Sam Sedar: Epic Libertarian Presidential Candidate Meltdown & Freakout Ends Debate

On June 23rd, 2016, Sam Sedar, host of the Majority Report, participated in an on-air debate with former 2016 presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry, who, as a anarchist, sought the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, ultimately coming in 4th place on the first ballot of voting at the 2016 Libertarian convention with 6.8% of the vote. From the YouTube description:

In this Majority Report clip, Sam Seder raises a couple points for debate, but Darryl Perry reaches a serious breaking point and tells Sam what he REALLY thinks of him.

The full debate can be viewed below; the part when Perry is introduced is at the 35:20 minute mark:


3 responses to “Sam Sedar: Epic Libertarian Presidential Candidate Meltdown & Freakout Ends Debate

  1. Thane Eichenauer

    I listened to the clip. Darryl Perry ended his interview by twice thanking Sam Sedar, calling him a horrible and despicable person in a calm tone then hanging up. Calling this an epic meltdown and freakout certainly sounds like a inaccurate description.

    At about the 9 minute mark:

    Also I don’t think describing Darryl Perry as Libertarian Presidential Candidate without including the word former is accurate.


  2. Kevin Bjornson

    At many points, he was vague, inarticulate, immature, and came across as a loon. He proceeds deductively from a few of his favorite axioms, most of which bear no relation to reality.

    Instead, we ought to proceed cautiously, looking at historical examples and arriving inductively at an approximation of the liberty principles.

    The man is ignorant, angry, and temperamentally unsuited to be a spokesperson.


  3. Kevin Bjornson

    Darryl hasn’t thought through these issues. Instead we ought to look at examples from history, and proceed cautiously through induction.


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