Jill Stein Asked About Indigenous Rights

The following video featuring Shannon Rivers asking Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein a question about indigenous rights was uploaded to YouTube on September 1st, 2016 (length: 8 minutes):


One response to “Jill Stein Asked About Indigenous Rights

  1. When I was young and going to school , I didn’t see many First Nations in my school . I never understood why First Nation hated me because I’m white . Little to my knowledge , I did not understand , because I was never taught , the truth of what , we white people were doing and continue to do , was never disgust . The fact was , and continues to be , acts of genocide against First Nations Peoples , and other people of color . I am calling it , as I see it , a continuing and deliberate acts of genocide against peoples of color , for profit . We MUST have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA . It’s TIME we hear some TRUTH !!!

    It seems , since the time we were released onto the earth , to be fruitful and multiply , to have dominance over every thing on the land , in the sea , and sky . We white people took the dominance part literally , and have been imposing our white dominance , ever since . This is not sustainable as it’s self defeating behavior . The end result of having dominance over everything would be , for , the last 2 white men , on earth , to each have , a gun and 1 bullet per gun , or NUKES , which ever is bigger, faster , more powerful and see which one lives through the after math …. Eventually your left with only yourself to dominate , and a dead world around you , probably wishing you had saved that bullet for yourself . I think the word dominance was misinterpreted , and should have said ” Go onto the earth , and tend it , as its your home .

    I would like to see all the Elders and Chiefs of the USA gather at a place , as an opening day start of Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the USA , with Jill Stein as President of the United States of America , to further address Shannon Rivers question about moving forward with Indigenous peoples treaties , rights , and future direction .


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