A Libertarian Lie : 15% Was a Myth


(This is just to remind the world that we at AMthirdparty called it from the beginning ; originally written and published 2 months ago by Max Dickstein)


During the 2008-2016 reign of the Paul family in libertarian politics, libertarians took great care and precision into portraying facts as accurately as possible. During this new found age of the Gary Johnson movement, either their standards for integrity have gone down, or their general level of being informed. AllLibertarianFuture claims that Gary Johnson is a mere 2% away in an upcoming poll from being included on the debate stage. Now while the Gary Johnson grassroots are exuberant with a self-sustaining sense of joy (almost like groupthink), eventually when they become more informed (or more self-honest), they will realize that this claim is 100% utterly false.

In order for a third party candidate to qualify to be on the debate stage. “
The Commission on Presidential Debates…requires candidates to get 15 percent support in SEVERAL polls in order to be allowed to participate.” Additionally, these “several polls are actually a cummulative average of polls the Commission considers relevant, and Gary Johnson has a long, essentially unachievable way to go. According to CPD criteria, Gary Johnson is currently polling at approximately 8%—barely half of what is required. But this does not seem to matter to the Johnson campaign or its supporters.

The “new and improved” Libertarian party clearly struggles with portraying facts accurately. First they claim that will be on all ballots in 50 states when their own website at the time in May showed they were absent from over ONE DOZEN states. Now they appear incapable of portraying CPD criteria accurately. As a Libertarian, I am very disappointed with this “new and improved” party that comes with a free Clinton CFR super best friend in Bill Weld. The Liberty Movement would never stoop to the low of misportraying fact like the other two major parties. I can only pray that this is just an act of ignorance and not outright dishonesty on the part of alllibertarianfuture.com


14 responses to “A Libertarian Lie : 15% Was a Myth

  1. In other words, Libertarians are on the Presidential ballot in fewer states than Greens? #VoteGreen


  2. No, actually Libertarians really are on the ballot in all 50 states as well as DC. Someone must be confused.



    Greens have 44 states plus DC, which is pretty good for them and much better than the Constitution Party.


  3. Not at the time sir. At one point it was as low as 33. We published this article two months ago and had an editorial civil war. But yes, the LP was lying about both ballot access and the debates 😉

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  6. In the words of Hans Hermann-Hoppe

    You just got Pedigreed, bitch


  7. WHO’S NEXT!?


  8. Smash Cody’s shitty articles into oblivion. He manipulated my comments to make it look like I said awful things when I did not and then he claimed to report me to the FBI. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t that right Cody? Well, at least you got a wife to come home to, right? Too bad she looks old enough to be your mother!


    • Yes, to quote the great thinker Hans-Hermann-Hoppe (whom I casually refer to as Triple H), Cody has been “Physically Removed.”

      His plagiarized content will no longer be syndicated here good sir.

      Max Dickstein


  9. Loser Joshua Fauver is over at IPR calling this a Neo-Nazi website.



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