Immortal Technique fires up DNC protesters; Jill Stein talks to Infowars and Jimmy Dore

Rapper Immortal Technique, an underground musician known for focusing on political and social issues in his songs, energized protestors outside of the DNC today immediately after Green presidential candidate Jill Stein spoke to a crowd. Immortal Technique endorsed Stein in her bid several months ago. His speech is below (video length: 5 minutes):

Joe Biggs, a reporter for Alex Jones’ Infowars, briefly spoke with Stein yesterday:

Meanwhile, today, Jimmy Dore of the Young Turks (who was recently involved in a verbal altercation with Alex Jones in which Dore spit in the popular radio talk show host’s face) talked with Stein for a longer period of time (video length: 14 minutes):

And yesterday, Stein “crashed” the DNC, though one  Bernie Sanders delegate was not pleased with her appearance, saying that she should hold her own convention (Stein is expected to be formally nominated at the Green Party convention is in Houston, Texas from August 4-7th):


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