‘Never Trump’ activist: “Vetting Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party”


Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington, a noted “Never Trump” activist who formerly supported the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz, published the following article on Facebook entitled “Vetting Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party” on July 26th, 2016 (Castle supporters responded critically, and ATPR is publishing their responses in an upcoming article):

Darrell Castle has become a talking point upon conservatives and especially Cruz supporters. I had seen enough piecemeal evidence to support avoiding Castle entirely, but the Castle supporters are now going full Trump in an effort to promote him as a real conservative.

So I am going to break down the various bits of evidence on why I will not touch Castle. The categories include attacks upon Ted and Heidi Cruz, Economics, Israel, and talking of his Party.

Please note Darrell Castle uses Podcasts for the majority of his content, he literally forces you to listen to him to get what he is saying. This is how he hides a lot of the content that would otherwise get a candidate caught quick. You cannot use a search function to search a podcast quickly.

Attacks on Ted and Heidi Cruz

This article from March 2015 detailed Birther arguments and attacked Heidi Cruz on CFR and then works its way to a NWO argument to boot.

There is a lot of material from the Constitution Party with attacks. It was not hard to find them. Using a date search and closing in on the first month Ted Cruz ran for office I quickly found this (link) which includes both birtherism and attacks on Heidi in the same post. Post dated March 26th

Washington State also did the same from the Constitution Party with this (link). The post is dated March 28th.

Darrell Castle also talked about the nomination of Ted Cruz. Note the date of March 25th. (link). He starts noting Ted Cruz launched his campaign then goes straight, I mean STRAIGHT, to where Ted Cruz was born, and starts talking about “his supporters” (meaning Ted Cruz supporters). Note he says “special provisions have time to time been made”. This is double speak to say he thinks that those laws we accept as truth are not laws but routes used to evade the law. He then starts reading the Constitution. Then he covers demographic information, where his father was from (oddly he skips over Ted’s mother almost entirely, or maybe not so oddly if you followed the entire birther arguments).

When Darrell says “Stop for a moment, this all sounds like deja vu.” I want you to listen real carefully. This is at about 3:20 in the recording. “Foreign born, Harvard Law School, Harvard Law School Editor, Law School Professor, Junior Senator in first term, and now candidate for President, so yes that indeed sounds familiar.”. That is a direct correlation to Barack Obama.

Much of the rest of the article talks about the policies of Ted Cruz. It then covers some of the other candidates and establishment stuff. But then he attacks at the very end and says Ted Cruz “has all of the establishment credentials but he doesn’t sound establishment”

Darrell Castle, the former candidate for President of the Constitution Party, would be a singular strong voice for his followers. Double speak is common and when you can hide behind podcasts you can say a lot more than most would be able to do. Darrell Castle started the birther argument. His followers immediately started the CFR and NWO attacks on Heidi Cruz. Of that there is no doubt.

No one else laid out the argument before Darrell Castle did, no one tried to push that line after Ted Cruz announced for a while. It leaked into the Libertarian and Rand Paul circles, but it originated in full from the Constitution Party.

While some attacks predated Ted Cruz launching his candidacy Darrell Castle stands out as the first to launch a birther style attack on Senator Cruz after he announced his candidacy


In economics Darrell Castle quickly earns an F.

Tariffs: The first is that Darrell Castle wants to have an import tariff tax (link: #5 on the list). An import tax, also known as a tariff, taxes all incoming trade. If the United States sets up a tariff for all trade so will all other countries is the theory. Except they won’t have to except with trade to the United States. One size does not fit all. Some nations love sales taxes, others like income taxes. A tariff is a pure trade tax. Suddenly if it costs 10% more to send goods to or from the United States upfront it hurts those who have long-term waits to sell their products

Yes long-term waits. Items like cars, smaller aircraft, boats and yachts. The list of higher end goods that can take months to even years to sell is larger than you would think. With a tariff those costs are required upfront and do not allow you to change your mind when the product does not sell.

A sales tax only applies when the product has sold, this is ideal for businesses of the nature I have listed. They would only provide taxes when the actual product sells. An income tax also is mitigated taxation over time, so the upfront costs are low and if there is no market for the product they can cut their losses easily.

