Interview with independent vice-presidential candidate Randy Bizzle : Fix This Country


Randy Bizzle

GI: Some time ago, Joe Eldred interviewed independent vice-presidential candidate Randy Bizzle. Eldred provided the interview exclusively to GI, and we are the first outlet to publish it.

Note: It is unclear at this point who the presidential running mate of Bizzle is; according to this interview and his campaign website, Bizzle is running on a ticket with independent presidential candidate Kyle Kopitke; however,  IPR reported on May 2nd, 2016 that Kopitke had selected Nathan Revo Sorenson as his running mate. 

Below is the full text of Eldred’s interview with Bizzle:

Joe Eldred: Randy Bizzle is an independent candidate for Vice-President of the United States. You can read his blog here I sat down with him recently for an interview.

Joe Eldred: You are running for Vice-President of the United Sates. Please tell our readers about your personal background, why you think you are qualified, and what brought you to this point in life. Have you ever held any political office?

Randy Bizzle: I was raised an Air Force Brat! My father spent 20 years in the Air Force and spend time in Vietnam. In the past 20 years, I have spent a lot of time paying attention to what is going on in this country when it relates to Politics. And Since President Obama has been in office, I have taken even a greater interest in the well being of the Citizens of this Country. Most of this campaign between the two parties has focused on Illegal immigration, Middle Class America and The National Security of this country has taken a nose dive! We are shrinking the Military and allowing terrorist into this country! So, when you talk about Middle Class America and how the Economy is taking its toll on everyone including the Middle class! Who better to help and talk about the middle class than a former small business owner who has lived right smack dab in the middle of “Middle Class America” I am Middle Class America! I understand what it is like to almost lose your home because of the economy, or have a couple vehicles repossessed because of the Economy! I know what it is like to get up everyday and work 8-12 hours a day and still not be able to put enough food on your table to take care of your family! I am a fast learner, and I understand what it takes to delegate authority! Our government and the office of President and Vice President is run basically the same way as any business. You pick qualified people to put in positions of importance to give you the strongest leadership you can get to run your business or country. I am fortunate to have Dr. Kyle Kopitke as my Presidential running mate. He has Military Experience, He served in the Peace Corp as an American Diplomat and also as president of an environmental agency. I don’t believe that any of the candidates that could be considered for VP will have any better experience with Middle Class America than I will.

The fact that I am not a Politician and never have been, should give about 95% of America Comfort!

I get up everyday just like over 50% of middle class America and go in to work by 6-6:30 in the morning and get off around 5 p.m. every day! I live Middle Class America! I will be the only candidate running for President or VP that makes less than $100,000 a year and isn’t a Millionaire or near Millionaire.

Joe Eldred: What kind of business did you own with how many employees?

Randy Bizzle: I owned a Construction Company in Texas. We did Remodeling, Additions, Stucco and More. At one time, I ran my Father-in-Laws stucco business and took care of my own remodeling business also. At times we had up to 65-100 employees

Joe Eldred: Why did you decide your first run for office should be for vice-president and not state or local level?

Randy Bizzle: During the past eight years, I have watched this country crumble in every area! That happens from the top down! When I lived in Texas, I really didn’t feel the need to run for office there. My five years in Florida, I wouldn’t have run there as I really didn’t like living there. Great place to visit, but It just wasn’t my cup of Tea! I decided though before I left Florida that I was fed up and there had to be people speak up and have a voice on what was going on in this country! One of the best ways to be heard is to run for President or Vice President. I started out running for President as a Republican! The competition was too steep and When Kyle emailed me and asked if I would consider being his running mate as an Independent, I thought about it for a couple of weeks while he interviewed at least twenty people. I prayed about it and talked with my Fiance and we decided that if he asked, I would accept. He narrowed it down to three people and eventually chose me! I asked him why? He said I was the only one that did everything he asked while going through the interviewing process and that I out worked all of them. It is difficult to run for local offices when you haven’t lived there very long. I have lived here in Winston Salem NC for a year this past Feb. 26th.

So, I had to denounce the Republican party and change my status to Independent to make this run! This will be good for America to have a Strong Independent Ticket to look at! I am just like most Americans that are fed up with what is going on in this country! The difference is, I have the guts and confidence that I will be good at it!

