Julia Glum: Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential Nominee, Talks About Climbing The Seven Summits And His Outlook On Life


By Julia Glum, IBTimes.com, June 19th, 2016:

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson sat down with International Business Times Thursday in New York City to talk about why he’s an authentic candidate and why young voters should get behind him. Spoiler alert: It involves a story about the former New Mexico governor breaking his leg and then climbing Mount Everest.

See the video above and the corresponding transcript below.

IBT: Millennials, right, they’re 18- to 34-year-olds, 50 percent of them identify as independent. They don’t have party loyalty — we know that. They don’t really love authority figures — we know that, as well. They’re really looking for somebody who is authentic. What makes you authentic?

Johnson: I tell the truth, and because I tell the truth … I’m in that category of people … that means that I admit my own mistakes — which are plenty — but if you admit your mistakes, you can certainly move on from there.

I’m a plodder, one foot in front of the other. Life is all about understanding that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And it’s your ability with how you deal with that adversity that ultimately affects your success. You can either crawl up in a ball, declare yourself a victim and give up, or — hey! — recognize that this is part of the process and get up the next day with a smile on your face and keep after it. I suggest everybody get a smile on their face and keep after it.

Read the rest of the article here. 


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