A few thoughts on Gary Johnson and libertarian purists

Me in 2015

OPINION: The following is an IPR comment I posted today -Krzysztof Lesiak, ATPR founder:

I really doubt the LP will get anywhere near 5%. Call me a pessimist, but it seems that every presidential election has the LP polling in the high single digits or even low double digits; then, as the election nears, the numbers drop to 1 or 2%, with the end result amounting to 0.3% -.99%. Yes, Johnson/ Weld is definitively receiving healthy media attention, the CNN town hall of course being a major media coup, and this will undoubtedly help increase the eventual vote totals, but will it matter enough?

I’ve heard that the LP is having trouble with ballot access in my state (Illinois) and Ohio. Should the LP fail to get the coveted 50 ballots, this can surely not help with the national GOTV effort. Remember, in 2012 Johnson kept repeating over and over again that he was the only third party candidate on all 50 state ballots, and what did it end up being, 48? I think there will be people who will pass over the LP ticket upon learning that they are not on the ballot in every jurisdiction in the union.

Johnson also likes to talk about the importance of getting into the presidential debates. Ross Perot had the financial capital, to use for media and advertising, which I bet helped him get into the debates. Is CFR globalist Weld talking to his fellow NWO buddies about an infusion of cash? The Kochs seemingly flatly denied that they were going to fund the Johnson campaign. And even if they should significantly out-raise the 2012 totals by debate time, is there any evidence that the funds will go towards media efforts and advertising, rather than lining the pockets of political consultants to the tune of a ridiculous $325 an hour? Do heart/neurosurgeons even make that much?

It’s important to take note just how poor of a public speaker/debater Johnson is. I dare say that the 16-17 years old kids I saw saw spar in the one debate tournament I participated in in high school would tear him to shreds. Johnson doesn’t just lack charisma, he lacks the ability to formulate an original thought and comes across as woefully ignorant on major policy issues. Keep in mind, the CPD debate is just not going to cater to basic one-liners for a sympathetic crowd. As it stands now, I believe that Trump and Clinton would tear him to shreds. To his credit, the one thing Johnson has going for him is that he at least seems to be sincere about what he believes in. He would very likely seem much more genuine than Clinton. Viewers should be able to easily discern that. But I just don’t think it’ll make up for his weaknesses.

I don’t know what a libertarian purist is. Is it someone who lives completely off the grid, in the, say, forested foothills of northern Idaho, refusing to pay taxes, use electricity, adhere to gun laws, drive without a license plate, practices maximal self-sufficiency in terms of food and everything else, or vaccinate his/her children and them send them to public schools? Or are purists the folks over at the Mises Insitute, disciples of Rothbard, many of whom unapologetic-ally support closed borders, see valid points in some aspects of Historical Revisionism, are socially conservative, and even appear at Confederate conferences, such as those organized by the League of the South? Is a libertarian purist someone who avidly reads Hans Herman Hoppe, opposing the very idea of a so-called democracy, celebrating the fact the libertarinism by and large appears almost exclusively to white males (even if you don’t believe in McAfee’s little tirade as it pertains to the US LP, check out the demographics of right-libertarian groups in European countries such as Poland) and cheering for a principle of physical removal of democrats and communists from a proposed libertarian social order? Or is a purist a left-wing libertarian who was outraged by the Ron Paul newsletter “controversy”, considers every “conspiracy theory” under the sun from government involvement in 9/11, the Bilderberg Group to vaccines causing autism to be the product of the imagination of mentally unbalanced tin foil hat/ Fedora wearing Asperbergers sufferers, stands hand in hand with militant feminists/Social Justice Warriors, wants to do away with all traditional gender norms, rages against the supposed “tyranny” of the patriarchy, rails against God and religion, proudly attends a polyamory panel at PorcFest, believes that “that true statement is racist” (Mark Edge quote) and considers hardcore drug use to be the pinnacle of individual liberty (i.e. Adam Kokesh?) Or is libertarian purist someone who simply engages in aggressive keyboard warrior-ism on behalf of anarchy, without applying theoretical ideas to “real word” practice?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ll looking back into paleoconservatism. Paleolibertarianism seems to be dying if not completely dead in the U.S. (I think, and I’m extremely biased in this regard, that the last bastion of paleolibetarian political activity is Poland, where the hard-right libertarian Partia KORWiN, led by the eccentric millionare Janusz Korwin-Mikke, European public enemy number one of the EU, very narrowly missed the 5% vote threshold to enter parliament in the last election, amassing 722,999 votes in a country of 36 million people). Regardless, despite what I’ve said at various times in the past, I’ve never felt truly comfortable with the libertarian label, with or without the “paleo” prefix.

If I get past some moral qualms I have about voting, I’ll vote for the Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle, a man of principle and character.

PS: If you believe that I came across as unbelievably snarky in this comment, don’t worry – you’re in good company; I was told the same thing by my student editor critiquing the longest and most exhaustively researched article I wrote for my high school freshman journalism class. Old habits die-hard.


3 responses to “A few thoughts on Gary Johnson and libertarian purists

  1. This is more or less how I feel as well.


  2. Your instincts are valid. The intrusion of Establishment (CFR) puppet Weld as the VP nominee for the Libertarian Party has destroyed the party’s credibility. Voting for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party is perhaps the best option. Surprisingly, another good option would be Jim Hedges of the Prohibition Party. Unfortunately, neither party will be on the ballot in many states.
    Let’s hope that the Libertarian Party can resume being the Party of Principle after the 2016 election fiasco is over.


  3. A “libertarian purist” is anyone who asserts that the word “libertarian” actually means something — anything — as called such by the people who want to whore out the Libertarian Party to every Republican has-been who comes down the pike.


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