Jonathan Dine wins Libertarian Party primary for U.S. Senate in Missouri


Jonathan Dine

On August 2nd, 2016, four states held primaries for statewide and federal offices. In one of those states, Missouri, the Libertarian Party held a primary for U.S. Senate. In the relatively low-turnout election, Jonathan Dine emerged victorious over small business owner, former Lake Annette City Alderman and 2014 Libertarian congressional candidate Herschel L. Young. The Missouri Secretary of State’s office reported the results with 100% of the precincts reporting (a total of 3,630 votes were cast in the Libertarian primary):

Jonathan Dine 1,993 votes 54.904%
Herschel L. Young 1,637 votes 45.096%

Jonathan Dine, a fitness trainer and cannabis legalization activist, previously ran for the U.S.  Senate as a Libertarian in 2010 and 2012. In 2010, he received 3.02% of the vote, while in 2012, running against the incumbent Democrat and a Republican congressman who incited media uproar over comments regarding abortion, Dine won 6.07% of the vote, the second best showing, percentage-wise, for a Libertarian Party candidate in the U.S. Senate elections that year (the best performance belonged to Dan Cox in Montana, who received 6.56% of the vote).

The Libertarian primary campaign did not receive a great deal of media attention. Dine’s opponent, Young, did not maintain a campaign website like Dine, but he did create a Facebook page. Young’s Facebook banner displayed an image saying that “a nation is defined by its borders, its culture and its laws.” Young also declared his pro-life stance, sharing pictures stating that abortion is murder, and also wrote that “99% of law enforcement officers are good people,” elaborating by saying “follow instructions and respect the officers and officers will respect you!” Regarding President Obama, Young criticized the retiring president for “his lack of actions to disstroy [sic] ISIS” and called Obama “the most racist president ever,” adding that “has done more to insight [sic] race barriers and hate than all other presidents combined.”


Herschel L. Young

. Young, in the “about” section of his Facebook page, described himself as being a proponent of:

less government, more military, control our Borders and bring back WPA . Subsidizing ones short falls, not Supporting totally.

He included a unique personal interest of his in the section as well:

I have a bad habit of slinging Mud ! But the Mud I sling is with my MUD TRUCK HERSCHINATOR!
I love Mud Racing and Politics I get in Deep with both !!!


Meanwhile, Dine, while not issuing a formal press release regarding his victory, provides extensive information about himself and his views on his website. Dine addresses personal liberty, job creation, economics, health care, income taxes, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, term limits, marijuana prohibition and national defense on the “issues” page of his website. Dine writes in another area of his website that “America is on the brink of a fiscal disaster” due to the policies of both major parties.

While Dine will be likely hoping to replicate his strong performance from 2012, unlike that election, he will this time have to compete with another third party challenger on the ballot: Fred Ryman of the Constitution Party. Ryman, an assistant manager at a furniture store, earned 545 votes running unopposed in his primary, and is the only Constitution Party candidate running for statewide office in Missouri.

Dine’s campaign website is


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