Joe Eldred: And why independent and not one of the other existing parties like the Libertarian or Constitution parties?

Randy Bizzle: Well, Dr. Kopitke was already registered as an Independent. And sometimes it isn’t worth the fight of trying to get on a ticket with the other parties when they are already decided on their Tickets. And if you haven’t been part of those parties for many years, they won’t look at you!

Joe Eldred: What kind of Doctor is he? Are there any major policy differences between the two of you?

Dr. Kopitke and myself are a perfect example of Bi-Partisenship, He is from the left or Democratic party in the past and I have been Republican all my life! He has a Doctorate an MBA both. He isn’t a Medical Doctor. I believe it is Human Relations. No two people agree on everything. He is strong in some areas that I am not. But we know that we can both bring issues to the table that America will want to hear! I will speak on the things closest to my heart, and he will do the same with his! He has focused on the Constitution, and we both agree on that!

Joe Eldred: How do you plan to get on the ballot and in how many states? Doing so is quite an undertaking.

Randy Bizzle: We are in the process of Signature petitions in four states right now. Some of the states do now allow Write in candidates. We believe we will be on almost all of the ballots before the deadlines. We do however need help getting the signature petitions in a lot of the states as some of them take up to 180,000 signatures. We are looking for Directors of each state right now that can help with this. As we recieve funds, these will become paid positions. We will be on Colorado’s by end of Next Week. We are working on Petitions in Idaho now as well as Oklahoma and NJ.

Joe Eldred: On your website you make a point about being a Christian and your Facebook page features the Holy Bible prominently. Could you speak about your religious faith a bit and how it would affect your governance? What denomination are you?

Randy Bizzle: I am a Non Denominational Christian! I was raised Baptist, then went to Presbyterian for a couple years before going back to the Baptist church and being Ordained a Deacon when I was 23. I then became bored as to how the Church really didn’t Worship in its services! I was sitting in Choir and watching people with their heads buried in the hymnal and not really praising God! That is when I decided to do something different. I ended up within a year or so leading Worship (music) in a Non Denominational Church. I did that for around 15 years, and did it because I loved doing it! I never took a penny for doing it! I felt that if God was going to use my talent that way, I was going to honor him. I don’t believe you can Govern a Country without Prayer and seeking God’s Wisdom in every situation! As America has withdrawn its Affiliation with God, so had God withdrawn his blessings from the greatest country in the world! We have to get God back into our Government! Now, that being said, you can’t force God on anyone. That is Each persons choice! But, Using Godly principles to help govern is a good thing! Our Forefathers wouldn’t have it all over everything we stand for if it wasn’t a good idea!

Dr. Kopitke was a Lutheran and now a Morman.

Joe Eldred: I understand you are passionate on the subject of immigration. Could you describe your position on that issue and how it differs from Donald Trump’s or any of the other candidates?

Randy Bizzle: Well, You can’t deport everyone! It would devastate the Economy! It would affect the Construction Industry for sure, Hotels, Farmers, Restaurants, Factories, and more! Sure you deport all of them and who is going to take those jobs??? NOBODY! Because those sitting on their butts drawing Welfare checks can make more sitting on their butts! So now you would throw the economy into a tailspin because of the lack of labor! What you could do is to Give the Illegals an opportunity to become legal! First, you deport all those who are Criminals or have committed Criminal Activity and those on any Terroristic Watch list! Then you make a way for all the rest of them to get a Working Green Card good for 4 years! At the same time they sign up for the green card, they get issued an “Immigrant Social Security Card” This way, they pay taxes on what they make! This will Stimulate the Economy and Knock a Huge chunk off the National Debt! Now, those who have an Immigrant SS card are only allowed to take advantage of our Welfare system should they need it at fifty percent of what a citizen would get! Within the four years, if they stay clean and become a citizen, they can stay and become part of this great nation! If not, You could extend the green card if you wanted for another two years giving them ample time to become a citizen. This way you don’t destroy the economy, you now have all the illegals paying taxes, and you could be adding citizenships to this country!

During this time, if you find businesses using illegals that haven’t registered, you fine the companies to prevent the abuse. Most of these people are coming here to have a better life!

Now you still have to secure the borders. Stop the influx of immigrants first, then work on helping the ones here become legal.

