrats and republicans want all the power. Power corrupts and unbridled power corrupts completely. Look at dictatorships like Putin in Russia or the Chinese.


  3. Frank and Jo bujan

    Good job we agree


  4. acpclintbishop

    This is an article I began writing but never completed. The site changed hands and I’m no longer an editor or contributor and can’t complete it. Apologies…
    Clint Bishop


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