Darrell Castle responds to attacks from “Never Trump” activist


Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, was strongly criticized by a noted “Never Trump” activist and former Ted Cruz supporter, Michael Harrington, in a public Facebook post on July 26th, 2016. The post provoked discussion among Castle supporters on social media, and two of them, Caleb Waters and Clint Bishop, countered in two unique rebuttals defending Castle. Today, less than an hour ago, Castle’s official response to Harrington’s accusations was published on his campaign Facebook page:

Darrell Castle on Mr. Harrington

I have been watching the responses to Mr. Harrington and would like to thank Clint and Caleb for their detailed effort to deal with his accusations.

Mr. Harrington knows nothing about me, and I only know about him what he has shown me in his articles. He has a problem with me but not me personally. He seems outraged that I would be a candidate against his candidate but has no real reason for why I shouldn’t run. He simply has another candidate he wants to win. It appears that he is unable to deal with this situation except through attempts at destroying a perfectly innocent campaign. That being said, I will address the issues he brought up.

Am I a Birther? To finally set the record straight, I think Ted Cruz is the best example of a true gentleman and statesman left in the Republican Party and I believe he is highly qualified for the office of President. As I have said before, if I were a Republican, which I am not, I would have voted for him in the primary.

I am not an ambulance chaser. I am a fairly well known highly reputable attorney in Bankruptcy and Personal Injury in my community. I can honestly say that neither I nor any employee of my office have ever chased an ambulance.

He says I am as crazy as Donald Trump. I have tried to live my life as an honest, gentle but firm, Christian man who has sacrificed for my family, the Constitution Party and Mia’s Children, a ministry in Bucharest, Romania that ministers to homeless or endangered children many of whom are gypsy. I and my wife along with Mia, started the ministry on 1998. Over 100 children have benefited. Go to www.miaschildren.org for more info. This doesn’t sound crazy to me.

He claims I said Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. What I said was she was from his lineage. The fact is, I was describing Ms. Merkel as being in the lineage of Hitler as a national leader. She is so ashamed of what happened in Germany during WWII that she goes overboard trying to show she is not like him. Angela Merkel is definitely not Hitler’s daughter.

He says I am a Sneaky Podcaster. My free podcasts are advertised on ConstitutionParty.com as well as CastleReport.us and by many websites I may not even know about. There is nothing secretive about them. I have even begun to post the transcript of my podcasts for those who prefer to read. My articles are picked up by media. I hide nothing and I make reference to where I get much of my research material. Yes, I come to an educated conclusion but I leave it open that I could be incorrect. I always end with “At least, that’s the way I see it.”

Am I a Truther? I am always looking for the truth. Sometimes I am happy with what I find and sometimes not so much. Listen to my podcast “Twenty-eight Pages” and judge for yourself. I spend hours every week studying and preparing and producing the podcasts. I believe truth should be sought.

He claims I am unfit to be President. Well, I was born was born in East Tennessee on a farm my parents built from the timber on the land. My father died when I was ten. I went to East Tennessee State University and double majored in history and political science. I was then commissioned as a U.S. Marine Officer and while serving spent 13 months in Vietnam Nam. I received my Juris Doctorate from the Law School at the University of Memphis and opened a law firm. I have been married to my wife for 38 years and have a married daughter with whom I have a great relationship. I am a member and regular attendee of St. Patrick Presbyterian Church. I am a founding member of the Constitution Party and served as Vice Chairman for almost 12 years as well as the Platform Chairman for 12 years. I was the 2008 Vice Presidential Candidate for the Party. I am well versed in domestic and international policies as well as current issues and have been interviewed and spoken to audiences around the country for many years.

You decide if I am fit or not to run for President.

Darrell Castle


3 responses to “Darrell Castle responds to attacks from “Never Trump” activist

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  2. ” I think Ted Cruz is the best example of a true gentleman and statesman left in the Republican Party and I believe he is highly qualified for the office of President. As I have said before, if I were a Republican, which I am not, I would have voted for him in the primary.”

    Shouldn’t this statement pretty much disqualify him from consideration in the minds of patriotic Americans? Ted Cruz is, if anything, EVEN WORSE than Trump on most important issues.

    The Green Party seems to be the only legit 3rd party outfit that is running a real campaign AND challenging the status quo at this time, I’m sorry to say. The rest of them seem to be either smoke and mirrors or peddling the same failed center-right politices of the neo-liberal era.


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