Liberty for America: Johnson 2016 Campaign Spending for June


George Phillies, the chair of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and the editor of the Liberty for America newsletter, sent out the following special report today:

Liberty For America Special Report, Late July

For July, 2016, the Johnson campaign began with $175,574 Cash on Hand . The campaign had receipts of $664,293, made disbursements during the month of $380,886, and ended July with $458,981 cash on hand at the end of the month.

What were the reported disbursements? They totaled, according to the downloadable file of the campaign finance report, $380,886. Where did to money go?

There was political activity: The campaign gave $86,194 to Alita Grafx and Sign Wise for signage, signs, bumper stickers, buttons, T-shirts, and related items. The campaign spent $6892 on air travel, and one trip by train. No Monkey received $500 for website hosting.

$20,000 went the the Libertarian National Committee for ballot access. Specialists included $7950 to McCauley and Associates for accounting, $5600 to Aristotle International for Software, and $2000 to DB Capitol Strategies for Legal Consulting.

Money handling included $14,082 to WePay for Merchant Processing, $235 in contribution refunds, and $148 to Wells Fargo for Bank fees.

Nathan Grabau and Constance Hannigan-Franck received between them $2787 for Media relations. John Vaught received received $1403 for Media Relations. For “Grassroots Advocacy”, Andy Craig, Charles Frohman, and Apollo Pazell received $3000, $5500, and $2000, respectively. Media and grassroots efforts thus totalled to $14,690. Buried in there someplace is $593 of “Food for Meetings”.

Then there were the campaign consultants. For “Campaign Consulting”, Edward Ashley received $1250, Christopher Thrasher received $2367, and First Place Campaigns of Chicago, Illinois received $7000.

For Press Relations consulting, Joe Hunter received $25,000.

Last but decidedly not least, Liberty Consulting Services of Salt Lake City received $186,200 for Campaign consulting.

The people and firms called “consulting” thus received $221,817, while “media” and “grassroots received an additional $14,690.

Totaling it all up, consultants and media people received 62% of campaign spending. Signage, web pages, and other outreach items came to 30% of campaign spending. The last 8% of campaign spending went for back office operations such as merchant fees.


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