In this regards Darrell Castle has earned an F in taxation policy. So does his party (Link)

They also voted in resolution against the Fair Tax, which could stop a lot of the problems we have. I am an advocate of the Fair Tax as a sales tax system least affects the economy and provides the most incentive for building up new jobs. The next best is the Flat Tax which they do not discuss (Link)

Tariff’s is why I rank Trump an F in economics, and the Constitution Party goes completely for Tariff’s.

Constitution Party Infighting

There was extensive infighting in the Constitutional Party where a major State, Idaho, did not have Darrell Castle on the ballot. This fighting was rather deep and long in nature. I found numerous posts regarding this fighting. The Constitutional Party of Idaho actually certified a different candidate… This is not so stable a party. (link). The fact is that Darrell Castle will not be on Novembers Ballot in Idaho (link). This is something that should worry you about their party.

The Constitution Party was/is under 100,000 members it seems, and they have extensive infighting within those ranks.

Constitution Party acting… ‘Unconstitutional’

I will open saying I am against Prostitition, against porn, against it all. So I get it. However we either abide by all of the Constitution or none of it. Here they read into it a restriction that does not exist. (link)

They also ignore certain amendments that have happened, in an act of cherry picking. Adding restrictions that do not exist is just icing on their cake.


I am partial to Israel, when I was seeking a mathematicians name to use as a nickname in a game I chose Einstein. It was a nickname that served me for 8 years of online gaming. It still serves me in many ways. This has lead to me being attacked as well, for a nickname. Thus I am sensitive and watch for attacks on Israel.

Darrell Castle penned a large article about funding Israel (link). He specifically narrows down to defense spending. He thinks Israel should pay their own way. Pretty straight forward?

Israel gets roughly 1000 shells and rockets per a year. The cost in human lives is always sad, but the material costs of Iron dome to stop that many attacks is significant. At $20,000 per interception this is $20,000,000 a year. That does not include the installation costs. It does not include the damages the attacks still do. It does not include the costs of bunkers in every town and city for people to flee to during attacks. It does not include a lot of costs.

He also ignores where Israel stands on Federal Revenue. (link). That would be 66 billion in revenue. The problem is that costs add up fast. F35 fighters cost $100 million in cash for example. It is not just Iron Dome, it is their whole cost. Israel spends 18.6 billion on defense. At 28% of their Federal Budget it is obvious that they have needs. Amazingly this does not include some of the civil defense infrastructure like bunkers. Those are in a different spending area. Nor is rebuilding costs.

But Darrell has made comments in other regards. He started a comment about foreign aid with Israel as an example. One simply does not start with Israel as an example unless they intend to stand deliberately against Israel. Conservatives who make this argument always start with Pakistan or some African nation. Sometimes they even go into the Middle East. No one ever starts with Israel however unless they are against Israel. I have listened to it, but cannot currently locate it, so kudo’s to someone who finds it for me.

Israel is a topic that results in different opinions in conservatives. However in the racist circles, and in the circles that blame Jews for the idea of the NWO (A topic Castle puts a lot of time in on) there is a definite belief that Israel is a bad nation. I feel, and many I trust and appreciate, that Israel is beset upon by many enemies and should be assisted as our ally in the Middle East. The genocide against the Jewish nation also makes me want to protect them. I know of the lies, the propaganda, the attacks, the suicide bombings, all of it. I am aware, I pay attention. Israel is not the belligerent in this but many others are.

I have no recourse but place Mr. Castle in that group that despises Israel

In closing we have the man who slandered Ted Cruz almost immediately after Ted Cruz announced, who had a number of field offices slander him further and his wife, in a party which picks and chooses how they see the Constitution, and who have horrific ideals on trade and taxation policy.
Darrell is not the last hope, he is not a hope at all, he is just another one of those haters that we should keep our distance from, isolating him, keeping him in that small minority of similar minded haters.

I advocate running away from Darrell Castle, in leaving him no future with our people, and no increase in his Party from our ranks. We should treat him as we treat Trump


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