GI has concluded that, after his poor recent debate performance, Donald Trump will lose. We predict an overwhelming Clinton victory in the electoral college and popular vote. A certain betting site had Trump as a 1.8:1 underdog one week ago. That same site has now made him a 2.2:1 underdog the night after the debate.

The establishment will stop at nothing to keep Hilary from obtaining office, and Donald Trump has neither the intellectual or financial capabilities to overpower them.

On a side note, you can see the odds of third party candidates as well. Apologies, Libertarians ; you will not like what Gary Johnson’s odds are #MUH5%

We anticipate 1.7% for Gary Johnson (L)

We anticipate .6% for Jill Stein (G)

We anticipate .13% For Darrell Castle (C)



2 responses to “Forecasts/Predictions

  1. Frank and Jo bujan

    U guys act very smart but are u. Pride comes. B4 your fall. Chris Matthews is a pompous tool. Johnson will surpriseu in the debates. Go gary beat the pants off the ugly 2. U know who I mean


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