Veterans Party’s Chris Keniston outlines his position on education

On August 2nd, 2016, Chris Keniston, the Veterans Party of America’s presidential candidate, published the section of his campaign platform discussing education on Facebook. From his official page:

From my Platform, Item VII: Education

I was unable to continue my education immediately after high school. As a result, I have spent my entire adult life pursuing educational opportunities. I was fortunate to receive a well-rounded high school education, compared the Common Core standard. I have experienced the difference between trying to survive in our society with a college degree, and without one. No pursuit in my life has been more important than education.

I want to be absolutely clear on this point: There is no greater threat to our nation’s continued survival than the putrid condition of our entire educational system.

If elected president, I will terminate all federal endorsement or preferential funding of the existing Common Core curriculum with extreme prejudice, before unpacking a suitcase in the White House. The current standards of education in this country are abysmal. We MUST develop sensible, world-class educational standards that provide our children a robust, well-rounded education. We must do so immediately, if our nation is to remain competitive in the global economy.

As a parent, I have cringed at the shameless censorship, revision and perversion of US History and Civics. I have found myself bewildered, trying to help a child understand the sadistic insanity of Common Core math. I have questioned the disappearance of requirements for Calculus, Trigonometry, Physics, Household Economics, Skilled Trades and the Arts from high school curricula. Once brilliant, creative and inspiring teachers are now handcuffed to a system that dictates what to teach, when to teach, how the students will be tested. Common Core extorts financially-challenged schools into accepting its requirements then punishes them for poor student performance on standardized tests. It provides students the barest minimum in preparation for higher education and the remainder of their adult lives. It has undermined critical thinking development and turned students into data recorders. High school students that graduate without resources for college or qualifications for scholarships are also left without basic trade skills. Financially-burdened college freshmen avoid technical fields because they cannot meet prerequisites without the additional expense of remedial coursework. Poorly-advised college graduates are left with degrees useless outside of academia, saddled with over a decade of debt and have no employment prospects. Meanwhile, desperate employers scour the nation trying to find qualified engineers, technicians, design specialists and other career-ready candidates. This is the United States of America. We are capable of providing the world’s finest education. We have an obligation to do so, starting immediately.

Review the full Platform here:

ATPR Note: According to Wikipedia, Keniston is on the ballot in Missippi and Colorado, for a total access to 15 electoral votes. The campaign is working to achieve ballot access in additional states. 


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