Paul Stanton, government mole?


Libertarian Senate Candidate Paul Stanton has only been a resident of Florida for 9 months, as near as I can tell. No one in the Libertarian party, that I’ve been able to find, has ever heard of him before he came to Florida. According to Mr. Stanton himself, “he was born in Oklahoma and spent parts of his childhood in Arizona, Illinois and then finally in Fort Wayne, Indiana—where he graduated high school”

Frankly, I find it suspicious when someone moves to a state then almost immediately decides they want to represent that state on a national level. Think, Hillary moving to NYC and running for Senate almost immediately after. I also find it suspicious when military officers leave the service to immediately join activist organizations.   Think Timothy McVeigh, who like Paul Stanton obtained the rank of Sergeant before “leaving the military” to join a variety of nationalist groups.

Additionally, Stanton doesn’t seem to have any connections to any other political party prior to November of 2015.

Paul’s been “cloak and dagger” about his fairytale- background and  refuses to even debate his opponent. I’m willing to admit that there could be a reasonable and clear explanation for this, and I would like to hear it.

However, in my humble opinion, we should seriously consider that Paul Stanton is a part of the government’s effort to infiltrate and keep tabs on third parties. I could be wrong, but  It is public knowledge that the government considers Libertarianism a gateway to domestic terrorism.

To Paul, I have three questions:

1. Why are you running for senate in Florida, as opposed to Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, or Illinois?

2. Why are you running for senate as opposed to congress or a local seat? Florida senate is one of the only contested libertarian primaries in the nation.

3. Are you— or the government— attempting to subvert  Augustus Invictus, your nationally known primary opponent who  openly calls for a revolution against our government?

If you have any information or other alleged informants, please reach out. Stay tuned for a follow-up.


7 responses to “Paul Stanton, government mole?

  1. This is HILARIOUS. Thanks for the laugh.


  2. Did you miss where he sued an airport for his right to protest the TSA?

    Literally the only thing anyone knew about Augustus Invictus prior to his coming to the party was that he lost it a few years back and wrote a fairly threatening open letter about renouncing everything in the world and coming back bearing war. He was never active with a political party prior to his coming to the LP to run for Senate. Since you like conspiracies, how about this one?

    Augustus Invictus is a government mole sent in to discredit the Libertarian Party by advocating for violent war which turns off the majority of Americans.

    Do I actually believe this? Of course not. But it has just as much evidence behind it as your little theory.

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  3. Expert article! I have no idea why anyone with a military history would have lived in multiple locations. It’s not like they move them around or anything!


  4. Thane Eichenauer

    Tommy Frain> Augustus Invictus is a government mole sent in to discredit the Libertarian Party by advocating for violent war which turns off the majority of Americans.

    The same Americans that celebrate a holiday commemorating a violent war against the rule of the British government. Those Americans?

    I deplore those that would label either Augustus Invictus or his opponent as a rat, snitch or an informant. Both of them have put in hard labor to promote the ideas of the Libertarian Party.

    Neither Augustus Invictus nor his opponent need justify his choice to live and run for office in Florida, nor the office he chose to run for. What tactics Paul Stanton uses or fails to use are up to him. Let him be judged by his choices. Judge likewise the choices of Augustus Invictus.

    Marco Rubio has been a player in the bomb Muslim countries X, Y and Z coalition since his election. Either Stanton or Invictus would be a vast improvement over Rubio if either of them were to be elected.

    I personally think it is a bad idea to avoid debates with your primary opponent but I don’t get to make Paul Stanton’s choices for him. He decides his own strategy.


  5. It’s Tuesday, and the race for title of “dumbest thing Tom Knapp has read this week” is off to a great start.

    I doubt that Invictus is a government mole. All the evidence militates toward his campaign merely being a fairly clumsy attempt at a hostile nationalist takeover of the Libertarian Party of Florida.

    For one thing, if he was COINTELPRO, presumably he would be able to produce a list of fake but believable donor names instead of just ceasing to file campaign fiance reports for eight months to make sure no one knows who’s paying for his campaign until after the primary (similarly, if Stanton was a mole, he wouldn’t have to attribute his biggest campaign donations to family members).

    Quoth Thane: “Both of them have put in hard labor to promote the ideas of the Libertarian Party.”

    Invictus occasionally makes a show of promoting the ideas of the Libertarian Party — when he’s not eulogizing terrorist murder Bob Mathews, or bemoaning the fact that libertarians aren’t nationalists, or running off to Oregon and hoping no one from Florida notices that he still preaches eugenics.

    “I personally think it is a bad idea to avoid debates with your primary opponent”

    On that we agree.

    Paul Stanton didn’t “avoid” any debate with Invictus. He just flatly stated that no, he wasn’t going to assist Invictus in self-promoting by staging a “debate” that would promote Invictus at the expense of the Libertarian Party.

    Invictus, on the other hand, was invited to a debate where he could have tried to take on Stanton. And after weeks of whining about how mean old Paul Stanton wouldn’t give him a debate, Invictus ran for cover and was nowhere to be found when he got what he claimed to want but obviously didn’t.


  6. Thane Eichenauer

    For Knapp comment footnote purposes: (Bob Mathews) (search for “Robert J. Mathews”)


  7. It’s worse. The LP Florida convention adopted a directive to not run any but local, State house, and Presidential/VEEP candidates after the success of Operation Full Slate. It ordered its monies segregated into a fund for direct democracy initiatives. All candidates had to go through a specific training process. This was in 2003.

    The GOP mass infiltrated it, ‘lost the records’ and used a state law made for the purpose to purge the party and put in whakos at every level.

    Every candidate since then is a fraud, though some may be stupid not demanding to see the minutes. In time the infiltrators’ll ‘rediscover’ the rule, I suppose, and sue themselves to disband given the many laws they’re violating.

    At that point the head in the sand LNC will discover that the LPF infiltrators put in another state law–any new party must have 300K signatures to run a Presidential candidate. I doubt its legal, but it will be a huge lawsuit to find out.

    This isn’t news. People posted on this here before.

    I just pass the autumn and winter here but it’s sad.


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