Darrell Castle’s campaign releases list of endorsements


A Darrell Castle campaign banner from Facebook

Today, Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle’s campaign released a list of endorsements Castle has received. From Castle’s campaign website:

“I, Sam Bushman, hereby officially endorse Darrell Castle President and Scott Bradley Vice President for the United States of America.
After personal discussions, knowing them both for years and my incredible, on-air radio interviews with Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, they have been found to be good, honest and wise men. Further, I am convinced their valiant leadership in the sacred cause of liberty, demonstration of complete fidelity in their personal and public lives, along with a true fundamental understanding of American principles, make them uniquely qualified for my endorsement as the next leaders of the free world.

I personally encourage all Americans to come together and join them in “A Valiant Stand” to make America free again. After all, the issue is honesty.
It’s about the company you keep. It’s about moral leadership. The status quo has got to go.”

Sam Bushman
Host, Liberty Roundtable

“Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee (GRTL PAC) is proud to offer conservatives a proven third option with their endorsement of Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle.”

Gen Wilson
Director, Georgia Right to Life

“For those who are unhappy with the way the GOP has conducted itself during the unlawfulness of the current administration and who are not happy with the presumptive GOP nominee, I ask you to consider the Constitution party ticket over the Libertarian.”

Duane V. Grassell
Writer, Patriot Post

“If all of these professing Christians and conservatives really want to vote for a third-party candidate that truly shares the vast majority of the principles and values that they profess to believe, they would vote for the Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle.”

Chuck Baldwin
Pastor, Liberty Activist, Chuck Baldwin Live

Earlier, the website mistakenly featured an “endorsement” from a writer for TheLibertyConservative.com, Remso W. Martinez. Martinez responded by writing the following on Castle’s campaign Facebook page and the Constitution Party’s Facebook page:

I did not endorse you. I wrote a positive public article about you but it was not an endorsement. Take me off your list of endorsements.


I did not endorse Mr. Castle. I have repeatedly said I endorse Gov. Gary Johnson. I’m disgusted you would take words I said several months ago and use it as an endorsement when I never said I endorse him.

Martinez also published the following release on his Facebook page:

***Public Release***
An error has occured listing me as an endorser of Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party nominee for POTUS. Under no circumstance have I ever done so privately or publicly. I have made it clear in various articles, blogs, and episodes of my talk show that I will be voting for the Libertarian ticket of Governor Gary Johnson and Governor William Weld on November 8th.

I’m upset they twisted my words to form an endorsement and am even more upset I was not notified my name and reputation would be used in such a way. I have contacted the Castle campaign and they are fixing the mistake now.

Remso W. Martinez
blogger, show host and activist

Martinez did, however, offer kind words about Castle in a July 2nd, 2016 article, writing:

Castle is principled, courageous, and the leader this country deserves. Castle is for the most part (and I don’t say this lightly), a modern day Barry Goldwater. In fact, I believe he’s more libertarian than Johnson and Weld combined.

The article is entitled “In 2016, I chose Rockefeller instead of Goldwater” and was published by TheLibertyConservative.com.


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