Libertarian Party: July 2016 Membership Report Released


The July membership report has been released and can be found here:

I have provided an update to the Region 1 members and provided this commentary:

The report contains several interesting charts depicting Party health including Renewing Donors, New Donors, Lapsed/Dropped Donors, and Active Donors over the past twelve months. The most dramatic change was in active donors and new donors with new donors dropping a bit post-convention. Over the course of a year, the number of lapsed donors has gone down, though not dramatically. The one area of concern is in renewing donors which dropped dramatically following our convention though it is on the rise over the 12 month review period. This though does reveal a failure to re-capture a certain segment of donors after our convention. My guess is that this reflects persons not happy with our nominees, and I expect this is typical; however, the extremity of the plunge from 1200 to under 500 should not be overlooked. It is also possible that this reflects an artifact of non-renewals stemming from expected convention bumps at convention time spread out over two years (i.e. donors that just automatically renewed one year out from the 2014 convention and failed to do so for the subsequent renewal). This trend did move back upwards between mid-June and mid-July.

In the state rankings, a few states switched places, but the composition of the top ten states for Bylaws-Defined Sustaining Members remained the same.




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