3rd Party news from Washington State


As the Democratic and Republican parties seem to be driving their own members from their parties, doors are open in the third parties in Washington. On the Left, The Socialist parties include ISO, Socialist Workers, Socialist Alternative, and the Freedom Socialists, and other Left leaning parties include the Green Party and the Progressive Party. On the Right are the Christian Liberty and Constitution parties, and the Libertarians are uniquely their own, All have seen interest or actual growth from former members of the two parties disgusted with the two party tyranny.

Libertarians have 35 candidates running this year! This is more than ever. Tim Turner is running for Secretary of State, and we really need a Secretary of State not hostile to 3rd parties.

Four 3rd party representatives were on the Susan Harmon Hour radio show in late June, and the audio of that show can be found here https://soundcloud.com/1150kknw/susan-harmon-hour-06-24-16?in=1150kknw/sets/the-susan-harmon-hour

The Progressive Party is planning a state Convention on August 13th, from 10 AM to 2 PM, with the last hour to include representatives from other 3rd parties to plan strategy for our mutual survival and growth. The Socialist Worker’s Mary Martin is a candidate for governor.

Linde Knighton, state chair, Progressive Party of Washington


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