Virginia Receives Four Presidential Petitions

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The Virginia deadline for independent presidential petitions, and the presidential nominees of unqualified parties, is August 26. The state received four petitions that may have enough valid signatures: for Rocky De La Fuente, Gary Johnson, Evan McMullin, and Jill Stein. Because most of the Johnson signatures were turned in early, the state has already determined that Johnson petition is valid. The state is still working on checking the Stein, McMullin, and De La Fuente petitions.

The Constitution Party submitted a petition, but it has already been held not to have enough valid signatures, because the number of signatures was below 5,000, and the requirement is 5,000. The Independent Green Party turned in a petition for Gail Parker, but it only has 4,312 signatures, so it is not valid.

Since November 1997, the only ballot-qualified parties in Virginia have been the Democratic and Republican Parties.


One response to “Virginia Receives Four Presidential Petitions

  1. The Independent Green Party of Virginia supports Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein ind 2016.
    The Independent Green Party supported Dr. Jill Stein in 2012 as well, with thousands of petitions signatures to put Dr. Jill Stein on the ballot.

    The Independent Green Party of Virginia launched their 2016 presidential petition in January 2016. The Indy Greens put Michael Bloomberg on the petition. The goal was twofold. Encourage Michael Bloomberg to seek the Green Party nomination for US President. Provide Dr. Jill Stein a ballot line in Virginia, if Bloomberg withdrew.
    When Michael Bloomberg withdrew -the Independent Green Party executive committee voted with 2/3rds vote to stop petitioning.

    The Independent Green Party did not, and would not have put Gail Parker on the ballot for President. Michael Bloomberg’s name was on the petition.

    Gail Parker is one the Independent Green Party endorsee./nominees on the ballot for US Congress in 2016.


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