New Mexico state senator Lisa Torraco endorses Gary Johnson


Sen. Lisa Torraco reported on August 3rd, 2016 that State Senator Lisa Torraco, a Republican who has served in the New Mexico State Senate since January 2013, has formally endorsed Libertarian Gary Johnson for president. Torraco will be additionally serving as the state chairwoman for the Johnson campaign. Below is an excerpt from the news release sent by Torraco to the media, quoted by the website of the oldest daily newspaper continually in circulation west of the Mississippi River:

“I am excited to join the Johnson team and send a proven New Mexico leader with Executive experience to the White House. As a New Mexican, I am proud to see that our state could play a pivotal role in deciding this election. Our voices matter deeply in deciding our nation’s most important office, and I am proud to put my voice and vote behind Gov. Johnson. New Mexico should lead the charge for the Johnson/Weld ticket.”

The news release continued:

“Good leadership is imperative to restoring our economy, and we [New Mexicans] watched first-hand as Gov. Johnson restored our economy. While governor, Johnson cut excess spending, vetoed over 750 bills and literally thousands of budget line items, and balanced our state’s budget. He succeeded for New Mexico and he can succeed for our nation.”

Torraco joins the ranks of eight other current state legislators who have endorsed Johnson for president, as well as one current member of Congress.


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