Gary Johnson and Bill Weld insist they will appear in the presidential debates

The Libertarian Party’s presidential ticket of Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld appeared on MSNBC today to talk to host Chris Matthews . Matthews pointed out that Johnson’s position in the opinion polls has not increased in the past few weeks, to which Johnson countered by saying “Chris, I believe that you think that that’s the case, but from our vantage point, it’s ratcheting up” an mentioned a Fox poll from “a couple of days ago” that put the ticket at 12 percent. Meanwhile, Weld told Matthews that “I’m pretty sure, I feel it in my bones, that we’re going to get there,” with regards to qualifying for the presidential and vice-presidential debates, a feat not achieved by any third party presidential ticket since 1992. The following is the full interview from MSNBC (video length: 8 minutes):


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