Chris Matthews: Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson: Corporate America’s Best Bet for President?


By Chris Matthews, June 21st, 2016,

The former New Mexico governor is the closest thing the business community has to a candidate.

Tell the average American that the influence of big business is on the wane in Washington and he’ll look at you like you have two heads.

After all, lobbying organizations spent more than $3 billion last year petitioning Congress on their favorite issues, while the average Congressmen must raise and spend more than $1 million every two years to get elected. With all that money flying around, it’s safe to assume that campaign contributors have an easier time getting their points of view across to representatives than your average citizen.

But the rise of Donald Trump and the unexpected success of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential primaries has underscored a trend that Fortune identified last February: despite all the money that big business throws around in Washington, its success rate of getting significant legislation passed has been dismal.

And neither Donald Trump nor a leftward-drifting Hillary Clinton appear anywhere near willing or able to marshal the political support necessary to pass the items Fortuneidentified as big business’ four big ticket priorities: an overhaul of the tax code, new foreign-trade agreements, a long-term plan for federal debt reduction and the budget, and comprehensive immigration reform.

Read the rest of the article here.


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