Martin Babinec wins Reform Party congressional primary in New York as a write-in candidate, defeating a State Assemblywoman

martin babinec

Martin Babinec

ATPR: reported on June 29th, 2016 that Martin Babinec secured the Reform Party ballot line for Congress in New York’s  22nd congressional district via a write-in campaign. Babinec defeated the only candidate on the ballot, Claudia Tenney (who did, however, win the GOP nomination; New York permits fusion voting); according to the New York SOS Elections website, the “Opportunity to Ballot” (the write-in option Babinec was pursuing) received 18 votes, or 78.26% of the total. Tenney received just 2 votes for 8.7% of the total, with the rest of the votes being blank. Earlier Babinec announced the formation of the Upstate Jobs Party. Babinec’s press release, published yesterday, is below (H/T to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for alerting ATPR to this news development):

Babinec Wins: The Real Reformer Nabs Reform Line – Beats Career Politician Claudia Tenney

True independent candidate wins write-in campaign to secure spot on November ballot
Little Falls, New York – In his first ever campaign for public office, independent candidate for Congress, successful businessman, serial entrepreneur, startup investor and Upstate jobs advocate Martin Babinec upset career politician Claudia Tenney assuring himself a ballot spot on the Reform Party line in November.
“Securing a spot on the November ballot is an important milestone in our movement. I’m honored to have the support of rank and file Reform Party members and will keep my pledge to oppose Common Core and fight for term limits,” said Babinec.
He continued, “The major parties have time and again failed to deliver either the right candidates or policies to sustain job creation in upstate New York. I am not a career politician, I won’t accept PAC money – my only special interest is the people of the 22nd Congressional District.”
Team Babinec won the the opportunity to ballot (OTB), ousting Tenney from the line, by waging an intense write-in campaign.
Added Babinec, “The strong grassroots support we enjoyed among Reform Party regulars is indicative of voters willingness to buck the status quo and support a different path than offered up by the two major party candidates.”
Even with the Reform Party line secured, Babinec will continue to focus his energies on the effort to gather signatures to qualify the Upstate Jobs Party as an independent party line for the November ballot, which he announced last week.  Babinec has pledged to grow the Upstate Jobs Party as a vehicle to engage voters, elected officials and communities in supporting efforts to grow jobs with the talent and resources already in the region.
The petition process requires at least 3,500 signatures registered voters, of any party or no party, throughout the district who have not signed another congressional petition this election cycle. There are approximately registered 435,500 voters in the 22nd Congressional District.
“I’m urging interested citizens, concerned parents, college students, entrepreneurs of all ages and volunteers to join us at our office 12 Liberty Street in Utica or visit our website at to get involved,” Babinec concluded.



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