Steven Wilson: Israel: the state of America

Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is a write-in candidate for President of the United States. The following article, dated today, was submitted to ATPR for publication:

Imagine a person who believes that everything they do is cool; that everything that do is popular and necessary.  This belief is projected upon everyone around them.  Although there is no empirical data to support this belief, the person continues this belief through their own behavior with little or no awareness of reality.  This belief does not require confirmation or reinforcement.

In psychology this phenomena is known at a meta-perception.  The more inaccurate the perception, the more probability of negative consequences for that person and those around them.

Birthday Presents for a new self

1783-Treaty of Paris.  The former Colonies become the United States of America.

1803-Louisiana Purchase. The largest land acquisition in US history.  Purchased from France.

1845-Texas was annexed from an independent republic.

1867-Alaska was purchased from Russia.

1898-Hawaiian Islands were annexed from an independent republic.

1898-Puerto Rico was annexed from Spain after war.

1917-Virgin Islands were purchased from Denmark.

Official and Legitimate on Paper

As one could imagine those appointed map makers for the United States were kept busy, and maybe even annoyed at the rate of growth of this new nation; this experiment not meant to last, but last it did.  And like all growing boys, its growth affected others as well as itself.  This maturation had consequences.  It is always awkward to grow up especially if you want to be cool.

And of course, with being known as a country of law, there must be a legitimate form of becoming official.  For example, the above mentioned land known to us as Alaska was not made an official state until January 3, 1959.  Hawaii was not legitimate until August 21 of that same year.

Now, most Americans recall their American History classes in Junior High and High School.  They remember about the wars that set men free and the price the country paid for that freedom.  Sure, the calculations were passed over as just words in a text book, but the teachers did what they could to emphasize the importance of such sacrifice in the face of such enemies.  Enemies of Freedom.

And another given, most Americans will tell you with little or no hesitation that their are 50 states in this Union along with a few other territories like American Samoa, Guam, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

But if one were focused and thorough, one would realize that their was a secret state of the Union.  Not so much a secret as the word is defined and used today, rather an open and prideful secret.  Almost a secret on purpose if so inclined.

This particular secret state of America was legitimately born on May 14, 1948 with a signature from Harry Truman; the then President of the United States of America.

A side dish of History in the Land of God and biblical promises

October 1915-The McMahon-Hussein Correspondence: this was an official agreement between the Arabs of the Middle Eastern Land of Palestine and the British Government.  It promised that if the Arabs fought the Turks, then the Arabs would enjoy self-rule.

May 1916-The Sykes-Picot Agreement: this is a proposal that separates the lands of Arabia into pockets that are controlled by the United Kingdom, France, and Russia at the end of World War I.  This is identified as a step away from the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence.

November 1917-The Balfour Declaration: this is a document authored by the United Kingdom stating that within the lands identified as Palestine every effort would be taken to establish a homeland for the Jewish people.  This is identified as a complete reversal of the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence.  This is the beginning of Arab dissent with British officials.

1918-1923: The Russian revolution decimates the Jewish population and forces hundreds of thousands to flee.  Over 40,000 Jews arrive in Palestine.

1932-1939:  Due to Nazi control in Germany and Europe over 200,000 Jews arrive in Palestine.

1936-1939:  Arabs begin to revolt against British rule and Jewish immigrants.  This forces the British to begin to change immigration laws pertaining to Jewish population and refugee status.

November 1947:  The United Nations officially partition the Palestinian land into two states: one for Jews and one for Arabs.  It is rejected by the Arabs on the grounds that the Arab was there first.  This triggers a civil war between Jews and Arab forces.

American Exceptionalism Manifested

There have been apologies in perpetuity for the atrocities that took place during the holocaust of World War II.  Theory after theory and explanation after explanation have tried in vain to appease those looking for a plausible answer as to why it happened. The conclusion we now have is that there are things we do to each other that cannot be explained and things that cannot be apologized for.

In short, the human is the worst animal this planet will ever suffer to exist.

Those things that took place at Treblinka and Birkenau are too horrific to comprehend beyond the truth that they can never be allowed to be repeated.  We, as a specie, cannot allow that kind of cleansing to ever happen again.

This point is never argued.  If there is any certainty to history or to our own interpretations, it is to acknowledge this point over and over: the holocaust and anything remotely similar cannot happen again.

So, from this axiom, we must find our savior.  We must identify the one who will carry the sword and hold fast the shield and stand at the ready at the walls to guarantee safety for all. We must identify the steward, sentinel, and guardsmen for this dangerous but noble task.

In natural selection, there is nothing unnatural about being the alpha when proof is afforded to the entire kingdom.  When their speed, agility, senses, strength, and power set the standard it is their place to operate as they see fit.  But when the alpha no longer exhibits those superior traits of brain and brawn what does nature tell us to do with the alpha?

Pathology of being Wrong

Legal:  According to the 4th Geneva Convention, the occupation of Palestine by Israel is illegal.  The Hague has even ruled against Israel on this matter.

Israel is the number 1 violator of United Nations Security Resolutions.  In their defense, the United States has used its veto in the UN security council over forty times when Israel was found at fault as to keep them from being punished.

According to the 4th Geneva Convention, an occupier cannot build roads, walls, checkpoints, or do anything that would place the occupied people in peril.  Currently, Israel has built a wall twice as high as the Berlin Wall and 4 times as long in Palestine.  It also has over one hundred checkpoints that regulate the movement of Palestinian people from work, school, and medical.  These are also all illegal according to the Geneva Convention.  It is illegal to restrict the mobility of occupied people.

