Veterans Party chairman Mark Wilder discusses unconstitutional acts and globalism


Veterans Party of America banner 

The following is a Facebook comment from Veterans Party of America chairman Mark Wilder posted on July 26th, 2016 in response to a user’s question about the Veterans Party:

Facebook user:  [The Veterans Party of America] interested me for a day. They still haven’t answered my simple questions. 1. How do you plan on enforcing the states to be constitutional again? Through martial arrest? 2. Why do you consider the u.s.a. to be a globalist nation?
Mark Wilder responded with the following:
I am the National Chair of the Veterans Party of America.

To enforce the States to be Constitutional is not the duty of a political party. It is the duty of the Citizens to elect Constitutional candidates and vote out or recall unconstitutional representatives.

The States do not do the unconstitutional acts. It is those elected which commit these atrocities.

While the ultimate responsibility to hold elected representatives accountable belongs with the People, the Veterans Party of America (as well as each State affiliate) will hold our elected members accountable to the highest degree required and allowed by law, to include launching a recall election ourselves, if warranted and allowed.

As far as the US being a globalist nation, we have intervened in the internal affairs of sovereign nations far too much. The bulk of the problems in the Middle East were caused by our own government.

Imagine how Americans would feel if (we will use China as an example) China decided our duly elected President was not suitable and ordered an incursion to support a violent overthrow and instill a puppet of their choosing. Now add in China doing that in 30 of our 50 States with the Governors, instilling forced trade agreements and embargoes against us, or our individual States, when they do not get their way, to include food being stopped from trading.

That equates to American involvement in the Middle East since 1945.

We also are using our economic muscle to force nations into trade agreements which they may not want and encourages our major corporations to then relocate to those countries.

If your question had been asked on our national Facebook page and not addressed, I apologize for that. We attempt to answer every question emailed, on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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