BREAKING: Gary Johnson Will Not Be Included in Presidential Debates

Liberty Viral, September 16th, 2016:

It has been announced by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) that Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and their running mates are the only candidates who will participate in the first debates, excluding Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and Green party candidate Jill Stein.

The commission required that candidates register an average of 15 percent support in five recent polls selected by the CPD, and neither candidate achieved these thresholds.

Here is the CPD’s press release about the invitation:


(Click on the image to read above to read)

My IPR comment:

JamesT, I think Warren [Redlich -owner of IPR] was probably right in saying 2%. I say 3%, but that’s because I’m being generous. It’s extremely likely JWeld won’t beat Nader’s 2000 result – and Nader was on the ballot in….43 states.

Maybe the LP will learn after this election cycle ? Maybe they will go back to their radical roots? Or maybe Weld and Charles Peralo will be the ticket for 2020? I have no idea.

I wish the rank and file LP activist well, especially the ones who fought tooth and nail against JWeld. They did manage to get JWeld to two ballots instead of one, after all. That was something.

I’ll vote for the two LP Illinois s statewide candidates, but I’m fully, 100% aboard the Trump Train. In my opinion, Jill Stein deserves to outpoll JWeld – I hope Darcy Richardson is right – and Castle deserves to at least get 200,000 votes, though that likely won’t happen.

One race to watch is Libertarian Party U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller. I bet everything he is going to be the top LP U.S. Senate candidate in terms of percentage of vote received.

-Krzysztof Lesiak


4 responses to “BREAKING: Gary Johnson Will Not Be Included in Presidential Debates

  1. Who remembers that AMTP article “A Libertarian Lie” that said the LP was lying about their polling numbers?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers


  2. Bunch of fucking amateurs


  3. We will launch a new investigation into the Birth Certificate, AND MAKE TRUMP PAY FOR IT!


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