Andrea Merida: “Why Dan Savage is dead wrong about Jill Stein and the Green Party”


Andrea Merida

Andrea Merdia is one of the seven national co-chairs of the Green Party. The following was published on on July 21st, 2016:

Ansel Herz’s repost of Dan Savage’s comments this week about the Green Party (  in Seattle’s alternative weekly, The Stranger. slammed into my field of view when I was deluged by messages of outrage from fellow Greens from around the country.  They considered Dan Savage an ally in many progressive causes and were shocked by his rhetoric and lack of knowledge about the Green Party of the United States.

I respect Savage, having first become acquainted with his activism through the “It Gets Better” project and its advocacy for teen LGBTQIA+, as your readers already know.  But his commentary begs correcting various inaccuracies in what he understands about the Green Party.  I should state for the record that as the only Latina in national political party leadership today, I am decidedly not “pasty white,” as he accuses in his commentary.  Neither is Cynthia McKinney nor Rosa Clemente, our presidential and VP candidates from 2008, nor Cheri Honkala, Jill Stein’s running mate in 2012, nor Winona LaDuke, Ralph Nader’s running mate in 2000…none are “pasty white,” either.

First, the Green Party actually does run candidates from dog catcher on up.  Here are just a few of our currently seated elected officials around the country:

  • Bruce Delgado, mayor in Marina, CA
  • Avito Miranda, school district trustee in Marin County, CA
  • Hector Lopez, constable in New Canaan, CT
  • Mirna Martinez, board of education, New London, CT
  • Cam Gordon, city councilmember in Minneapolis, MN
  • Becky Elder, city councilmember in Manitou Springs, CO
  • Merrily Mazza, city councilmember in Lafayette, CO

Some former elected officials include Michael Feinstein (mayor, Santa Monica, CA) and myself, Denver’s first Green-registered elected official (Board of Education, Denver, CO).

The Stranger readers can find even more at our database, here:  These names and offices may not impress Dan Savage, but we each have way more skin in the electoral game than he has shown to date.  Sniping from a laptop doesn’t count.

Read the rest of the article here. 


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