We Endorse Darrell Castle for POTUS


Our writers had the excellent pleasure of interviewing Constitution Party POTUS candidate, Darrell Castle : a Tennessee lawyer and Vietnam War marine (who ironically served under the command of Oliver North). His personal experience in the futile Vietnam War molded his foreign policy views that America should not be in the business of perpetual foreign intervention. Castle is the most trustworthy candidate to not only end the War on Terror, but to expose the truth behind its existence, such as its need to perpetuate the American Military-Industrial complex.

Our motto at GI is to “Question Everything,” and there is no other candidate who questions the secrecy and integrity of the political status quo, an organization Mr. Castle himself is not afraid to refer to as the New World Order. Of the top 5 candidates, only Castle is willing to regain the parts of the Bill of Rights that we’re taken from us after 911 by this “New World Order” of political and corporate elites. Only he appreciates the Jeffersonian aims of the US Constitution to limit and reduce the size of the federal government (as our previous endorsement for US Senate Augustus Invictus would). If you were a former supporter of Congressman Ron Paul, listen to our previous interviews and postings with Mr. Castle, and you will understand why he is the true ideological successor to the Ron Paul Revolution.

Speaking of Dr. Paul, many of our staff have formerly been affiliated in some form or another with either the Libertarian party or the Ron Paul campaign. And yes, we can confirm Mr. Castle’s claim that he “is more libertarian than Gary Johnson.” If you are a Libertarian who supports the LP ticket with Council of Foreign Relations henchmen Bill Weld at the helm (Bill Cheney?), you have either been deceived or have no true principles. Voting for Gary Johnson is merely a vote for the globalist, neo-conservative enemies Ron Paul and Mr. Castle have fought for decades. Unlike the psuedo-libertarian ticket, Darrell Castle would not only stop congress from denying gun ownership to those on the so No-Fly list—he would end it along with the War on Terror. Darrell Castle wouldn’t impose a 23% national sales tax like in a Banana Republic like Venezuela—he would repeal the 16th amendment along with the IRS. Darrell Castle would not put a globalist, CFR member like Bill Weld on his ticket—he would expose them for what they are : the people who want to eliminate national soveriegnty, personal liberty, and turn the United States into an open border wasteland like the crumbling European Union.

Gary Johnson is a puppet of Bill Weld and the so called New World Order he represents. Donald Trump is an authoritarian radical whose campaign is based merely on bitterness, and no, he is not bitter at Mexico or China. He is merely bitter that he is not blue-blooded or connected enough to be a Clinton or a Bush, evidenced by the Bush family supporting a Clinton! While there is appeal in his calls for “Pinochetian-Minarchism” and challenge to the establishment, his big government solutions are ideologically unsound with GI. We firmly believe that the only way to end political corruption and economic exploitation is by denying the elite their function of doing so—the federal government. Having said that, we can immediately rule out Hilary Clinton and the Financial Elite backing her. And if you are so eager for the US to have its first woman president, please give Jill Stein a look. She was our second choice—unanimously. But we unanimously endorse Darrell Castle for President of the United States of America.

Bastards be on notice, Darrell “The Punisher” Castle will challenge and question everything.


12 responses to “We Endorse Darrell Castle for POTUS

  1. Then why publish the Cody Quick hit pieces?

    Allowing different points of view is admirable, but Quick’s piece on “racist baggage” was guilt by association with 3 degrees of separation. The piece read like a John Birch Society conspiracy outline spiraling in ever tightening circular logic. Then, after seven pages of tortured logic, he admits the CP is not racist, they just have lots of racist connections — talk about damnation by faint praise.

    Your site, your rules, but there were much better ways to write and edit that piece.

    Regardless, I find your endorsement interesting, surprising, and well reasoned, even if I came to a different conclusion.


  2. Great choice!!! I was confused though when I clicked on AMTP and the grand inquirer came up…will you make a post about the change?

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  3. Castle is on the ballot in a mere 23 states, and missed some including his home state of Tennessee that should have been easy to get. That is not an indicator of a competent campaign.


  4. Perhaps it is an indicator of a party with a ton of potential in need of a lot of supporter help.

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  5. doyouexpectme2talk

    Well I thank both you and Mr. Castle for the daily sacrifices you two make on this presidential campaign. For the above reasons and more, your campaign is needed and greatly appreciate.

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  6. Very nice choice of candidate. Hope the “hostile takeover” goes well.

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