Joe Eldred: You are on record as deploring the death of Lavoy Finnicum and calling for a full investigation. What about the BLM more generally. What should be done with the vast amount of western lands owned by the federal government?

Randy Bizzle: First you have to stop the Federal Government from Driving Americans off their land! We need to take a good hard look at why we even have a BLM? Americans should not have to worry about their own Government killing them and stealing their land! And if the Federal Government is buying up this land, we need to know why? The BLM will be investigated and audited.

Joe Eldred: What is your position on medical freedom? Do you think, on balance, that vaccinations and immunizations are a good thing or a bad thing? Is there ever justification for the government to use force to coerce them?

Randy Bizzle: I am not as big on this as Kyle is. He has a son who is Autistic because of Immunization! However, being a military brat, and going over seas a couple times, we had to have more chemicals shot into us than most! We are fortunate that none of the 5 children my parents had ever experienced any issues. However, there is a lot of proof that they cause all kinds of issues the biggest being Autism. But forcing people to take them is taking away liberties we have as Americans! As a Parent, I think you would like to see some of the immunizations continue, but they are starting to make kids have over sixty different kinds before they are fifteen years old! That is wrong!

Joe Eldred: You are on record supporting medical marijuana. What about the drug war more generally? Do you favor repeal of laws that criminalize the recreational use of cannabis and other drugs?

Randy Bizzle: My personal beliefs are that Alcohol kills and impairs more people everyday than Marijuana does. If you can legally get drunk and be more impaired than you are when you are high, then you should have that right! Now, does it lead to worse drugs? Possibly, but I can tell you this, Most alcoholics or those who drink excessively are also doing some other recreational drugs. Now, the hard drugs like cocaine, speed and more, I would be against that being legalized for sure.

I have personal experiences with the hard drugs. I have never even smoked marijuana, but I have daughter who got hooked on pain killers after a back injury and is still dealing with the affects of coming off them. Yes, it was legal the first time! then she start buying stuff off the street and it almost ruined her. As a parent it is tough to watch!

Joe Eldred: How about taxes and spending? Do you view the national debt as a serious problem?

Randy Bizzle: It is more than a serious problem! Most Taxes are ridiculous! I do believe in a flat tax for Americans! And maybe in levels. Like, 10% up to $75K, 12% up to $200K and 15% anything over that. But, we have to do something with the IRS.

Yes, we need to stop allocating funds for crap that doesn’t mean anything or puts money in someone’s pocket! Why on earth would you give over $50,000.00 to a Refugee in this country when we can’t keep our own citizens off the street and homeless? We can’t keep bailing out the Governments “Favorite Organizations”. When he bailed out the Automobile industry and Home owners, there was no need to do so! Never bail out banks! If they aren’t competent to run their own businesses without failing, why should our government bail you out? The banks handle all the money, they set themselves up for failure! They should have to pay all the money back and be fined for their Stupidity! I was proud that Ford Motor Company didn’t need it! These industries see it coming! They know how to prepare! What has happened here is Many people in Washington became millionaires because of this! Stop stealing money from Social Security!

Joe Eldred: What about the social safety net? Would you be open to cuts in Medicaid and Medicare for example?

Randy Bizzle: Absolutely not! The American Citizens pay for that care! It is taken out of our Pay checks every week! What we need to do is stop any agency from borrowing or taking money from Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid! If we could control the spending of the American government and stop the Stealing of money from all these organizations that Americans have spent their lives paying into, we would have no issues with it! I have personal experience with both of those. My fiance’s Mother and Step dad have lived with off and on for the past 5 years! In the past five years, I have seen them get a total of $25.00 raises in five years!!!! What is wrong with that picture? Her mothers Medicare and Medicaid is now taking $125.00 a month out of her Social Security? She is disabled and so is he! So what is wrong with this picture! And Our Veterans should have a Medical card that lets them get care at any medical facility anywhere they choose!!

If the Federal Government would keep their hands out of the Social Security and Medicare funds, we wouldn’t have that issue!

Joe Eldred: How about healthcare more generally? Keep ObamaCare or repeal? If repeal, replace it with what?

