Libertarian Party of Maine claims victory in ballot access fight


The Libertarian Party of Maine posted the following on Facebook on July 12th, 2016:



And commented:

Gary Johnson will be on the Maine ballot. We still need your support for our write-in campaigns, including two for Congress. With this momentum, we just may be able to make history this year! Can you imagine the impact of sending two Libertarians to Congress from Maine––as write-ins? published an article the same day concerning the Libertarian Party of Maine’s ballot status:

Maine Libertarians say they have enough registrants to form official party

By Christopher Cousins

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bid to create a Libertarian Party in Maine is moving forward, with organizers reporting they have registered enough Libertarians to meet the 5,000-person threshold described in the law.

Jorge Maderal of Brunswick, chairman of a nonprofit organization called the Libertarian Party of Maine Inc., said Monday his organization has met the challenge.

“By all accounts, we seem to have more than enough [voter registrations] turned in,” Maderal said in an email Monday to the Bangor Daily News.

Read the rest of the article at


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