Green Party Senate Candidate Begins Radio Ad Campaign

News release from the Green Party’s website, August 2nd, 2016:


Joe DeMare, the Green Party Candidate for US Senate, has begun playing a dramatic thirty second radio advertisement in stations around Ohio. The ad continues the “Action/Adventure” theme that he has established for the campaign. Campaign posters that volunteers have been putting up around the State, show DeMare, a machinist from Bowling Green, beckoning the viewers to safety by joining him in holding onto a Green rope in order to escape oncoming flames.

The radio ad continues this Action/Adventure theme, opening with the sounds of thunder, wind and fire with the narration beginning, “In a world…”

DeMare laid out this theme at the Green Party nominating convention in February, where the Ohio Green Party officially nominated Jill Stein for their presidential candidate. It seems to have some resonance with the voters, as DeMare is now polling at 5%.

“This is an incredible surge for us,” says DeMare a few months ago, we weren’t even showing up in the polls, now we’re on the path to victory. The reason I can say that is both my opponents are actually dropping in the polls.”

Ted Strickland, the Democrat, and Rob Portman, the incumbent Republican, were virtually tied at 49% each in early polling. A current poll reported in the Huffington Post shows them both in the low thirties with more than 20% undecided.

“It looks like the more Ohioans see of both Portman and Strickland, the less they want to vote for either of them. Luckily, in this election they have an alternative to the two ordinary parties,” said Mr. DeMare.

Before the release of the ad, the Green party campaign has been almost exclusively based on word of mouth, door to door canvassing, and social media.
“The basic idea behind this theme is that, yes, things are dire. In this election Democracy itself may be at stake. In a very real way, our planet is at stake, since neither of the ordinary Parties are pushing for policies that will save us from climate change. Trump actually wants us to crash the climate more quickly, while Clinton is proposing half measures that will not save us. So, yes, things are bad. But if we vote Green, we can save the future. We can create a dramatic turn around in this country, just like in an Action/Adventure movie where the heroes succeed against all the odds.”

Mr. DeMare is heading to Houston later this week to attend the Green Party national convention, where Jill Stein is expected to be nominated for President.
“I’m very proud to be representing Ohio at this national gathering where the Greens will be choosing the woman who should be the next President of the United States,” said Mr. DeMare.

The Green Party follows Ten Key Values, often summarized as The Four Pillars which are: Grassroots Democracy, Non-violence, Social Justice, and Ecological Wisdom. More info at

Joe DeMare, who works as a machinist, lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. In his campaign, he is calling for ecological restoration, progressive taxation, “I want to tax multi-millionaires like Trump out of existence,” and social justice.

Joseph R. DeMare
Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate 2016
(419)973-5841 Phone or Text


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