Randy Bizzle: Repeal it! All of it! Why can’t we go back with what we were doing, only if you want to help the minorities that can’t afford it, then issue vouchers! Here is the thing though. If you are disabled, you should have all medical paid! If you aren’t and you are able to work but you won’t or don’t, then we have to help them get out of the rut. We can give vouchers for those who file a tax return that proves their income! There must be checks and balances. Now, Children in those households, should get treated no matter what! And most of them are on some kind of Medicare or Medicaid. There are ways to do this right. My personal Example. At my job, they have been forced because of Obamacare to make all the employees pay half of the premiums. And the Deductible’s are unbelievable! I could get insurance on myself for about $300.00 a month less than what I pay now, and with rider that pays the deductible! Without Obamacare, my job would pay all my premiums and we would have Much smaller deductibles!

Joe Eldred: Education? What is your opinion of Common Core and the Department of Education?

Randy Bizzle: Ok, I believe that each state should be able to handle their own Education issues. I have seen common core in use in math! Now it is just like the Government to make you take 6 more steps to figure out a problem than the old way! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Common Core is one of the dumbest things our Government has ever implemented!

Our Government should have incentives for States who keep their Scores above a threshold! That is the only way they should be involved. It is up to the citizens and parents to bring issues to the School Districts.

Joe Eldred: You mentioned banks before. How do you feel about the Federal Reserve Bank? Do you like the way it operates currently?

Randy Bizzle: Not necessarily! There must be certain criteria factored in when it comes to loans and Credit scores allowing or not allowing Americans to borrow or not! That is one thing we would look into when in office. I think it would be good to sit down with the Federal Reserve and ask questions? There should be limits to what can go on a credit report! Some things have nothing to do with your ability to pay it back! And we need to look at who the reserve is loaning money to! Are they paying it back in a timely manner, and at what interest rates? There are a lot of variables here and we need to be briefed on that also!

Joe Eldred: If you are not in favor of cuts to the social safety net, what about cuts to the military? Would the Defense Department’s budget increase or decrease on your watch?

Randy Bizzle: When you say cuts to the social Safety net, and you are referring to our Welfare system, I do think there should be more control there. We should have drug tests for those receiving funds! We should have a system that slowly gets them off the dependency of the system. I would suggest when they sign up, you put them on a 2 year schedule, and every month, they get less money, about half way through, they are going to realize that if they want to survive, they are going to have to get a job! I am sure there are areas we could cut costs of Defense when in the past you have seen someone paying $5,000.00 for a toilet! But, I would not cut funds that help our Military forces keep this country safe and free! As matter fact, I believe we should give our Military Raises! And after what we have seen from Obama, I would say that our Military budget and spending would increase!

Joe Eldred: What about the war on terror? During your administration would you anticipate American involvement in a ground war in the Middle East?

Randy Bizzle: We have to protect our country and our military personal should have the best there is to do it! There is no way to defeat ISIS without it! Our Men and women in the Military knew exactly what they signed up for! Most of them want to go! But, we will never drive them out without it! We do however need to do it with our Allies! They must help with just as many troops as we deploy!

Joe Eldred: Finally, what about the surveillance state? Some candidates have called for bringing the Patriot Act back. Would you favor that? What about the NSA? Do you favor warrantless bulk data collection of all cell phone records. What is your opinion of Edward Snowden? Execute or give him a medal?

Randy Bizzle: I believe that our own Government should be monitored, however, if you divulge secrets that jeopardize the national Security of this country you should be prosecuted! The sad thing about this is that All the major countries have spies!

I think if you are being watched by the American security team because you are a known criminal or possible terrorist, I think it should be legal to tap their phones! However, they should be held accountable for cracking phones of everyday good Americans! And I don’t think you should Execute him, but he should go away for a while! Who would blame him for running and hiding like he did! He knew the consequences of what he did and got out before getting caught! So, is that Smart or Dumb? If Snowden deserves execution by some people, then for the Crimes against this country, you should do the same for Hillary! And I am not sure if This Commander in Chief we have shouldn’t suffer the same scrutiny!

Joe Eldred: Any parting words for our readers?

Randy Bizzle: I believe in America! I believe in Americans! and I believe that we have to stop being Democrat, Republican, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, or any other color or Party! We need to come together as Americans and Fix this country!


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  1. This man knows nothing about running a business he has never kept a job. His father in laws business went bankrupt. He cheated on his wife and had a child with another woman while still married. hes all talk ! Thank god he never got a vote!


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