Since 1967, over 18,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished due to Jewish settlements being built.  These settlements are also illegal.

In 2005, Israel finally gave into international law and evacuated settlements in Gaza and dismantled their military presence.  This evacuation only made up 2% of the total population of Jews.  The Israeli government told each settler that was evacuated that they would receive $227,000 US dollars in order to relocate.  The total cost of this venture would be 2.2 billion USD.  The Israeli government requested that the United States pay for all of this.
Source: Council on Foreign Relations.

1948-Palestinian Refugee population: 750,000
Today-Palestinian Refugee population: 4.6 million
Source: U.N. High Commission for refugees.

Economic: According to the World Bank, the Palestinian unemployment rate is over 50%.  The Palestinian poverty is at 75% which means these people live on $2 a day or less.

Military:  The United States sees Israel as a military pawn in the Middle East.

“We consider 30 billion in assistance to Israel as an investment in Peace…through strength”.
Nicholas Burns, Under Secretary for Political Affairs
Source: Congressional Research Service (U.S. aid to Israel)

2007-10 year Military aid agreement signed by George W. Bush which guarantees 10 billion in USD.

2014-Israel is the 5th largest nuclear power in the world with 200 to 300 active nuclear warheads.

2010-Israel number of tanks: 3,930   Israel number of F-16 Jets 362 (second largest fleet behind U.S.)
Palestinian number of tanks: 0    Palestinian number of Jets: 0
Source: Global

2000-2nd Intifada: The Israeli response was disproportional. According to Palestine Red Crescent Society, in the first ten days 74 Palestinians were killed and another 3,000 were injured.  According to Amnesty international the Palestinians were denied medical attention.  This is illegal according to the Geneva convention.

September 2000 to February 2007
Palestinians killed by Israelis=4,009
Israelis killed by Palestinians=1,021
Children killed during conflict: Palestinian=816
Source: B’Tselem.

According to Jeremy Sharp, Congressional Research Service, June 2015
Multi-Tiered Missile Defense Shield includes Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow I, Arrow II, and Arrow III.  These are all funded and provided for by the United States.

Cash Flow Financing allows Israel to purchase US armaments with “special loans” over an extended time period.  This is unique to Military purchases only.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Cost per plane=2.75 Billion USD
The United States allows Israel to purchase this fighter jet through a 100% FMF grant.

Q.M.E. (Qualitative Military Edge) is a program wherein the United States aids Israel in setting up a defense armament centric economy through arms manufacturing.  From 2010 to 2014 Israel was the number 10 exporter of armaments around the world making up 2% of aggregate sales delivered.

Strategic Collaboration: this was a program initiated in the 1980’s wherein the United States would secretly stockpile weapons in case of emergencies in Israel.  Israel, while attacking Gaza, requested and was awarded access to Hellfire missiles taken directly from this stockpile of emergency weapons.  Although there were a few hiccups from congress, the use of the missiles were allowed.  But it was made clear that the program was not meant as a “shared” stockpile.

Financial: Israel is acknowledged as dependent upon aid from the United States at home and abroad.  Its economy, since its birth, had always been lagging behind its population growth.

1/3 of all aid given out by the United States goes to Israel.

From 1949 to 2006 aid to Israel reached 108 billion.  That is 2 to 3 billion a year or 6 to 8 million a day.

Religious:  From 1978 to 2006 Pro-Israeli Political Action Committees have contributed $43,724,035 USD to candidates who vote in congress according to The American Israel Public Affairs Committee.  This group is based on the beliefs of the fundamentalist Christian.  They support Israel per the last book of the bible, Revelations.


To enable someone is only human.  It is psychologically unhealthy, but it happens all the time all over the world.  The American voter is no different than those in Europe, the Pacific rim, Russia, or even Scandinavia.  It doesn’t matter where you are from, but it does matter how you behave. It does matter what you apply in your own life.

Imagine you have fallen into a deep pit.  We call this deep pit; cliché.

A.  Either you stand for or you stand against or you stand in line
B.  Either you are the problem or the solution
C.  I didn’t have anyone to vote for or I didn’t want to throw away my vote
D.  I am not addicted.  I can quit any time.
E.  No one can love me the way he can.  These bruises and broken collar bone are my fault.  I am the one to blame for his drinking.  Non one can love me the way he can.

As Israel occupies Palenstinians lands, so to does the United States occupy the world. The connectionism between Israel and America lies within this relationship. The reason Americans support Israel is not to make amends for the atrocities of the Holocaust; it is rather to allow Israel to commit its own kind of Holocaust. As the German blamed the Jew for losing WWI and its German identity, the Jew now blames the Arab for the same.

This post is not anti-Semitic or anti-American.  It is simply an observation of a very large group of junkies.

The United States sees itself in Israel. God ordained this land to the Jew as God ordained the world to the American. It is that simple.  It is that dangerous.

Occupation is the key to disaster, pain, and suffering.  It will be up to the American to evolve beyond such activities as these.  As a nation of law, we know that law that is not applied does not exist.

It is now time for the American voter to break away from the pack and break free from their addiction.  But only the addict can help the addict.

Either the American can be cool or the American can be right.  No junkie can be both.  The first step is dealing with reality.



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