Darryl Perry’s “Dick Move”

Failed Libertarian Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry has decided to run for President—again : this time as a Write-in candidate.  IPR’s resident genius Thomas L. Knapp said Perry’s candidacy might be considered “a dick move.”  Truer words could not be spoken about Darryl’s behavior since it is known that he has, on occasion, whipped out his genitalia for the entire world to see.

Darryl posted an image penis on Fetlife.com, a website for sexual deviants interested in sexual paraphillia such as pegging and asphyxiation. This was confirmed during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) focused on Darryl last May.  The user “peaceerror” linked to a FetLife account and asked “Is it true that you put your penis on Fetlife?”  Darryl confirmed that the linked profile was his.

The information was censored at IPR among other places ahead of the National Convention, but it spread among those in-the-know, becoming a scandal known vernacularly as “Penisgate.” Darryl lost for the nomination at the National Convention after a debate where he clumsily (and some may say inappropriately) talked about Buck Angel, a pornographic actress who identifies as male.

Darryl was given the opportunity to comment on this story but he refused to comment.

To see Darry’s “pillar of principle,” all you need do is create a free fetlife account (preferably with a burner email). Once you have signed up, you can view Darryl’s profile here and see the dick pic here.

Enjoy, or rather…try to.

~Citizen Norman~




8 responses to “Darryl Perry’s “Dick Move”

  1. LordDickstein

    The man is a creep. No doubt about it


  2. This is the kind of harassment I get from IPR trolls (Andy Jacobs in this example) on a daily basis:

    “Wow, Nathan, don’t you ever get tired of dressing up like a cop every time we fuck? And don’t you ever get tired of being such a self hating closet homo? News flash: that closet door is a two way mirror … everyone can see you, stupid.

    It’s like that tall tale you keep telling about how you were only looking at my dick at the urinal. Yeah, right. As if we don’t both know that dick, swastika and all, went in your mouth and ass that day. What was it…six times, or seven…that first day. And speaking of which why do you keep telling people that I am a nazi? Yeah, I have a swastika on my penis, but I was drunk as hell and eighteen and the tattoo “artist” was drunk and my stupid navy buddy convinced me it was an Indian good luck symbol that would finally get me devirginized with women (I was devirginized with men at too young an age to remember, I know it was definitely before I was three years old because I can remember that and I sure as hell was no virgin by then). As we both know I have told you all this. So why do you keep spreading these vicious lies? Is it just because you love how I punish you when we have sex so much?

    Speaking of things you and I both know, we both know that you are the one who keeps making those glory holes. You like to think that Festus thinks it’s me sucking his dick when it’s really you. News flash: he knows it’s you. And he knows you make the glory holes and that its you that shit in the urinals. And, yes, he knows my last name and so do you.

    Now cut this shit out once and for all or I will stop letting you borrow my police uniform when we hatefuck.

    Your good friend with benefits,

    Officer Andy”


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