George Phillies: At Libertarian Conventions, Votes Are Counted


George Phillies, the chairman of the Massachusetts Libertarian Party, posted the following in the LP Radicals Facebook group yesterday: 

Libertarians did something radical. Honesty.

For Immediate Release

At Libertarian Conventions, Votes Are Counted

July 20, 2016. Worcester, Massachusetts. Libertarian State Chair George Phillies today assured the people of Massachusetts that Libertarian political conventions count votes honestly.

“Six weeks ago,” Phillies said, “our Libertarian National Convention chose our Presidential candidate. When I said ‘Massachusetts, where the American Revolution began at the battles of Concord, Lexington, and Worcester, proudly casts its votes as follows: three votes for John McAfee and eight votes for Gary Johnson’ I could be absolutely positive. Our National Chair actually counted those votes. He didn’t make up numbers to please his party bosses.”

“Yesterday, television viewers saw Republicans do the opposite,” Phillies continued. “The Republican convention chair ignored the floor. He made up whatever votes he wanted, to get the result decreed by the Republican establishment. Can you imagine Republicans running America that way? That would be an America where the supreme leader ignored the votes of the people, and announced whatever votes he wanted. That would be a third world dictatorship, not the United States.”


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