It’s Official : Austin Petersen is a Globalist Sellout





Austin Petersen loves to preach about civil liberties, the constitution, American Exceptionalism, and American’s right to privacy. However, he has revealed his true colors today–he is an ally of the Libertarian hostile takeover and its director Bill Weld.

“Globalism is libertarian. Nationalism is not,” exclaimed Petersen

Seriously, WTF? Libertarians are globalists now that don’t care about preserving American Culture and its Bill of Rights? The same ones who supported Ron Paul—remember, that guy who kept saying that these Bill Weld types want to eliminate our civil liberties, national identity, and maybe even unify us with Mexico and Canada (Bill Weld’s job at the CFR)?

Austin Petersen has been riding on Ron Paul’s name for too long to sell out like this. He is no Libertarian—just an establishment infiltrator sent here to stupefy and redefine the Libertarian ideology and message according to the corporate elite’s interests.

This act of betrayal is unforgivable, and so, we have decided to retaliate. AUSTIN PETERSEN! YOU’RE NEXT!

These are the top 3 things Austin Petersen DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW :

1. He has no Pyramids of money

Despite his claims on his Sugar Daddy profile (which you will soon see), Austin Petersen is nowhere NEAR as wealthy as he claims to be and is obscuring is past. A theater major in college, a Austin Petrsen moved to New York to pursue a career in acting, and judging by the lack of his credits, that career path did not seem to go to well. So he settled by taking a job as a toy sales man at FAO Schwartz, a Manhattan toystore.



Petersen’s “big break” came working for Judge Napolitano, where the good judge allowed Austin to set up his Facebook fan page. Never raising above the rank of production bitchtern,  Petersen abandoned his broadway dreams and dived into the world of politics. Telemarketing for Bob Barr (another globalist infiltrator type) and the Libertarian Party, Petersen never had a substantial role in politics until he ran for president in 2016. Before that, Petersen’s political claim to fame- the libertarian, continues to have a mediocre alexa rating,  poor design, and a shit ton of malware.


2. He has no “Pyramids of Pussy”

Below is how Petersen describes himself on his old profile. While selling skateboards at FAO Schwartz, Austin liked to pretend to women on the internet that he is some narcissistic millionaire #ChristianGay



“About me: I love practicing the martial arts reading books, studying philosophy and politics, and seeing live theatre. I don’t play games. I am a good singer, can play guitar, and I wear a brown leather jacket. I drive a pick up truck. You are never bored when you’re with me (unless you’re boring)….. I emit a very powerful personal energy. But it’s tuned like a frequency. If you’re sensitive you’ll pick it up. If you don’t get my channel, you’ll just see and hear static. I love pop culture, but am firmly grounded in serious literature and the arts. I love sushi, and anything spicy to eat. I try not to date people I work with because people in politics tend to be a bit weird. Except for me I’m cool. So what’s your story?”

Now as a man who was once engaged, as a student of PUA (pick up artistry) I can tell you that this guy has no game and is a total beta male (or cuck as Libertarians like to say).

Watch this video if you disagree.

3. Petersen is a Pussy

Austin Petersen gave Gary Johnson a toy pistol, that he claimed was rather special to him (despite buying a free weeks prior). He gave it to Johnson saying “you have my sword, and my gun.”

Gary Johnson immediately threw little Austin’s gift in the trash, (which would make sense, as he is staunchly anti-gun and anti-Austin). A Petersen supporter spotted the gun, confronted Johnson (who lied about the act), and returned it to Austin Petersen. Austin’s response? To publicly shill for him on TV, Social media, and at LibertyFest in NYC…the little man has no integrity or principles and is only in it for himself. A man who is willing to vouch for someone who treats you with such disrespect just demonstrates what Austin Petersen really is :

A beta male, acting like an alpha male, in it only for himself-just like Gary Johnson. Who know’s what’s next for Petersen, but it seems to be a sketchy non for profit and another loss in 2020.


7 responses to “It’s Official : Austin Petersen is a Globalist Sellout

  1. Interesting. This could explain why Austin Peterson didn’t seem to understand the evil of the United Nations. But, the article raises more questions than it answers.


  2. What’s this “sellout” stuff? He is completely correct, and besides, has he changed his mind? If yes, your article doesn’t show evidence of this. If not, by what measure is he “selling out”? As far as I can see he is accurately representing his views, which are consistent and correct in this matter.


  3. “continues to have a mediocre alexa rating,…”

    Someone still takes alexa seriously? LOL

    “or cuck as Libertarians like to say”

    You seem to have Libertarians confused with the racist far right.

    “Austin Petersen gave Gary Johnson a toy pistol”

    That’s the cover story. Actually, it was the real thing, not a replica. Few people know that, as it has not been shared widely.

    “Gary Johnson immediately threw little Austin’s gift in the trash, (which would make sense, as he is staunchly anti-gun ”

    Staunchly anti-gun? Where do you get this nonsense? I’ve seen Johnson speak at an Open Carry Texas event. Johnson threw Petersen’s gun in the trash because he was angry at Petersen for speaking against Weld from the stage.


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